Arduino Absentmindedly Blows Bubbles

If you ever wanted to make an occasion festive with bubbles, [Sandeep_UNO] may have the project for you. As you can see in the video below (and, yes, it should have the phone rotated and it doesn’t), his Arduino uses a servo motor to dip a bubble wand into soap solution and then pulls it in front of a fan. The entire operation repeats over and over again.

There’s not a lot of detail and no code that we could find, but honestly, if you know how to drive a servo motor from an Arduino, the rest is pretty easy to figure out. Look closely at the motion of the robot. What is often accomplished with a spinning wheel of bubble wands and a constant fan becomes much more interesting when applied intermittently. The lazy cadence is what you expect to see from human operation and that adds something to the effect.

We’ve seen faster bubble blowers, but they were not so simple. We’ve even looked at other bubble-blowing robots. If you want to find out more about servo motors in general, our own [Richard Bauguley] has what you need to know.

12 thoughts on “Arduino Absentmindedly Blows Bubbles

  1. rant

    Should have used arduino to rotate that phone to record video in proper wide format. 99.99 of desktop and laptop users aren’t going to flip theirs sideway and watching tall format video on wide screen gets a lot of wasted black space.


  2. Filthy arduino-peasant uses copy-paste skills to blow bubbles with motors, and plays trash from non-valve

    Brilliant 555timer-mastermind uses his uncanny skills to automate the procedures of trapping oxygen within a thin layer of kitchenware detergent and disperse it kinetically into the troposphere, and plays masterpiece titles from valve

    Author of this comments debates himself

  3. I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, this is DEFINITELY cool and a great learning experience for the young ones.
    Did you know you can buy this?
    Check it out!
    We have two different ones.
    It has a fan and a rotating wand that dips in the bottom and blows out the top.
    The biggest downside is that it will put a lot of soap out in front of it, so it’s best outside for sure.
    We use them for parties, kids love it.

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