IPad, Not Flux Capacitor, Brings DeLorean Back To The Future

Add a flux capacitor and a Mr. Fusion to a DeLorean and it becomes a time machine. But without those, a DeLorean is just a car. A 35-year old car at that, and thus lacking even the most basic modern amenities. No GPS, no Bluetooth — not even remote locks for the gullwing doors!

To fix that, [TheKingofDub] decided to deck his DeLorean out with an iPad dash computer that upgrades the cockpit experience, and we have to say we’re impressed by the results. Luckily, the space occupied by the original stereo and dash vents in the center console is the perfect size for an iPad mini, even with the Lightning cable and audio extension cable attached. A Bluetooth relay module is used to interface to the doors, windows, trunk, garage door remote, and outdoor temperature sensor. A WiFi backup camera frames the rear license plate. Custom software ties everything together with OEM-looking icons and a big GPS speedometer. The build looks great, adds functionality, and should make road trips a little easier.

When [TheKingofDub] finally gets sick of people complaining about where the BTTF guts are, maybe he can add a flux capacitor and time circuits.

[via r/electronics]

15 thoughts on “IPad, Not Flux Capacitor, Brings DeLorean Back To The Future

  1. This is impressive to be sure, but at DCS16 someone had a taller tablet that filled all the way down to the bottom, as well as an LCD for the dashboard. It was amazing! I sat in it an took some pictures. He had different dash display modes, including emulation of the original as well as some other 80’s icon. The center display what somewhat Tesla-like but still in the 80’s theme.

    1. according to this post, that wasn’t a tablet, it uses Windows 10 and was a touchscreen. In either case, both are very cool hacks. Too bad the entry fee starts out with “first, pick up an olde Delorean”, but it’s so cool that tablet hacks are picking up in popularity. Now you don’t have to spend tens of thousands on the vehicle to have the latest in conveniences in your jalopy. Plus of course rolling your own allows for constant improvement rather than being locked in to an auto manufacturer’s system, which of course is outdated every couple years.

  2. Even better a glass cockpit setup over the instrument cluster like Garmin makes for new builds and retrofits for general aviation.
    Now I prefer needle gauges in a piston engine airplane, probably aviation nostalgia, but a stainless Delorian just begs for a nice glass instrument cluster.

      1. They’re cheap because it will eat you alive on the parts, those are hard to get and thus expensive.

        And rather then a tune-up, a better course of action would be a complete power pack swap, the original engine sucked even when it was new…either the biggest naturally aspirated engine that can physically fit or one of those modern small turbo units (think Fords ecoboost or VWs TSI), along with it’s transmission.

        1. I almost bought a cheap used DeLorean once. I decided not to because it needed a little work and I figured the parts would be very expensive. Wrong! I found out later that on the first production run, they made just under 10,000 cars. Then they got ready for another run and produced another 15,000 sets of parts. Then the s— famously hit the fan and they were never assembled. There are warehouses full of NOS DeLorean parts in Ireland! You can find just about any part you need, cheap! You just have to pay freight from Ireland. You can even get a brand new engine, encased in oil, for under $1000 (+ freight). The only parts that are scarce/expensive are the front 2 corner panels. I wish now I had bought that DeLorean.

          1. No need to go to Ireland for parts. A company in Texas, I believe bought the rights to the cars, all the old NOS parts in the states as well as the original blueprints and production molds for most of the parts. You can even buy a new car from them… they still build them! So not only are DeLorean parts cheap and readily available… they will always be that way as the company intends to produce more parts when they run out of NOS.

  3. Sweet build…im an android guy myself but the level of craftsmanship here speaks for itself. Let’s not forget that it’s a DeLorean too, I mean come on that’s enough for it to be cool in almost any circumstance.

  4. I wonder where the AC vents went because those are required. Part of the reason I haven’t rushed to get mine back on the road is the fact I do not have AC. These cars are ovens and those toll windows do not help.

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