Programming The Open-V Open Source CPU On The Web

openriscv_webYou can now program the Open-V on the web, and see the results in real time. The code is compiled in the web IDE and then flashed to a microcontroller which is connected to a live YouTube live stream. It’s pretty neat to flash firmware on a microcontroller thousands of miles away and see the development board blink in response.

We’ve covered the Open-V before, and the crowd funding campaign they have going. The Open-V is an open hardware implementation of the RISC-V standard. And is designed to offer Cortex M0-class capabilities.

This feels like a create way to play around with some real hardware and get a taste of what a future where we can expect Arduino-like boards, open source down to the transistor level.

For a closer look at why open silicon matters, check out [Brian Benchoff’s] hands-on review of the HiFive, an Arduino form-factor board built around an open hardware RISC-V microcontroller.

11 thoughts on “Programming The Open-V Open Source CPU On The Web

  1. Wow that’s really innovative. They have really ‘taken the product to the people’ with this.

    I still have an idea to use a light sensor in a uC module so that they can be programmed by a flashing square from a web page. Skip the download, serial driver hassles and USB cable but this takes to a hole new level! Skip the development board altogether. I’m impressed!

      1. I never saw that before lol. I have never worn a wrist watch so my memory has nothing between fob watch and iPhone.

        But yes, that’s basically what I meant except it being a lot smaller pixel-real-estate on a web page. I haven’t tried it yet but the JavaScript would be easy as and light sensors are cheep. Focus may be a problem.

    1. We are having hour peaks with people trying to program the board at the same time, so we implemented the limited tickets. However, you can send us a message through the crowdsupply campaign and we will send you an user with more tickets.

    2. I did the Larson scanner thing to but just one direction to start. I couldn’t login for a ticket and my code kept defaulting back but at least the concept is there.

      I would be great if the render of the cgi board was a full emulation but the would take a whole lot more code.

      I haven’t officially done C or C++ so I just code with them as if there like JavaScript without a DOM or dotted notation and with strict type casting and the ability to pass by reference.

      So, I am wondering, with the C type languages or sketch can you do this somehow –

      coordinates = {1, 2, 3};
      or perhaps coordinates = [1, 2, 3];

      function forward_kinematics(coordinates) { … }
      or perhaps function forward_kinematics(&coordinates) { … }

      I don’t know how that would be type cast or even if it’s possible

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