Hackaday Prize Entry: Programming Juggling Props

It takes balls to learn how to juggle, but once you do you’re quickly moving on to rings, chainsaws, and those very strange juggling clubs. For their Hackaday Prize entry, [Laurent B] and [michael.creusy] are bringing the Internet of Things to juggling clubs. Their Rastello Club is a glowing, LED illuminated juggling prop with a 9-DOF IMU that makes juggling look even cooler than it already is.

Because there is a market for everything, glowing, programmable juggling clubs already exist. These clubs have a few limitations, though. They don’t have nine-axis orientation sensors, there is no communication to a computer or between individual clubs, and of course they’re not Open Source. The Rastello Club fixes these problems, makes programmable juggling clubs easy to use, and adds a bunch of visualizations.

Inside these juggling clubs are a bunch of LEDs, of course, along with a rather powerful STM32F4 ARM processor, the 9-axis IMU, and the circuitry to charge a battery. The radio connection between individual clubs and a computer will be handled with an RFM75 transceiver. No, it’s not WiFi, Bluetooth, or ZigBee; this radio module is faster than Bluetooth, cheaper than Zigbee, and lower power than an ESP8266.

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6 thoughts on “Hackaday Prize Entry: Programming Juggling Props

      1. Yes, I agree too with you, POV is not the first goal and WS2812 aren’t the best suited for this. I also tested LPD8806
        but I finally kept ws2812 ( best color range 0-255, lower minimum voltage, cheap and easy to find).

  1. The ultimate trick with these would be to have several jugglers tossing many of them back and forth, while displaying a low resolution video clip on the club cloud. ;)

    But before that, how about a truly full motion Larson Scanner effect?

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