Cronk The Gonk Droid

The ‘Gonk’ droids from the Star Wars universe are easy to overlook, but serve the important function of mobile power generators. Here on Earth, [bithead942]’s life-size replica droid fulfills much the same purpose.

Cronk — functionally an oversized USB charging hub with a lot of bells and whistles — is remotely controlled by a modified Wii Nunchuck very controller similar to the one [bithead942] used to control his R2-D2. With the help of an Adafruit Audio FX Mini, an Adafruit Class D 20W amp, and two four-inch speakers, the droid can rattle off some sound effects as it blows off some steam(really, an inverted CO2 duster). An Arduino Mega acts as Cronk’s brain while its body is sculpted from cast-able urethane foam for its light weight and rigidity. It also houses a FPV camera, mic, and DVR so it can be operated effectively from afar.

And, it can dance!

Those legs are a robot platform kit with servos that have enough torque to support and move the droid’s weight. In the face of overwhelming balance issues, [bithead942] attached a set of training wheels which solve the stability problems, improve the battery life, and make it more convention-friendly — easily contending with jostling, prodding, and uneven floors.

If one of these droids aren’t around when your mobile device runs low, hit up a nearby Pokémon Centre.

7 thoughts on “Cronk The Gonk Droid

  1. Gonk, we knew ye as Power Droid once Kenner made all of the plastic action figures with questionably canonical names and descriptions.
    Without the Kenner-Lucas merchandising we would have known few of the secondary character names in the Star Wars universe.
    Damn it was the rejection of the Star Wars line which killed the industry leader and propelled a subsidiary of a cereal company to the forefront, though later sold once the SW figure’s popularity dropped off.

  2. The original design ought to be brought into the Year of the Notional Serpent, which would help get rid of the training wheels. Have the feet stand on a Segway single wheel balancing transporter. (Or DIY version of same).

  3. I thought I saw this already here. so I went a-lookin’ and it turns out this was the project the foam cutting guy from a few weeks ago was working on. thanks for the memories Hackaday :D

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