How Many Drones Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?

Imagine. There you are, comfortable in your lounge pants. Lounging in your lounge. Suddenly in the distance you hear a buzzing. Quiet at first, then louder. A light bulb goes on in your head.

You forgotten that you’d scheduled an Amazon drone repair service in partnership with The Home Depot and Dewalt. They break through the window, spraying you with shards. They paint the spots on the walls. Snap photos of the brands in your closet. Change the light bulbs. Place a bandaid on your glass wounds. Pick up the shards and leave. Repairing it on their way out.


Of course the first step before this dark future comes to be is to see if it can be done; which is what [Marek Baczynski] and a friend accomplished many broken light bulbs later. Using an off the shelf drone with three springy prongs glued to the top they try time and time again to both unscrew and screw in a light bulb. They try at first with a lighter drone, but eventually switch to a more robust model.

After a while they finally manage it, so it’s possible. Next step, automate. Video after the break.

39 thoughts on “How Many Drones Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?

  1. Nope. Didn’t work.
    My wife isn’t buying this as a reason that she should get me a drone for Christmas.

    She did like the idea of lounge pants. Apparently my sitting on the couch in my underwear isn’t as sexy as it used to be.

  2. I found this much more amusing than I should have.

    How many flies does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Only 2 but don’t ask how they get in there.

    How many monsters does it take to change a lightbulb? 2, one to bite off the old one, another to hammer in the new one.

    Might have been easier to hold the drone still and turn the house.

    I’m done here. Tip your waitress, but not too far, she’s carrying drinks.

    1. How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb … only one but the light bulb has to *want* to change.

      Perhaps the title should have been – how many light bulbs does it take for a drone to change a light bulb.

  3. So, you are in the lower floor on a house. There are 3 switches there, one of them controls a lightbulb on a closed room on the upper floor, in such a way that when the light is on it cannot escape the room.

    That lightbulb is turned off. You may play with the switches all you want, after that you’ll go to the upper room and tell me (I’ll be there) what switch controls the light. You have one chance.

    1. I Take the switch pannel off, disconnect all but one switch, and connect the connections to that switch. Then, I go and tell you that you shouldn’t have left me with a screwdriver, rubber gloves, and a lack of intelligence RE safety procedure.

      1. Sorry, bad answer. You don’t have a screwdriver or anything else other than your brain and hands. The switches are embedded in the wall, they can not be removed or serviced. The house was build in that way just for this puzzle.

        1. With the DVM that you didnt specify that I couldnt have. And I found the cables by deconstructing the wall with the 8 pound sledge you also forget to tell me I couldnt keep!

          Never ask a Black Hat to solve your electrical mysteries…

    2. Turn the first switch on and leave it on for 5ish minutes. Then turn it off and turn the second switch on. Walk up to the room. If the the lightbulb is on, it’s the second switch, if the lightbulb is off but warm, it is the first switch, and if the bulb is off and cold, it’s the third switch.

          1. Leds and ccfls get hot too. Try grabbing the back of a 9w led light bulb and you will find your fingers do not like it very much at all. They design the bulbs to keep cool on the top, which makes sense because they need to keep the led as cool as possible for long life, but the heat it creates gets concentrated into the back of the light socket and get quite toasty
            Don’t oversize light bulbs, you will wreak havoc on house wiring.
            And keep squirrels out of your house as well… They chew romex like it’s a treat.

    3. I would turn the light switches on and off one at a time as I explore the lower area of the house between toggle cycles to eliminate 2 of them thus leaving one as my vote for upper area light switch.

    4. There are two solutions: lite two of them, wait 5 minutes, shut down one of them, go upstairs. Find the warm off one. The other two are lit and off.
      The other solution also takes time. Just switch the same bulb on and off until it burns out (it may take a long time, but is doable).

  4. Once upon a time (about 30 years ago), there was a magic kingdom known as Compuserve. In this kingdom were many SIG’s (Special Interest Groups – similar our modern Forums. :) At the time I was a freelance video editor and belonged to the BP SIG (Broadcast Professionals. One of the mods posted a Canonical List of Lightbulb jokes. Many years later, I find that a nice person over at as gathered this and others together –

    Enjoy, but be careful it could prevent you from doing any (real) work for the rest of the day!

  5. I think the better title would have been how many light bulbs do you break before you put a tarp on the floor. Its going to be a while before that floor is safe to walk on. Great video other wise.

  6. Having lost my first micro FPV racer in the neighborhood (early santa claus delivery for someone!) I ordered a bunch more from banggood…They’ll screw in that lightbulb way faster!

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