Hacking Google Daydream To Work With IOS

The Google Daydream is a VR headset with a controller, and according to the folks at Google, “It’s not currently compatible with iOS and won’t be for several years probably.” OK.

This inspired [Matteo Pisani] to get to work on the protocol that it uses to speak with Android phones. Cutting to the chase, he got it working in several days.

There really wasn’t all that much to it. The controller sends data over Bluetooth, and [Matteo] noticed an “unknown” device on the network. Looking inside the data that it sent, it changed when he moved the controller. Not so unknown now! The rest of the work consisted of writing applications to test hypotheses, waving the controller around, and finding out if he was right. Read up if you’re interested in implementing this yourself.

We love protocol hacks here. From running quadcopters on your own remotes, to simply trying to turn on a lightbulb, it’s getting more and more important that we understand the various languages that our devices speak.

11 thoughts on “Hacking Google Daydream To Work With IOS

  1. an absolutely excruciating read.
    “The packets anatomy revealed that they were encoded and represented into Hexadecimal notation.”
    Good thing he has a comprehensive knowledge of MEMS sensors. phew!

    1. Well he knows enough to go from a binary stream to a 3D demo, and in that sense it’s a very good write up. But he doesn’t publish any code, and nothing published as a cordoba plugin, so there might still be some issues with the conversion from hex to 3D !11!1 :-)

  2. Interesting read, though the writing style is painful. Why *does* he **have** to *write* every **odd** word **bold** or *italic* ?
    I’d love to get my hands on one of these controllers, it looks like an interesting remote control for a Kodi raspi !

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