Pi Zero Transforms To Game Boy

[GreatScott] bought a Game Boy case. Normally, you’d assume you wanted this to repair a damaged Game Boy, but in this case [GreatScott] used a Pi Zero and some 3D printing to build a game system into the tiny box. You can see some videos, below.

Two interesting parts of the project are the source of the LCD display (a rearview camera screen) and the selection of batteries. Lithium ion batteries are all the rage. But if you watch the news, you know there are some safety issues with using the batteries, especially if you use them improperly. [GreatScott] decided to go with nickel metal hydride cells which still need a protection circuit, but are typically less of a danger than the newer technology cells.

There are some additional case parts that you have to 3D print. The resulting device looks good and will run lots of different emulations in addition to Game Boy.

This is nothing really new, of course. We recently saw the same trick with a GameBoy Advanced, too. But it is a great looking build with enough information to make it reproducible.

11 thoughts on “Pi Zero Transforms To Game Boy

  1. Can’t wait til all the custom boards are out. I was going to do this as soon as I could get a board, but with the abundance of such projects happening elsewhere, I figured why reinvent the wheel. So now I’m just doing mine with the great custom boards from the folks at SudoMod and elsewhere. Also want to do a PSP and a GBA, but waiting for those projects to be a bit more polished still.

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