LEGO Train Explores A World Of Sparkling Light

[bananenbuurman] converted his studio apartment into a glorious four-minute LEGO train course equipped with lights, motorized effects, and creative displays.

The train car sports a 360-degree camera, giving us a minifigure’s view of the whole course: a series of themed “rooms”—one papered in what appear too be Euro notes, while others have laptops, power supplies, motherboards, and other pieces of old hardware. You’re reminded of the train’s small size when it passes by various LEGO-scale elements like minifigures, looming as if they were six feet tall.

There are lights everywhere, from the LED indicators from various pieces of equipment, to holiday lights and an an impressive collection of novelty lighting. It’s almost like a Katamari Damacy level in terms of detail—the gate made of floppy drives is killer.

You can see more of [bananenbuurman]’s projects at Banana Neighbor.

[Thanks, MarkoeZ!]

14 thoughts on “LEGO Train Explores A World Of Sparkling Light

  1. From a Disney/EPCOT point of view from the mid-80’s, I was reminded heavily of Journey into Imagination, A little Spaceship Earth, and a bit of World of Motion… Maybe a little Space Mountain with the light tunnels…

    1. Me too! Loved Journey into Imagination (minus “Listen to the Land” repeated ad nauseum haha). This is such a neat project. The 360 camera is a sweet addition.

  2. What an amazing and wonderfully pointless project. Was there any point to this? Not that it matters I’m just wondering. Some really nice setups with the rocks/foil and lighting to give different effects such as underground etc.

    Made me smile on this miserable day.

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