Cuban Embassy Attacks And The Microwave Auditory Effect

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have seen a series of articles coming out about US staffers in Cuba. It seems that 21 staffers have suffered a bizarre array of injuries ranging from hearing loss to dizziness to concussion-like traumatic brain injuries. Some staffers have reported hearing incapacitating sounds in the embassy and in their hotel rooms. The reports range from clicking to grinding, humming, or even blaring sounds. One staffer described being awoken to a horrifically loud sound, only to have it disappear as soon as he moved away from his bed. When he got back into bed, the mysterious sound came back.

Cuba has denied any wrongdoing. However, the US has already started to take action – expelling two Cuban diplomats from the US in May. The question though is what exactly could have caused these injuries. The press has gone wild with theories of sonic weaponry, hidden bugs, and electronic devices, poisons, you name it. Even Julian Assange has weighed in, stating “The diversity of symptoms suggests that this is a pathogen combined with paranoia in an isolated diplomatic corps.”

So what’s going on? Bizarre accidents? Cloak and dagger gone awry? Mass hysteria among the US state department, or something else entirely?

The most common theory passed around is some sort of auditory or sonic weapon. Acoustic (ultrasonic) non-lethal weapons like the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) are well known due to their use by law enforcement to disperse protests, or on oceangoing ships to deter pirates and environmentalists. LRAD devices emit an extremely loud focused beam of sound. Usually, the sound is a siren, though the system can be used as a giant megaphone as well. Anyone in the beam is motivated to get out of it.

The thing about LRAD devices is they are not small or light. Even with ultrasonics, you can’t beat physics. Making a lot of noise means vibrating a lot of air. That takes a relatively big loudspeaker. The smallest portable device is roughly fifteen pounds. Since LRAD is still vibrating the air, it wouldn’t work very well through walls. LRAD style devices are also not very clandestine. They emit a beam 30 to 60 degrees wide, so definitely not a sound laser. They also have plenty of spill — operators standing behind the device always need to wear hearing protection.

Unwrap Your Tinfoil Hat

One theory I haven’t seen passed around much is the microwave auditory effect. This is a phenomenon where RF energy directed at a human head is converted to sound perceivable by the target. The first paper published about the effect was by Allan H. Frey in 1961. Frey worked at the General Electric advanced electronics center at Cornell University in NY.

I should note that microwave here refers to the wavelength of the RF signal being transmitted. Microwaves include any signal from 1-meter wavelength (300 MHz) to 3mm wavelength (100 GHz)

Images from Frey’s paper

Frey’s article describes how test subjects were able to hear buzzing, clicking, hisses and even knocking when transmitters were pointed at their skulls. Strangely, some of the test subjects were partially deaf, and still were able to hear the microwave sounds. What’s more, subjects could feel the effects from the microwave beam. Depending on the transmitter settings, subjects felt “severe buffeting of the head”. Further transmitter changes resulted in subjects reporting “pins and needles” sensations.

The purpose of the paper was to call attention to the phenomenon. Frey didn’t have the resources to completely explore the microwave auditory effect, so he wanted others to start working on it. It’s the scientific equivalent of saying “Hey, this is neat, you should check it out!”

If you haven’t guessed yet, the power levels required to hear microwave sounds were rather high. Frey used several transmitters at different power levels. The transmitters were pulsed, like magnetrons, so while average power was low, peak power was high.

As an example – the weakest transmitter Frey used was able to output a power density of 4 w/m² at 1310 Mhz. The peak power was 2670 w/m². The US guideline for human exposure at that frequency is 6.55 w/m². A different transmitter Frey used measured 71 w/m² at 425 MHz, with peaks at 2540 w/m². Compare this to the FCC guideline of 2 w/m² at that frequency.

What exactly causes the RF energy to be converted to sound? The mechanism behind the microwave auditory effect has not been scientifically proven. The leading theory is pulsed RF energy heats the tissues of the inner ear, causing them to expand quickly. These expansions cause tiny shockwaves which are then interpreted as sounds by the brain.

Frey noted that “one can shield, with 2-inch square piece of fly screen, a portion of the [temple] and completely cut off the RF sound.” Fly screen would be the fine metal grid used in screen doors. Frey may not have known it, but he was providing all the proof the tin-foil hat crowd needed.

Of course, a technology like this can’t exist without someone trying to build a weapon out of it. In the early 2000’s, the US Navy funded research on Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio (MEDUSA). This was a “less lethal weapon” which would use the microwave auditory effect for crowd control. It utilized an electronically steered antenna which allowed it to transmit a wide or narrow RF beam. MEDUSA could even “spotlight” multiple targets simultaneously.

MEDUSA never became a fieldable weapon. The initial results of the project were promising, but there were questions about its safety. At the high power levels used, could the micro shockwaves actually damage sensitive brain tissue? What about the RF exposure to sensitive neurons? The project was eventually canceled.

Coming back to the present day, could the microwave auditory effect be at play in Cuba? It’s quite possible. The technology is definitely there – the effect has been demonstrated with 1960’s era transmitters. With sufficient power and a narrow beam antenna, the attackers wouldn’t even need to be in the same room or building as their targets. Power levels high enough to be audible or even cause pain might also cause dizziness, nausea, and even traumatic brain injury. All we can do is wait for the results of the current investigations, and keep a tin foil hat handy.

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  1. I suspect this is caused by ultrasound ‘beats’
    The Cubans bombard an area with two uhf frequencies that differ by 5 to 10 hertz. This difference will manifest as sound in the body at 5 to 10 hertz.
    I am not sure if they can use ultra sonic sound to beat or if they need to use RF

      1. I thought that was 7 Hz. The “brown note”, which is incidentally the frequency of of the human LFO, the vibrato that any singer will be familiar with. 17 Hz would be in the lower end of the pedal with a 32′ stop in a bigger sized pipe organ in Church.

        1. Which is why the ghost tone has also been associated with feelings of awe and religious experiences. Basically, how your mind perceives it seems to depend on how you’re primed – dark scary building => ghost, surrounded by religion => god touched me

    1. Probably a Proton Beam.

      Look up “Anatoli Bugorski”

      He Accidentally stuck his head in the path of the 76 GeV proton beam.

      His symptoms sound the same as the victims:
      “Bugorski completely lost hearing in the left ear, save a moderate case of tinnitus”

      So they are probably using a proton therapy machine, which has been made mobile.
      Firing time would be limited to power and cooling capacity.

      It would take some time to setup and aim, which is why they target victims while they are asleep and not moving.

      This would also explain why victims “hear” the sound, then sit up, the “sound” goes away.
      Then when they lay back down, they “hear” the sound again.

      My other post is stuck in moderation for having a links to Wikipedia.

        1. Not in the embassy, (or hotel, home) outside in the parking lot (or street).
          Probably in a van or box truck.

          Here is an article that disuses proton beam power (MeV) vs range through air and water:

          When you get into the GeV power range, the beam can go really far through the air, and walls before scattering, and would just need about 200MeV left to penetrate the brain (200MeV is enough to go through 25cm of water).

          1. How would you aim a particle accelerator in a truck in the lot outside the building to directly hit a specific person in bed inside? That would be the dumbest evil plan ever.

          2. It can go a long distance through the air for a particle beam, yes, but that would still only make the weapon effective when placed in an adjacent room or so. (Unless it is really is very powerful, but then you need a much larger synchrotron than a proton therapy machine uses).

            Besides, there would be obvious other effects, at least a radiation burn.

          3. Seems an electron beam would be easier. You got me thinking about zero or earth field NMR/MRI/ESR/EPR type stuff… then I went off on a tangent relating to the other end of the quantum energy ways to induce reactions. HHHmmm… I think junkies and pedophiles are the root cause of all this stuff. Recreational murderers that want to bank roll on dealing drugs to vulnerable youth and adults to sell to their informants or under-covers to poach humans and commit larceny and armed robbery, kidnapping, illegal restraining, torture and other recreational activities that a human being wouldn’t consider sub human pan troglodytes do for no required need. They do and like Darwin noted and we observe with predators… they go extinct. Now, with subliminal programming vulnerable youth with pedophiles… that makes the issue of killing pan troglodyte when deadly force is authorized more challenging to be accepted… even when legal. Some do not realize not only Roman Catholics Provinces stuff… even Berlin prior to WWII was the mecca of pederasty. Talk about not required for survival???

        1. You would not need to have your head in the machine.
          The proton beam is like a laser, but it can go through matter.

          It only takes a few protons to interact with the atoms in your brain to start causing tissue damage.

          1. You know… gets me thinking about a topic I’ve though about in the past. Like… WMD’s and when to call “Broken Arrow” when “radiation” or a “radioactive” event has occurred. If we use the old school rhetoric of “ionizing radiation” or “non-ionizing radiation” I get confused. Since we’re on the topic of a particle accelerator… let’s think Van de Graff Accelerator at S.T.P. without the vacuum. More of the “generator” effect versus the “accelerator” effect. Still… an ionizing radiation event does occur that is not happening in the ionizing radiation frequency though that frequency is emitting ionizing radiation. Therefore… non-ionizing radiation can cause ionization and ionizing radiation. WTF?

            Broken Arrow!!! (

            Even a Welding Machine is a great example of ionization. There’s even ultrasonic welding.


            There is still an event that is a WMD incident causing radiation issues… period.

            Let’s say… I use for welding, you use to turn me into a plasma or whatever looks forensically clean without much evidence to go by unless someone actually does their job in the NRO or really ODNI related agencies.

            Even if there are ion’s in a liquid in our bodies being created. That is a whole other discussion, so I’ll rest my case.

            Really… what got me thinking about this also includes… Hospital really really really serious Broken Arrow incidents that no one seems to do much about.

            Hello, less columbines and more FCC ( and DHHS oversight. Or wait, is this how the DHHS bank roles???

            Isn’t their motto… well read and find out ( :-|)):

      1. He lost the hearing in his left ear due to severe tissue destruction in the path of the beam and destroyed nerves.
        It has nothing to do with sound.
        Also creating proton beams isn’t easy, and requires significantly large equipment.
        There was no mention of severe radiation burns, peeling skin, or swelling around the face/ears to indicate a proton beam… so… why the post?

        It is posts like this one that fuel the “tin-foil hat” brigade and their paranoia… by first assuming that a weapon is used against them, then latching on to the the idea that comes into their as to the method.

        1. Not to mention the fact that proton beams very quickly attenuate as they pass through air and solid matter, as they interact quite heavily with other nuclei, unlike x-rays or gamma. A weapon like this would be quite large, and would have to be positioned fairly close, perhaps an adjacent room at best.

      2. Yea. ‘Probably’. As in ‘that *must* be the most logical thing.

        Come on. Proton beams are

        a) *very* expensive.
        b) Huge and impractical apparatuses to generate one.
        c) Deadly, most of the time. Bugorski was very lucky to be alive.
        d) Leave a lot of radiation in everything hit by it and so are rather unsafe to operate in a parking lot.

        But yeah, more probable than a couple of 100 dollar speakers with an amplifier. Or just a plain old virus combined with mass hysteria (The US governmant doesn’t seem the most rational in the world atm).

    2. If not were not only that generating high power ultrasounds at UHF frequencies (>300MHz) is very difficult but the range in air drops below a centimeter just above HF (>3MHz). Though in air at 1 atm the theoretical absolute maximum frequency is abou about a few GHz.

    3. Figured I’d post this here also since relavent:

      What do you think the Defense Contractor Industry as well as University and National Laboratories and the DOD, DOJ and DHS do with the later agencies funding in classified ways? The DOD is trained in deadly force to commit that in ways using Black PSYOPS, SAD, SOG, Intelligence Disciplines and Command Solo type operations that are not publicly disclosed so well… now with satellites, cell towers, power line communications and other devices. Plus there is organized crime domestic and international.

      U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command FOIA Request proving bio-effects of “selected” nonlethal weapons (note the verbiage notes the same can be lethal if you read carefully):,_gangs_and_syndicates

      I agree though… there are seriously mentally ill that are that way from birth or other injuries. This is not the case in Cuba and elsewhere where to me looks like an epidemic issue going on probably connected with the narco terrorists and other militaristic irregular operations desensitized to the modern euphemistic sinister public..

      There are SMI’s that are in fact mentally ill due to pre-existing conditions from birth or traumatic incidents. Some incidents are not chemical poisoning or biological… they are in fact radiological and RF related. The RF effects are proven science, technology and engineering with math quantitatively associated with physics to back up… including biophysics.

      Why did my therapist, Dr and State of Michigan agents in fact want me to collect evidence. They know there are adulteration issues that are real and not only due to chemical and biological ways and means.

      Posted some RTL-SDR installation procedures on and

      I tested RTL-SDR Drivers and SDRTouch on Android 5.0 tablet today and worked though that costs $9.99 for the full version. There are free sound (audio range) spectrum analyzers though and I will create a procedure next for those for Android 2.2.1 (smartphone) 5.0 (tablet), Linux Ubuntu 17.04 and Windows 7 Pro (laptop).

      Some references to human body resonance frequencies that can be hacked:

      Biosensing and think the RF Engineered transmitters that are wireless and directed (dish, trough, laser, maser, ?aser with RADAR/SODAR tracking):

      Hear is an interesting video with ultrasonic (not the best explanation), EMG signals and Microwave signals (not the best also as doesn’t detail pulse train methods like say software sound card pulse rate or sample rates as example):

      Time to start collecting evidence as we need to exert our rights or others will 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242 Conspire and Deprive us of those Rights without Due Process due to the Gross Frauds and Cheats False Pretense Malicious Intent Continuing Criminal Enterprises of reckless endangering murderers that profiteer off being terrorists and terrorism in secret.

        1. Debra: Yes, depending on what “read” defines. I haven’t come up with a GNU Radio SDR myself that reads RADAR/RF… though yeah… in regards to limited detection for sure. I can detect signals though the automation of signals identification, demodulation, ranging and other operations haven’t been implemented or the system calibrated.

          With GNU Radio I got to installing and getting to work with I forget off the top of my head issues like pll lock or something with the RTL-SDR. I may have gotten to work though, I’m forgetting at the moment the more I think about as might be Ubuntu 17.04 versus Windows 7 were the issues. I never resolved the issue with the Skywave Linux pulse audio installation though seems like an easy fix once I get around to focusing on. I just received an E4000 RTL-SDR from NooElec a few days back to see how that overheats in the up to a little over ~2GHz range. :-) Reads more that actually is better at the lower ranges below Ghz… though don’t quote me as I’ve been doing other tasks more recently.

          I did order heat sinks for the HackRF that bumps me up to the ~6Ghz range and heat sinks for the other systems and just ordered recently copper heat sinks along with copper pipe/material I have, though like the TDS520, TDS520B, TDS540, TDS744a, TDS8000 and TDS8000B… I am nervous to operate with antennas on until I can make sure I comprehend the electronics sections of each system more, shielding methods to improve functionality to lower the noise floor and really buy into that I am better to invest in Real Time Spectral Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer with a lower noise floor like an R&S as was recently suggested. Since the oscilloscope systems are more scope creep and I should sell one or two, I’m still going to focus on optimizing the systems I have and not invest in more unless I get a real great deal or more-so implementing what I have and not damaging the components or systems operation functionality.

          I think I can still work with what I’ve invested in so far to make the continuous improvements that I was planning on up to ~6GHz with the HackRF. The TDS8000 & TDS8000B can get me up to 70Ghz or more in theory… though I don’t have the modules yet to go that high without downconverters. Using downconverters I can get even higher like I noted and there are conversion methods I guess using digital too that can get me viewing higher up to particles even… though I don’t have those downconverters yet and just the GQ GMC-320 plus. I do have directional couplers to tune antennas up to ~12Ghz. Though I don’t have directional couplers to tune higher than that yet. I do have a vehicle radar detector that can detect a range that I need to look on the post where I noted that info in detail since that does cover X, K, Ka and Laser bands off the top of my head.

        2. Debra: Yes depending on how you define “come up with” “GNU SDR” and “reads.” I am able to detect up to ~6Ghz currently with some SDR’s, maybe 1.3Ghz with superheterodyne radios and even higher (with other instruments like the radar detectors X, K and Ka Band and certain lasers and IR to Gamma as well as some radiation particles). That is without downconverting. I haven’t made or hacked (satellite downconverters are COTS) a downconverter yet. I’ve been writing some info on: I’m targeted so heavily with mind control I can’t do much to demonstrate at the moment, whatever is hacking my vicinity is poaching humans all around me including targeting me to be killed from what I can tell. Your welcome.

          1. “Standard RTL-SDR’s work up to 2.2 GHz. That’s no way near radar.”

            sonofthunderboanerges: Again, that is why I noted definitions need clarification. I also noted the need for downconverters where a cheap version is this: and

            Analog devices sells chips that can be used to make the downconverters also and may be entirely on a chip. I haven’t read into more… though did notice their SOIC’s are impressive.

            Technically, there are RADAR frequencies below Ghz range.

            Think the term RADAR originates from: RAdio Detection And Ranging or RAdio Direction And Ranging (RADAR).


            Can be ultrasonic radar also as there are plenty of examples of on the internet.

            Most want to say microwave range since they’re used to speed guns, NOAA images and other like maybe my theory of 5G towers transmitters being able to be phased synchronized, mixed and combined to form a 95Ghz Active Denial systems type radar and torture device. Whether SODAR, RADAR, LIDAR, etc…. detection and ranging is the objective. MIDAR maybe is what you’re thinking more, though MIDAR is not a term I’ve heard before.

            Until the development of the magnatron and other Microwave systems… most RADAR was performed in the RF range of the EMF.

            There is an interesting kit worth noting on here and I need to put on the DEW site that is an GNU SDR for microwaves systems, with on kit having a particular application demonstrated for wireless remote sensing pulse and respiration:

            Hope that helps clarify. Please elaborate as I need to find some TDS-8000 modules to really get up in the GHz range as even the TDS5XX/7XX series don’t seem to go past 2Ghz unless there is I’m guessing a way to better sheild, really low noise pre-amplify and filter and most likely change components to be in specification to the range… so then price goes into investing in a maybe Agilent/HP 8566B 100Hz to 22Ghz Spectrum Analyzer or something higher dynamic range spec’ed with lower noise floor like an R&S system.

          2. Here are the basics in case anyone is interested in learning more (I know sonofthunderboanerges that we’re not detailing downconverters yet and detecting Microwave RADAR, still… have to start somewhere for the newbies because can be obvious once you have the know how and equipment where COTS systems can be hacked to gain components for wider higher and lower dynamic range to detect and record):

            Here are some videos that are general and in detail enough to get started:

            General overview of more systems to detect:

            This is a similar video that is part of a series that more related to trunking (using two SDR dongles), though think using the HackRF or other wider dynamic range systems for higher GHz range (note the gentleman has some other videos):

            There are also the Scanners, Sound Cards, older PC Card TV Tuners, Cable TV Tuners, VCR systems, Satellite systems and even radios and not only lab equipment or pro equipment to salvage components from for a home brew spectrum analyzer that can be integrated with all the software options that are free and/or on the market.

          3. Aside from learning and earning your amateur ham or professional license(s) and watching the lessons found here ( that are just mandatory to me if you want to be really serious knowing about GNU Radio and SDR even if you might forget at least you have a reference…, listening alone is interesting with COTS systems that are even non SDR systems as they can be tapped with a discriminator output to display the super heterodyne radio system spectrum. Do a google search of “PRO-2006 CE-232” for an example or see this HaD article for some more info:

            Some more advanced presentations I found from various DEF CON youtube page postings I sort of randomly picked after of searching for “SDR” (Note radio directional finding and fox hunting books and videos are great sources of information also as well as identifying the different types of sodars/radars/lidars/ES/TS/EW frequencies and making a list if you can’t find one researching then educated guessing what can be modified for other uses and researching some more):

            DEF CON 22 – Michael Ossmann – The NSA Playset: RF Retroreflectors

            DEF CON 23 – Wireless Village – Michael Calabro – Software Defined Radio Performance Trades & Tweaks

            DEF CON 23 – Wireless Village – Balint Seeber – SIGINT & Blind Signal Analysis w/ GNU Radio & SDR

            DEF CON 24 Wireless Village – Balint Seeber – SDR Tips and Tricks

            DEF CON 23 – Wireless Village – Tim Oshea – GNU Radio Tools for Radio Wrangling/Spectrum Domination

    4. The episodes first started in Moscow, then appeared in allied Western countries in the 1980’s. GRU agents were caught in the late 1980’s at the scene of one of these mysterious incidents. Equipment was seized, which included a cavity magnetron. The I/O unit and controller unit were built into two reinforced suitcases. Clandestine equipment is often imported via diplomatic luggage.

      Pulsed transmission will indeed produce higher peak power.

      Electromagnetic waves carry energy, momentum and angular momentum away from their source and can impart those quantities to matter with which they interact. The effects of EMR upon chemical compounds and biological organisms depend both upon the radiation’s power and its frequency.

      Disruption of biological systems has been credibly demonstrated in cells, tissues and persons exposed to pulsed radio frequency energy, including a damaged nervous system.

      A modulated signal can also carry information and therefor can be deployed for eavesdropping. These carrier waves can be used to energize passive listening devices, and collect sound waves from within the targeted area of a building. We let it rip at an ASIO agent, he soon stopped questioning if the effect people described was real or not.

      It took U.S. Naval Research almost ten years to reproduce the results of the Russian equipment, though the project was scrapped as it was found to be unsafe.

  2. ” or on oceangoing ships to deter pirates and environmentalists.”

    You know there’s something wrong with your movement when a weapon has to be invented to deal with you. Also the RF weapon kind of seems obvious for those in this particular community, till someone invents magic. Also not so certain Cuba would be involved when they have something simpler…expelling diplomats.

    1. LRAD wasn’t invented to counter environmentalists, it was made for domestic crowd control but developed in response to the 2000 attack on the USS Cole ( Its used on oceanographic environmentalists because it works at longer distances than water cannons and thus is a much more cost effective purchase for the corporation which runs the ships (or drilling rigs) which the environmentalists are protesting. you should probably actually do some research before you let your personal prejudices shine through.

      But you are right that it most likely isnt the Cubans, next obvious source would be anyone who has something to gain from Cuba and the US getting any closer.

      1. “you should probably actually do some research before you let your personal prejudices shine through.”
        Ummm, this is the internet. You must be new here. That isn’t going to happen, unfortunately.

          1. Well you _are_ obviously prejudiced. There’s no specific environmental group or groups that have had a weapon designed for them and what is considered “militant” varies a lot…

      1. Actually, yes it can. Ever heard of psychosomatic symptoms, placebo effect, etc? Particularly when people have pre-existing conditions, like deafness, or coincidental injuries, like brain damage, that get incorporated into the narrative. It’s especially suspicious when a very wide variety of only tenuously connected symptoms, most of which are self reported and subjective, like deafness, noises, nausea, pain, spasms etc are reported by a socially isolated group of people.

        No you’re right, it’s much more likely that persons unknown are hauling an unknown weapon working on scientifically mysterious principles involving some high powered and advanced physics which cause a baffling array of symptoms to multiple locations around Havana to harrass and annoy a random collection of minor diplomats for no apparent reason or motive.

        1. Misleading on with facetious, sarcastic, cynical, cruel and unusual motives of a pro death and pro lies black PSYOPS operations part of the Aquino Mind and others Civil or paramilitary War that is blatantly obvious if you read into in more detail wouldn’t be your intentions either, huh?

          Why isn’t the attorney or wanna be executive led law enforcement industry along with the military industrial complex with their defense contractors and intelligence contractors (NRO contracts most their work out by the way) industry not six sigma or lean sigma in field operations?

          Why the hostile mood or if not hostile… very suggestive and misleading when their is for some reason compounded and concealed forensics that no one seems to collect or expose as was in the past with most epidemiological outbreaks?

          Why are the victims left to collect the evidence when the budgets of the previously noted, including health care industry that for some reason isn’t lean sigma either refuses to collect or expose conclusive quantitative or at least qualitative or specific evidence?

          What… are the three letter and other listening stations now “transmitting” to much to expose their evidence? Wouldn’t be too much static, noise, interference and jamming now would their be?

          I’m sure in your world heterodyning, pulse trains, brain washing, cult programming and mind control doesn’t exist… a… what did you call it… “group psychogenic illness, functional neurological symptom disorder or do you prefer the easier to remember psychosomatic symptoms” for your thoughtful recreational delusional narcissistic pleasure?

          Why the closure of the FCC Investigation Stations and the BRAC? What happened to the agencies that were supposed to take over the FCC Stations roles and who are in charge of the pre-existing stations or conditions, eh?

          Why are even the police communications (of which are a public service trust and obviously not brain trust) moving toward the trend of encrypting their communications now days? Wouldn’t be a secret government motive now day… now would that be?

          Armed and dangerous three letter agency operators along with their DOJ and DHS prisoner of war camp criminals, terrorists and organized crime mafias of continuing criminal enterprises that don’t exist with a 500 billion US $ plus budget DOD leadership as well as the latest count of billionaires and millionaire wanna be’s with market valued corporations wouldn’t intimidate or coerce you would they or fund you by chance?

          What, did you give up on the U.S. Jurisdictions Constitutions and Statutory Laws to play politics and blatantly ignore the Public Health, Safety and General Welfare for some cliches, anecdotal statements and euphemisms with corporate double talk using the latest jargon instead of lean sigma forensics evidence advocacy? I’d guess the lean sigma forensics evidence advocacy would be for use…not only marketing.

          Maybe you should learn amateur radio and read up on GBPPR, and other sites. Read up on bioelectromagnetics, Dr. Robert O’Becker and Marty Kaiser. These resources you didn’t care to disclose can give you some insight also.

          1. James Analytic – Not true. In another HaD thread we talk about GBPPR (or just Joe Loritz) and Marty Kaiser a lot. They are both the go-to-guys in the business. Despite Joe’s extreme political viewpoints, he’s a electronics genius! Marty is just a “next level” electronics deity. The movie THE CONVERSATION (1974) was based on him.

          2. sonofthunderboanerges: My apologies for the confusion. I was referring to the poster named Naxes. He didn’t disclose those resources I mentioned above. Right, I agree though haven’t read the HaD threads. How come John Williams doesn’t get the exposure either? Are there any others I am missing? I suppose John Williams, Dr. Robert O’Becker and their cohorts or references helped bridge the gap into human body sympathetic resonance frequencies which is a tough subject to expose… though needs to be as our bodies can be Van Eck Phreaked then Hacked remotely since out bodies are in fact a transceiver. I find the gun control issue absurd compared to poisoning control being hushed up and with little or no controls. Maybe DEA monitoring of precursor chemical if for narcotics and dangerous drugs. I find law enforcement and health care compound and conceal evidence and crimes on the sides of a black diamond hierarchy of attorneys or who plays executive attorney maliciously on the top and retail outlets on the bottom manufacturing crime and criminals from the day Mom and Dad are found pregnant. Groomed to be victims in some jurisdictions by continuing criminal enterprise consisting of old mafias informants that integrated into official roles along with the P.O.W. and terrorists brought over by the Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical Provinces also violating a separation of church and state that has integrated into official roles directly and systematically serial killing anyone with U.S. Jurisdiction descent they can in slow kill ways and means. Say for instance SCOTUS is all Roman Catholic or Jewish with the newest member from that background still. I think the WWI Veterans knew this and also were more targeted especially once JFK got into office. You are correct though, I was referring to Naxes not disclosing references and making assumptions. I have references if you need on my James Analytic FB account.

      1. Several of the above comments suggest that a proton beam from a portable source could potentially be used to cause the reported symptoms. The only demonstrated legitimate use for such a device is ghostbusting.

    1. Targeted U.S. and Canadian personnel. Any others?

      Less likely Cuban.

      North Korea maintains an embassy in Havana. Cuba has shipped weapons to N.K..
      Russia has an embassy in Havana and a consulate-general in Santiago de Cuba.
      This year, Russia resumes significant delivery of oil to Cuba, with shipments from Venezuela down.

      Most likely Russian.
      Could be N.K..
      Possibly Cuba at the “request” of Russia.

  3. I would rather expect this to turn out to be a false flag attack. Pin the Cubans, degrade US-Cuban relations when they are finally improving using Trump as the perfect foil. Likely candidate, as Jon H said, I pick Russia.

    1. I’m thinking this is the only way the Department of State will acknowledge this blatantly obvious issue going on in society if you’re exposed and not attention deficient. Goes along with the “Thing” and Moscow microwave issues though more candidly obviously exposed, where-as the Moscow issue is more compounded and concealed or at least gray PSYOPs misleading.

  4. The sound is a side effect.

    It is probably a proton beam:
    Symptoms are identical to this accident:

    They probably have a proton beam therapy machine:

    It would need to be mobile, perhaps in a van, with some kind of stabilizing legs.

    It would take some time to setup and aim, which is why they target victims while they are asleep and not moving.

    This would also explain why victims “hear” the sound, then sit up, the “sound” goes away.
    Then when they lay back down, they “hear” the sound again.

    1. A proton beam …(lets call it a “projector”) of this power level is pretty power hungry and requires significant cooling, would be anything but covert…morel like a semi truck rather then a van…
      Also, the beam would leave a very noticeable hole in the wall or window.

      1. Firing time would be limited to power and cooling capacity.
        That is why they do not fire for more than a few minutes.

        An EV battery pack would provide all the power they need…
        Cooling is probably the limiting factor.

        There would be no hole in walls or windows (or people).
        There would only be slight scattering while passing through low density matter.

        The beam stays very compact and focused until it hits high density objects like a water filled brain. Then it starts to scatter and do damage.

        That is why they use a proton beam to irradiate cancer cells.

    2. Really? You just posted that above, but have upgraded your assessment to ‘probably’. What evidence is there for a stonking great proton beam generator? Its like blaming the JFK assassination on a high powered rail gun… sure they are ‘buildable’ but completely impractical for that purpose. Unless I just fell for the troll post again…

      1. Still source hunting for the conversation above?…
        I recall that your source to not be about HAARP in the sense it contained no reference to and no mention of HAARP…

        Still waiting…

        easiest way to find our conversation is to:
        Search with CTRL+F and type “Mr M” (without quotes)
        find the last post reply to your ‘sources’ reply.

        1. Huh, not sure Mr. Mannering what the above topic is regarding specifically… though my comments off the top of my head are relating to a tangent with HAARP on my mind in regards to weather modification being covered up by the global warming hype and also lack of reference to solar cycles and those EMS emissions.

          Here are some references I was referring to regarding my theory that HAARP can be used for weather modification:

          Maybe as a tuned synthetic aperture phased array HAARP can be used for mind control too ( :-|) ):

          Does makes sense as a tunable phased array for sure. There should be beam steering capabilities. If the antennas can move, maybe there is a synthetic aperture mission combo also. I have to read into more.

          1. That History channel had Eric Von Daniken and his ancient aliens (Prob still going).
            Also many TV channels are now pumping out questionable shows for the sake of subscriptions and audience lure!

            The Wiki and Radar-tutorial sites help with a good point with SAR, though that looks more to be imaging and landscape data acquisition, may include chamber detections, like finding hidden bunkers for targeting in a war.

            The want-to-know site shows some promise, though a pinch of salt should be taken with such sites… It takes a Jessie Ventura or another government agent to falsify claims that could accidentally make it to said site in order for said governments to use against said site… Think about 9-11 and just how the official story was as well put together as a tin-foil hatter’s version of the events: It is designed to cause so much confusion that most people give up thinking and just accept “Governments are always right”.

            The Wikipedia weather modification doesn’t include HAARP at all, however does have something I see with cron/chem/water-vapor trails (whichever is truest). Say there are bundles of moisture that particulates into fine crystals and/or scrapings of burnt fuel with aluminium and stainless steel (High temp resistant machine hardening type) from normal jet engine use/wear-and-tear. That exhaust could cause localized condensation to form clouds… especially on a cold winters’ morning (Where I have seen this effect most).

            I don’t believe in that chem-trail theory stuff, especially as a lot of “It contains metal particles” can be explained as, “the engine is made of metal and all things wear out over time” and thus explains where this metal is coming from: Normal side effect of using said type(s) of engine: Like soot from an incorrectly mixed 2-stroke fuel in the case of a 2-stroke power/voltage generator..

            So a good attempt at explaining your findings… somewhat flawed, however having the Want-to-know site included helps a bit, especially since that and Wikipedia has some sources to act as a research stub,
            P.s. a stub isn’t the golden answer, but a good strong starting point in research and validation.
            You’ve done eleven-fold better than that [sonofthunderboanerges].

            It is because of there being a strong enough point on weather-control that gives a strong argument but not got that definitive answer on the HAARP side.

            Sorry about the huge text wall, you’ve brought up some (already known to me) things that individually are:

            UnFeRiUm/Mr Mannering/Ali/Christopher Favreau/Dendrite/Afro

        2. Mr. M: Thanks, I was going to reply with some more substantiation of your comments like barium may be from planes also when people go for scans using contrasting therapy. I went into more details about nuclear weapons testing also and other theories for radio-contrasting stuff and not so discussed spectroscopy in the Sound and RF ranges and in zero and earth field. For some reason my post isn’t shown and I have a page that shows up when I re-post like I’m making a duplicate post.

          1. I wonder too if the barium is found with iron oxide, i.e. ferrite application? I do recall reading that there was something to do with radio, paranormal or psychic stuff at one time in the late 1800’s in Paris where people would stay in a bath of iron mixed in. Not sure at the moment. I had a sound, mind and body assault issue last night. I still need to research why there would be ~20kHz on my temple region and neck/throat. Pulse or heterodyne to RF or maybe I should test my hearing or they’re trying to make me tone deaf. Man… at least I have a U.S. Congressman investigating for me now.

        3. I also wanted to add for the record that seems with the amateur radio course work, study and books available there is the segue into Stealth Antennas. Therefore, as others are noting ultrasonic methods which are clearly publicly disclosed with not argument, I want to add some more information on RF or the debatable depends on which jurisdiction determines the range of microwaves. Since microwaves are smaller wavelength, and used for telemetry also maybe not as publicly disclosed, publicly disclosed if you hunt around (pun intended), the antenna size is theoretically and actually smaller in size. If we consider the ability to hide microwave antennas in smaller volumes say like maybe an LED is now to an old incandescent bulb… there is the ability theoretically to transmit heterodyne signals, pulse signals and mind control or human body sympathetic resonance frequencies signals in frequencies ranges that are not as well or cost effectively detected. This is a more challenging aspect of the RF/Microwave/Terahertz/IR range and maybe UV range that is invisible to the naked eye and ear and disturbing to detect. Especially if there are highly accurate oscillators that most equipment resolution may not detect the source signals and only the effect. Just brainstorming some ideas I’m having at the moment and have thought about in the past. I made some other posts that are thought provoking and eye opening for some if you haven’t read also. To me heterodyne and pulse systems are obvious. The mind control and human body resonance frequencies manipulation in the narrow band of effect is more my focus of study in regards to advocacy of awareness to defend against and detect as pollution or worse.

        4. Interesting links I thought worth sharing and looking into later to see what the latest is:

 (interesting that I didn’t know)
 (amazing the size of some and age though doubt used for weather modification including space weather:

    1. Naah, the Soviets did the same thing to our embassy staff in Moscow during the Cold war. The thing is microwave technology against humans is pretty well understood by our military and the Russians.

      Used the right way it will ruin your day.

        1. Man, yeah that would be pathetic. Low Noise Amplifiers aren’t working sir… let’s go with the Active Accoustics/RF kit and just keep turning up the amplifiers???? I can’t believe that they’re that clearance and qualified to use the equipment and not know.

      1. Zerg – NO. I know what your talking about but this is different. It appears to be intentionally focused and the audio content is specific. So specific that it’s not by accident like in Moscow. They were frying our brains ACCIDENTALLY trying to ping that crazy Theremin “thing” to spy on the ambassador. This device is cleverly placed behind the headboard of your bed (too close for comfort) maybe from the next room and it does penetrate plaster and drywall (aka sheet rock). It’s mainly at a popular Havana hotel called the CAPRI. It’s were many US and Canadian diplomats live. The embassy is too well protected to allow such a thing unless it’s from a van outside. I think this is the offending device: It’s only $175 USD. I can just see Boris Badanov and Natasha Fataly embedding this in a hotel wall and pulling it out when the American FBI and Canadian RCMP arrive to sweep for it.

        Please don’t ask who Boris Badanov and Natasha Fataly are. They are an old American funny joke…

          1. Annie – Don’t miss the season premiere of TV-series Berlin Station (2016) in 3-days on NETFLIX, HULU, and EPIX. Never a dull moment with that show. Black List is starting to bore me now. But I do like Person of Interest even though it tends to be too corny at times. What are your favs?

          2. I watched American Made last night. Sure, something else like you and I were thinking… be interesting having a “Forward Air Control” “Dumbo Drop” regarding the other pilot in the Snow Birds. Maybe that will be for this U.S. political season that is linked to opioids more. Great connecting the dots also. Interesting reminder of how enemies of the state are pitted against each other with neuters killing our best performers that get lead on by them. I want to watch the “Battle Creek” series. Person of Interest is definitely my favorite… though I do agree can use less corny. Like “Dragnet” seems the newer versions are not as serious, direct and systematic legal with monotone right brain character. Person of Interest is legal however, in modern times people are more queer. At least is not Reno 911. :-)

          3. jafinch78 – You had me smiling at “Reno 911”. I have not seen AMERICAN MADE yet. Tom Cruise as Barry Seal is an antitheses. Barry was fat and quite careless. Maybe the reason why the 7th floor threw him under the proverbial bus.

            You really need to watch the TV Series about Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber?). There is a little known fact from his history while in college that will blow your mind. When I watched the scene I was flabbergasted. I had no idea he was part of that infamous and careless federal program.

          4. Right, I usually really enjoyed Nickelodeon when they played “Dragnet” re-runs. I think it was Nick at Night. My Dad would call me ultra conservative though most wouldn’t notice due to preconceived notions and my presentation. I’ve lighted up over the years though, however I am still speechless at the juvenile pluralist demented behavior now days. Is humorous, though not when I’ve been the flaming gay Sheriff’s or am their victim and they like to pin, frame, mug, scapegoat, traffic and pander me. Really is childish more-so in the U.S. with Propaganda at least in this jurisdiction. Benton Harbor and Berrien County are junkie, pedo compounding and concealing mass murdering frame gangs. Don’t let them fool you. Run their backgrounds over generations if they not fictitious assumed names. The extreme gays groomed pedo on dangerous drugs can be deadlier than most imagine. In fact, that is the most inconspicuous coercive, seductive and manipulative of the criminals that are gross frauds and cheats too.

            OK, emotionally magnified anxiety moment (it’s not like Catholics descent, bomb squad and fire doesn’t have ES/TS/EW)… I was getting into “Better Call Saul” and like I noted CBS shows. “The Inspectors” is interesting also.

            I didn’t know there was a Ted Kaczynski TV Series. Is that “Manhunt: Unibomber?” After watching the CNN “Crimes of the Century: The Unibomber” they did a direct link with something happening to him as a baby to agonize him for life potentially as well as when he was at Harvard being part of a CIA MK Ultra experiment or program or something like that where the agent agonized him again. I assume since he was at liberal left wing schools following (Berkeley) that he was one that was either personally, or programmed to more dangerously,do what he did because of interests. Chicago MK Ultra liberal left went west coast. I’ve not researched his targets and am not sure the socialist agenda. Man, messed up deranged with a cruel cheaters euphemism. Old Chicago/Milwaukee’s infecting Michigan mafias that infiltrated the DOD, DOJ and now DHS are the worst on the planet looking official.

          5. jafinch78 – Yes Manhunt Unabomber. The Harvard scene was mind-blowing for me. I was shocked that Ted was a child prodigy and went to Harvard as a wunderkind. Somehow I find it abominable how certain employees of the then OTS now DS&T would profile targets for study. How do you target a child and subject him to this barbarism? I know the “party line” was to get them before they get us. Not a legitimate justification for such disgusting studies in the name of science. The MSA (mainstream academia) justifies it with getting published (i.e. fame or notoriety) and of course money. Greed, avarice, and selfishness IMHO. They say things like “we are studying this phenomena for epilepsy mitigation… “ or fill in the blank whatever MSA lie you think will absolve your incredibly short-sighted inhumane research. Clearly Ted K. was a subject AGAINST his will. He became the chicken that came home to roost. Now they dumped into a windowless cell in the bottom of a pit for life.

            I have no sympathy for Ted. He got what he deserved. However, THEY have contributory negligence in nurturing his sociopath behavior. But who is pulling the strings in Cuba with this sonic device is anybody’s guess. I don’t think it was OUR quasi-sociopaths. I think it was the king to the far north… (and fiends)… “Now here’s a story you’ll really like Bullwinkle!” – Rocket J. Squirrel. Notice the “usual suspects” at 00:20 timestamp and on…


          6. Greed, pride, delusional grandiose tangential to reality requirements for survival with not much for consideration or compassion for others unawareness and vulnerable states. Pan Troglodyte behaviors competing with the Jones’s is all I can say. Strange is the history of intellectual thinking.

    1. Cuba has been a proxy battleground for intelligence agencies for decades. Just because it happened there doesn’t mean the Cubans did it. It could have been anyone from Russia to Venezuela to China.

    2. I was also wondering about what motive the Cubans would have. I mean, if they didn’t want a US embassy in Cuba, they could’ve denied permission for one in the first place or if they changed their minds they could just expel the diplomats now.

  5. I think these claims show exactly what kind of things US is willing to do to others.

    Any other country would have done extensive microbiological and environmental tests first, as many molds and fungi can produce similar effects, including all kinds of auditory hallucinations. For the US, that is not possible: it must be an attack. Because that’s what they’d do, if they just had thought of it first. Or, already have done, elsewhere.

    (It’s not like the US to shy away from experimenting with even their own people, from hallucinogenic substances to “harmless” bacteria to study the infection patterns.)

    Normal countries’ policy is to keep diplomats friendly, not crazed with hallucinations, so that meaningful exchange can take place. No-one knows how many wars and deaths have already been avoided because lower-level diplomats have kept their counterparts up to date on internal issues, so that no overreactions occur. US, however, is known to have a ham-handed attitude towards soft intelligence, and instead relies on gathering massive amounts of data, enough to pick and choose to make any and all kinds of wacky politically-colored assumptions from it.

    Who knows, maybe CIA had some suspicions about some embassy staff there, and decided to paint the walls with LSD- or ergot-laced paint, in order to help with their investigations somehow, and then just forgot about it. They certainly have the budget for such stuff, larger than most companies, just to do silly shenanigans with few positive real-world results.

      1. Of course. There are also a lot of ignorant people that don’t know what their country have done in the past. There are multiple examples, I’ll just mention Mk. Ultra under whose umbrella several immoral and dangerous experiments were done both on foreigners and natives.

  6. This pattern of widely varying intensities within parts of a room sounds like possibly an interference pattern. Maybe there are two (perfectly legitimate) microwave transmitters nearby that interfere constructively to create higher intensities in a locale that happens to coincide with somebody’s bedroom.

  7. As soon as I heard this news item, I thought of an episode of “Bold Venture” (an old radio show with Bogie and Bacall, situated in Cuba!), in which a dentist’s x-ray machine is used to cause anemia/leukemia in an unsuspecting girl who sleeps in the adjoining room. Here’s a link to the radio show:

    1. People who work with a lot of military grade RF systems hear all sorts of noises. I used to work in a microwave relay station at a AF base, Being in the main room made a person feel odd and uncomfortable. Then there were the noises. They weren’t auditory, they were in your head. Nobody liked to spend time in the room where all the RF stuff housed unless they had to.

      1. Correct and don’t forget the… hhhmmm… that electronic component isn’t made with human nutrient raw materials either. Post SDR, SMD and newer electronics maybe not as bad. Still… their can even be microbiological disgust in some systems. Therefore, not only chemical, biological, electric field, magnetic field and potential charge issues… there can even be radiation issues at certain installations.

  8. Directional high power microwave radar, or as spies call it, “that suitcase we listen to bugs with.” Somebody got bored while the “targets” were sleeping and started aiming it at their heads.

        1. Doug – I think Woody did hit a microphone in the video. It was some corny rock music he was playing. There are many other YouTube videos of all the patent infringers demonstrating their version of this thing. I was tempted to shell out the $250 for one I saw on the Internet and the demo video was impressive. Too much money for a gadget I’d use as a toy to pester my family members and schizophrenic bums on the street. I’d probably use it on those idiots with WILL WORK FOR FOOD signs. I’d say something like:“HEY LOOK DUDE! They’re towing your car!!!” and watch the supposed homeless fakers bust a nut looking toward his alleged car! (LOL)

  9. Well Peter Liwyj up there nailed it. Yes we do have a room like that at our US embassies usually in the basement. It’s called a S.C.I.F. The victims could sleep in there in an emergency. The POTUS carries his own portable SCIF like a CONE OF SILENCE from the old Get Smart TV show.

    However this very mean-spirited device in Cuba is not actually a trade-craft tool of any intelligence-community. Why on Earth would you want to damage potential asset’s hearing or brains?; no you’d want to cultivate them for your covert ops. This does not sound like CUBANS who are now trying to attract American tourists like the good ol’ days of Batista. Raoul would not shoot himself in the foot like this. HOWEVER, his foreign buddies who have a problem pronouncing W’s as V’s… well just maybe they might think of a nefarious device like this to really piss off the Americans. I mean they messed with our 2016 POTUS election… so anything is possible for them. %-/

    Everyone is overthinking this. No it does not have to be RF in the GHz range. No it doesn’t have to be a loud tactical crowd denial system either. Try something that is actually a bona-fide MASHABLE project you can actually build. The gadget is known as a HYPERSOUND PROJECTOR invented by the famous and extant inventor Woody Norris. And it’s for sale by him. Many patent-infringers are also trying to sell it for around $250 USD. It’s big purchasers are Walmart and the US NAVY.

    How it works is that it projects two separate ultrasonic signals off by a few kilohertz aimed at someone’s head. You feed normal sound into the audio input. Yes it goes through walls. When the two beams hit your head, the two beams hetrodyne to cause audible waves inside your head NO ONE ELSE can hear it standing too far from you. It acts like voices in your head. The only problem is that you must be careful how much power you feed to the feed-horns or you could cause most of the medical problems mentioned above. What you are feeding into it is not important unless you were trying to mind-phuq someone (i.e. metaphysical voice trick from Mission Impossible (1989) “The Devils” – the original series). Now who would want do that? I would cough/sneeze the answer but I don’t want to get on that LIST we spoke of in another spy-thread on HaD – (LOL)

    Walmart wanted it for directed energy floor advertising. The US NAVY wanted it for directional boat hailing. What would you guys want it for and why? Being Hack-a-day you could build your own for $175 USD and here you go:

    Just don’t start your own church melee scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) with Samuel L Jackson and Colin Firth (what a corny movie!). ;-D

      1. Respectfully you have fallen victim to the propaganda but out by the business and government elite. Here in the USA the business elite have been using the civil courts to their profit ever since US Constitution was ratified and the court system was put in place. On insurance company suing another is very common place. We don’t see the companies names in the court records, because the record record the name of the companies client, not the companies The USA never became a “litigious society” until members and group within the electorate starting having success n the civil courts for the benefit of the electorate. The therm litigious society is internal Propaganda in the USA. One sectors misusing technology for their own benefit at the loss of their target should consider the possibility of litigation. Why should in be any other way?

        1. Yes, I find that instead of criminal courts, i.e. District, Circuit, due processing of public health, safety and general welfare issues other than selective enforcement operations (traffic, sex, drugs, larceny, assault and murder if blatant)… most due processes seam to be criminally processed with compounding and concealing extortion and bribery civil or small claims court processes. We really need law taught from kindergarten on up so that U.S. Jurisdiction (State, District, Territory, Tribe and Nation) Constitutional and Statutory Law is detailed well by the end of secondary education. I think on some days Kennedy was shot even for taking away the Bachelors of Law opportunity in the U,S. and replacing with the J.D. only option to be admitted to the bar.

    1. I remember a magazine article from many years ago
      (maybe Popular Science?) about possibly utilizing this tech in museums.
      The visitor would hear a description of some art object, only while standing in a designated viewpoint.
      The intent being to confine the sound to a localized area and not just creating a cacophony of “normal” audio speakers turning the museum into an audio melee.

  10. There are papers and research about this, but when people talk about there’s a possibility that this technology can be weaponized then everybody run covering their eyes and ears and screaming “conspiracy theory”. I’m leaving a few links for you to check:

    “Russian microwave assault on US embassy:”**

    Voice-to-Skull device had a page on the US Army website (now deleted): (Page saved by webarchive)

    “Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man’s Mind!”

    “U.N. Investigates Electromagnetic Terrorism”

    Electromagnetic Weapons – Minister of National Defence for Poland (This is about unproven claims. couldn’t find if Poland authorities got any information, no information released)

    “MIT’s 3-D Microwave Camera Can See Through Walls” IEEE

    1. Let’s add Dr. Rauni Kilde from Finland as a victim apparently.

      Also, I’ll get these links on this post too:

      U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command FOIA Request proving bio-effects of “selected” nonlethal weapons (note the verbiage notes the same weapons can be lethal if you read carefully):

      Other excellent resources:

      Excellent book on Bioelectromagnetism:

      John Williams of
      Read through the list of MIND CONTROL, ELECTRONIC ATTACK, DETECTION, COUNTERMEASURES DEVICE TYPES devices descriptions such as “Scanners the Device” and “the Ultimate Weapons and Lab Development System”
      Also, READ Tutorial 3:

      Marty Kaiser:
      Green Bay Professional Packet Radio (GBPPR) site(s):

      1. I think if John Williams was more professional looking, even more would be exposed. Same goes with Marty Kaiser and the GBPPR operators.

        Technically, criminal conspiracy is going on still. Not “electronic harassment” “conspiracy theories” solely as the alibi.

  11. The mistake might be to assume an attack, it could also be a side-effect, and in fact it could even be a side-effect of what their own CIA is experimenting with.
    If you want to find the answer to a mystery it’s best to not start with an assumption but to rather start with the actual data at hand and work yourself to a theory from that.

    And I now see jcanniff also postulated a theory where it is a side-effect.

    Incidentally, I see a general trend where the US accuses some country or government of doing something and then we later find out it was done by the US in the past and they just assume everybody is like them. it is not only a bit silly but also exposes what the US is doing by their accusations to others even before the US was exposed.

  12. ‘Twas probably a NASA or equivalent HAARP-like* experiment but from the other side of the clouds.
    It may have inadvertently been set too strong and directed the energy at the building…

    or heck another hacker/maker experimenting with something they found here on HaD and started aiming it all over the place where it hit said building… maybe the hacker/maker knocked him/herself out with his/her Magnetron device and that’s why it stayed in the same line-of-sight for long enough to cause the effects.

    * HAARP facility in wales is open to the public, likely others are open to the public and thus essentially self-debunk those conspiracy theories around said HAARP experiments… OK HAARP-fearing hatters: You can take those tin-foil hats off and save them for a more rainy day.

    LOL the receptionist in the Wales HAARP building call the HAARP-theorists, “Chem-trailers”. For example:
    “You’re not one of those chem-trailers are you?”

    1. Mr Mannering – We (Americans) have a mobile HAARP now. It was built in Texas and is now actively deployed in Pacific Ocean. It is not meant for HAARP purposes per se but for anti-missile defense. Against who? I’ll give you one guess. And he is obviously not responsible for this evil audio gadget and neither is Asad. Look further north, very north. And it’s not some side-effect or accident of technology. Someone needs to NLJD sweep their bedrooms and find them embedded behind their plaster walls or bed headboard. The focusing effect (moving around stops it?) kinda’ sorta’ nails it that it is a discreet component placed in target’s bedroom to cause sleep disturbance. Also use a frequency counter to look for audio within 20-50 KHz band. Only cats and Dolphins can hear these sounds (i.e. pet cats leave the room when active?). Dogs not so much. I’ll bet they are IoT triggered too. Not a listening device. Just a electronic political harassment one. Adult humans can not hear 20 KHz but can be hearing impacted by it.

      1. Conspiracy theorists are often muddled. I saw one of those when I stayed over in Seattle. It is an X-band radar system. That means 8-12 GHz. As anyone who knows radio knows, HAARP operates in the far-lower HF range, somewhere between 3 and 10 MHz. I’ve actually heard it on a HF radio.

        That is roughly a thousand-fold difference in frequency. Comparing the two is silly.

          1. Yep, nailed it!… was also going to ask the OP of that picture:

            So where’s the field of highly directional YAGI antennas that are collectively the iconic landmark most (all AFAIK) HAARP facilities are known for?

          2. Mr Mannering – I believe HAARP in Alaska was dismantled in 2014. USAF and then DARPA did not want to continue it as they claim they got all the data they needed from it and I think they sold it to a college. Not sure if the antennas are still standing. SBX-1 has large parabolas under that huge radome pointing up. They are powered up to several megawatts in the X-BAND. It’s never pointed out into terrestrial areas as it is dangerous to organic things. Now tell me that can’t heat up upper atmosphere the same way HAARP was doing. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R – Alaska)
            got them to admit during a senate funding committee what “data” they were actually looking for and it was really something to do with “force multipliers” using artificial meteorology techniques which US SecDef Cohen already told the world decades ago that this is a “thing” now with Eco-terrorists and USA.

            BTW I was being sarcastic with Michael W. Perry, WA4MP…

          3. @sonofthunderboanerges:

            Strangely though… The Welsh HAARP facility was around before your 2014 one got sold off and that is according to the Welsh HAARP site’s receptionist. Also the conversation excluded the conspiracy theory and thus ommited the “Sold-to-college” site(s).
            There are more than one facility, you know don’t you? Or do we conveniently just ignore the others in various participating countries?.

            Also have you got the sources of the dome-under-the-antennas site and/or…

            have you got the geo-location or address of the facility for pasting into google-maps?
            P.s. I’ll give you until the weekend as it’ll likely take me that long from now to find the Welsh site if you want the geo-location of the Welsh HAARP site, do you want said info?
            You got 12-hours from this post time-stamp to request for I to find you the information on time for the weekend.

            (Oh, I know you’re going to resort to, “TL;DR”/”Wall of text cant read!” or “Teh a es a phlep!” or something blatant of sore-looser syndrome at some point within this discussion… However if you do provide information in an attempt to back up your statements, then I’ll delay application of this bracketed statement until you match the conditions for it. However if you find hard proof that hasn’t been debunked/refuted then I’ll take take back this bracketed statement with full force until I crumble into the abyss of no-longer-existing)

          4. Mr Mannering – SBX-1 is highly documented on Internet It was originally built in Brownsville Texas (USA) and there are all kinds of photos of it being built. Even specs are given. I can’t give you it’s present position as it is MOBILE and very classified like our nuclear subs. However, it is somewhere west of Hawaii in open ocean setup to detect Rocket Man’s missiles. I can’t actually say it has HAARP capability as that is just my speculation based on the available data about it.

            Yes I know other countries have their own version of HAARP, but I don’t think they call it that. Russia and China have “some” and rumored to “rent” out it’s services (i.e. black market?) as someone in Singapore suggested when they needed some meteorological modifications for agricultural reasons.
            Once you arrive there hit CRL-F and type electro. This was from SecDef Choen 1997. Non fiction stuff…

          5. opens firefox, checks your link for safety, clicks your link,
            CTRL+F, types “HAARP”

            a red box appears in the search…
            Skims over document and could find no reference to HAARP, Missile detection…. Someone already pointed out that it is just another form of RADAR!

            The UK facility actually called themselves “Part of the HAARP research”.
            They also said a load of actors, who they tried to invite in, instead they just hung outside giving abuse and saying to their cameras how much they wasn’t allowed in. Just thought I’d save the reality bomb for last just to finalize this conversation ;-)

            Oh, and try harder!

    2. Hate to tell you this buy what HAARP does was confirmed by the various entities experimenting with it.
      And that that was potentially risky any scientist will confirm.
      So you can have it exposed, it’s still not good.

      Incidentally, talking of such experiments, I hear they have no real idea what would happen if Kim would do an EMP over the US as he suggested he would, since they don’t do above-ground experiments anymore and everything is electronic now the overall effects are very hard to gauge. Still, I’m sure you don’t mind Kim doing some experimenting right? >:)

      1. Whatnot – Lil’ Kim (aka “Rocket Man”) will never get the chance to do a EMP over ANY of our territories or CONUS. I think we are just playing with him right now letting him take pot-shots over northern Japan.If he ever gets a weaponized Hwasong-14 past Pyongyang city limits, they will just disappear as if the ET’s just scooped them up in their space ships! Uhhh – it will seem like that, as I don’t really believe in such ET stuff. :-D

        1. Expert say the intercept capability is not exactly 100%, more like as low as 60%, so if he shoots a bunch there is an unpleasant chance one gets through.
          Plus in the case of defense systems like the patriot missiles they found it basically destroy the rocket part but the large fragments will continue their ballistic path at several times the speed of sound causing good damage. And if it’s a robust warhead even that might survive.

          1. Whatnot – “Expert say the intercept capability is not exactly 100%, more like as low as 60%, so if he shoots a bunch there is an unpleasant chance one gets through.
            Plus in the case of defense systems like the patriot missiles they found it basically destroy the rocket part but the large fragments will continue their ballistic path at several times the speed of sound causing good damage. And if it’s a robust warhead even that might survive.”

            My sarcastic response? :-)


        2. I thought I read that EMF/EMS weather modification was also an objective or research project of the HAARP system. I’ve even read their are public weather modification campaigns for towers to be installed in California for induction of rain. Weather modification is publicly disclosed now days and NOAA does have an assortment of ground, air and space systems that are not only passive… they are active acoustic and RF.

          1. Yep, weather control is essentially public domain disclosed.
            However HAARP was to do with the study of the upper atmosphere and the military purpose was improvement of long range transmission of data. If or not that involved the transmission of the weather is another side story altogether. HAARP was used for many other research projects along those lines as well.

            Targeting a lower atmospheric area nearer the cloud/water-vapor band would allow pressure differencing to encourage movement of moisture over short distances… i.e. slow down clouds so they form rain-clouds where needed, and cheaper to do by the looks of it than all the many sanitation stages of the then pumped water to the land as nature already cleansed the water enough.
            Long distance weather control is just a dream though.

            Also there was a Jessie V* show about HAARP shows an electrostatic movement of a cloud-in-a-bottle simulation… Trialed on a full worldly scale, if at all possible, the country to be attacked would have to have set up the receptive anode in order to be attacked, so just don’t receive weather attacks: Solved that war!

            *a hired actor to spread mis-information and make subliminally-advertising shows

        1. Since tin foil hats are suppose to protect from aliens (right?) they would reflect those alien rays coming from above. so they don’t work on the Faraday cage principle.
          Now from the side they would obviously bounce some stuff away and concentrate some stuff if it’s slightly lower or the hat is tilted.

          Anyway, a reflector isn’t an absorber

          1. Also, I should note… not only for power line communications radio stations… you can read up on Aluminum Foil Antennas if you don’t design the cap correct… the type of antenna is well known not only as a reflector for some frequencies. I think the frequency is going to be dependent on the effect.

  13. When we were testing our AN/TPQ-47 type RADAR at our shop, I could ‘hear’ when it was on… even outside the building in the parking lot… really ‘felt’ it inside my head, like pressure was increasing. These were pushing 10kW. Miss the project, but happy to be out of that building. We has 100% kill at the Ft. Sill comp, though.

    1. People are complaining about odd effects near LTE transmitters too I hear, and ‘near’ windmills of electrical power, seems the vibration travels through the ground over a long stretch to cause resonance in some people’s skulls or some such.
      Talking of which, I wonder if US embassies in such countries have their own cell tower.

      1. Just think about the range of entrianment not really publicly well disclosed for the human body to process the environmental signals that are random or present from systems or malicious from systems and how they combine and subtract with our human body resonance frequencies to effect the human body resonance frequencies. That’s not even including high power diathermy or injurious known frequencies effects.

  14. The sound effect makes sense. People aren’t hearing the microwave signal itself. They’re hearing its PRF, pulse repetition frequency, which is typically in the audible range. And a microwave beam could be aimed more precisely and its antenna more stealthy than a sound beam.

    The Cuban dictatorship might have developed these devices to direct at their dissidents to cripple or disorient them. They may have decided, officially or not, to turn them on the U.S. and Canadian embassy staff. Under Obama they could get away with such bullying. Not so under Trump.

    I’d look and see if Cuban dissidents have reported similar problems. Also, Cuba is a brutal police state. Even if this wasn’t officially sanctioned, the government can quickly get their hands on whoever is responsible. To target particular rooms or even parts of a room, they’d need to be within a couple of hundred yards at the most.

    1. Michael W. Perry, WA4MP – How up to date is your intel on Cuba? And what’s with this pro-TRUMP comment? You do know he is not any type of mitigation-agent in this scenario. He is only a problematic “fly in the ointment” as he has ostensible financial interests in Havana. Raoul is aware of this and will exploit it to manipulate him the way Russia is probably doing. So Raoul will not “shoot himself in the foot” by aiming Cuban (i.e. Russian) radar at our embassy. This ridiculous gambit has all the earmarks of a sanctioned SVR-op to electronically harass our embassy employees.I think it is a ultrasonic heterodyne device called a HyperSound Projector. They are for sale on Internet and can be manufactured for $175 USD.

      Let me remind you of a similar incident in 1997 in US state of WA in where a USN passenger (i.e. US Naval Intelligence?) on a Canadian copter was blinded by a LASER from a Russian ship suspected of spying on our subs. Then when USCG subsequently boarded her the equipment was tossed overboard by the Russians beforehand. Google “Strait of Juan de Fuca laser incident”. So the Russians have a vested interest in harassing us whenever they can. Like they just did up our eastern coast line with that ship and the shepherded fly-overs with their spy planes.

      1. Technically, yes in regards to proprietary systems… especially if you consider interferometry of existing systems already stealthy deployed for other uses. Why not use human body emission range spectra that is not as well disclosed and can penetrate the environmental barriers more also? Playcate on those frequencies where less source energy could impact the target more. Sure COTS heterodyning systems are in the ultra sonic range and way obvious. I’m all for advocating this type of assault with intent to maim and murder. These systems are the worst forensically clean kill methods where not much for forensics is performed… especially post FCC station closures and in short range operations situations like a neighbor in a heart break hotel. I do wonder about power lines weapons systems potential also… not only water and gas lines acting like a tuned resonator.

    2. This is HaD though, and surely we know the US government can easily check for RF radiation coming their way.
      In fact they would monitor RF near their embassy and check for in hotel rooms of personnel for reasons of searching for bugs. It’s not like the US government are cavemen without knowledge of radio.

    3. WA4MP: have you read up regarding the Moscow “Thing?” Couple that with known issues with microwave frequencies and the requirements for shielding. Not only rotational energy diathermy issues… other issues where ionization of molecules can occur due to organo-metallic either dopes or biochemicals absorption and other effects that you’d learn about in a Physical Chemistry course. Yes, the pulse train in the audible range or human body resonance frequency is definitely an issue of concern. Especially, if you can stealthy camouflage with background signals that already exist in the environment. Technically, even microwaves can be heterodyned like the ultrasonic systems. Heterodyned ultrasonic systems are on the market more and just add an amplifier maybe or more than one uni-directional speaker/transducer. Even large transducers can be purchased and used like a poison, firearm or WMD. I’ve recently wondered when I see the WRT54’s and the opensource hacks capabilities since they have two antenna connections to be used as a weapon.

  15. The Cubans are kindof decent pps, whereas murica never ever stopped doing war. This is pure propaganda. If some murican embassy peasant is deaf or braindamaged he should unstick his finger early enough from his nose.

      1. Not 10/10 of course but also no 1/10.
        And no sign of high IMHO.

        And you have to admit it would be weird if Cuba would go through some state-of-the-art super villain weapon to shoot themselves in the foot, right at the moment when the door opened a creak. Whereas certain forces within the US intelligence community would love to slam that door close and hammer it down with huge nails. But anything is possible though, so many people shoot themselves in the foot all the time.

        1. You are acting like Cuba has no ports or has ever sided with an enemy of ours against us lol. Cuba doesn’t have to build shit. There are other entities that could supply such a device to them to disrupt US’s operations there though it seems like an odd place vs some embassy in the Middle East right now. Perhaps that is the draw. I will say it is weird that it is happening there.

          I do however stand by my previous assumption the idiot above us was high. It is a nice way of saying millennial-like typing detected. ;)

          1. It appears it started 1-year ago in the fall and ended in spring 2017. Then on1-Sept-2017 it happened to a former CIA officer at the CAPRI hotel in Havana. What he describes is a tightly focused beam that has dead spots on either side of the lobe. It sounds like someone in an adjoining room is drilling into the wall to install ultrasonic transducers to project 40-50KHz audio hetrodyne signals. Then they feed grinding noises, cicadas, crickets, and alarm clock sounds. You move a few inches to the left or right and it disappears. Move back and it reappears. Sounds like a foreigner rents a room next door to harass embassy employees staying at the Capri. It’s not at the embassy as no one can get past the US Marine guards.Only local contractors but they are thoroughly searched. And a NLJD will spot one of these hypersound projectors as they are full of semiconductors. Just bribe the Cuban cleaning lady and she will ‘drop a dime’ on the culprit or let you into the adjoining room when it’s happening. Then when you kick in the door shout privet moy drug!. Watch him squirm and he says in broken English: “No no my friend it’s not vhat’ eet’ looks like… dis’ is just veedeo game…”. And the joker looks and sounds amazingly like Boris Badanov… :-)


          2. They used to have small annoy-cricket circuits featured constantly in electronics circles back in the old days, you know the tiny circuits that start a minute or so after the light is out and make cricket sounds to drive your friends and family crazy.
            If you look at the HaD archives you probably find some designs, in case you work for the CIA or the Cuban government.

  16. It isn’t Cuba doing this.

    The Canadians were reporting these effects too and Cuba doesn’t want to fuck with their main source of tourism. They have no reason to dislike Canada right now, they’re on quite good terms.

    1. They could still be doing it accidentally. Although it would be an accident involving the diplomatic area, and that should give us some lead if we were to investigate it. And a lack of proper investigation but instead dong sanction should also tells us something, something telling..

      1. I mean, there’s also reports that Raul Castro actually called the U.S. first for a face to face meeting where he not only said he had no clue what it was either, but wasn’t even doing his usual ‘accuse the u.s. of doing it to make cuba look bad’ thing. Even offered to let the FBI into Cuba to investigate, which is…unprecedented.

        1. The Chinese and Russian led on along with the rest of the World at one time in the UN the enforcement of the noted systems as Weapons of Mass Destruction. They are “radiation” devices that can cause “mass destruction.” The U.S, Great Britain and Germany countered though and you know they are the propaganda cool kids on the block brain washing mind control five eyes megalomania watch this and drink the cool aid and take these pills machine.

      1. Yeah, here’s a link talking about it.

        Something’s going on here, but the Cuban government seems just as rattled by it as the U.S. and Canada. If it’s them, they’re putting on an impressive show and making incredible offers of concession for nothing more than annoying and confusing the U.S., seemingly catching one of their own friends’ embassies in the “crossfire”.

        1. Yes here is an except from Drew’s link:

          Diplomats and their families were getting sick. Some described bizarre, unexplained sounds, including grinding and high-pitched ringing. Victims even recounted how they could walk in and out of what seemed like powerful beams of sound that hit only certain rooms or even only parts of rooms, the AP reported this week.

          It’s a HYPERSOUND PROJECTOR! Do a CTRL-F on your keyboards and search for all of my posts with sonof and you can read what I’ve been saying all along. This is a planted device by cleaning people or maintenance contractors on someone’s foreign payroll… NOT Cuba!

          1. Other Resources to consider:

            U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command FOIA Request proving bio-effects of “selected” nonlethal weapons (note the verbiage notes the same weapons can be lethal if you read carefully):

            Other excellent resources:

            Excellent book on Bioelectromagnetism:

            John Williams of Read through the list of MIND CONTROL, ELECTRONIC ATTACK, DETECTION, COUNTERMEASURES DEVICE TYPES devices descriptions such as “Scanners the Device” and “the Ultimate Weapons and Lab Development System” Also, READ Tutorial 3:

            Marty Kaiser:

            Green Bay Professional Packet Radio (GBPPR) site(s):

  17. All this discussion about which nation state is responsible and what kind of exotic weapon this is when it could just be some Joe Blow with a modified microwave doing it “for the lulz”.

  18. Does any quarrying (or roadbed stone drilling) operation produce vibrations in the 18~19 Hertz range?
    How about anything running at multiplies of said, “ghost”, frequencies?
    What about hydro-fracking?
    Does anyone know what cyclic frequencies these things DO tend towards?

  19. No doubt every government” spies”on potential enemies and other powerful counties, would be irresponsible to to do. I don’t have a clue as what’s going on in Cuba, how ever in regards to Cuba it’s foil hat time, because internal US propaganda has made Cuba one of the boggy men. The US’s current bellicose POTUS seems bent on reversing everything Obama has done, not realizing the normalizing relations with Cuba predates Obama, and he is likely to get push back from agricultural State set to benefit from trade with Cuba. The agreements are lopsided in favor of the US.. So far a lot of talk about technological possibilities, but little clear facts about those technologies.

    1. Doug – There’s another reason why Cuba wants to be friendly with US besides American tourist dollars. When Fidel was still alive, our “once” top-secret NRO program located signs of an undocumented area on the island in the mountains that has all of the natural earmarks for the mineral “Au” (i.e. turns out Columbus was right but the Caribs kept their mouths shut). Needless to say the then POTUS never told Fidel about it. And Obama never told Raoul either. POTUS-45 doesn’t have a clue (duh!) But suffice it to say Raoul knew about it as there was an article in some science magazine about it. And he does have his DGI agents in America since the Brigade 2506 incident. Maybe he’s already found it using his “friends” technology up north. Who knows?…

      Raoul Castro did not do this crazy thing to our 16 diplomats (and their live-in families) in Havana. PERIOD! It is, however, known in certain circles who did! Just like in the movie “The Usual Suspects” things never change… The Cold War is BACK with a vengeance.

      Acting Ambassador Scott Hamilton should let targeted embassy employees sleep on cots in the SCIF with an armed US Marine guard at the door until this problem is identified and neutralized. All embassy janitorial employees and local contractors should be fully vetted and physically searched before entering the SCIF. They may have to build a bigger one too, to accommodate the large group.

      1. I think at this time there is a parallel construct, where large parts and sometimes whole governments are back in the cold war, but there are some lingering on in the post (1st) cold war world view.
        I fear the cold war idiots are slowly winning though, or should say ‘quickly winning’ at this point?

      2. Don’t forget the history of the Mafia. They used to hide in caves and the island was their party central hide out pre-Castro. I’m not sure if like in the U.S. countryside a hit man hideout as much as the highest levels hide out. Some of the Caribbean islands are still high level hide outs. I’m sure Bauxite isn’t the only mineral… Ag and Au… what now? :-|)

        1. James Analytic – That’s why I refer to the good ol’ days of Batista. The element Au stands for GOLD. There are 40 gold mines in Cuba all filling Raul’s coffers. He just hasn’t found the big one embedded in the mountains our NRO birds allegedly found about 20-30 years ago. I wish I could find that old geology science magazine article talking about it. I guess it was sanitized off the Internet… Or was it a NASA article… Or maybe a GEOS article. I forget now…

          1. Awesome, I didn’t read the ASTER link below before I posted and didn’t realize that the USGS is mapping the World for deposits also with LANDSAT and/or NASA Terra Satellite. Are you aware of any SQUID or Gamma surveys? I’ve read about similar NIR/IR data from JPL too ( and though thought they were more focused on outside the planet. Interesting, again… thanks for the link as my background is in NIR spectroscopy for a period. When I commented regarding silver “Ag” I was also implying “Ag” for Agriculture since Cuba is well known for farming as is the other Caribbean Islands. “Au” was also referring to the sound like “Aw” that the certain ethnic mafia groups make acting cute… at least the groups I’ve heard growing up around the Great Lakes. Disregard my comment USGS jurisdiction comment. Now I see they’re surveying wherever they can apparently.

  20. Now with SDR’s all over the place and all sorts of public RADAR and SODAR algorithms including the systems embedded software… I have to image bored stations operators will connect the probably million or so stations on the planet together with the connectivity of the internet and Van Eck Phreaking to create some sort of interferometry devices that can more than heterodyne, pulse and mind control people with diathermy and human body resonance frequencies and charges to death or “slow death” to be more forensically clean and look natural unless someone has the courage to be legal and stand their ground when an imminent threat to theirs and others lives is present and needs to be identified, qualified/quantified and sentenced.

      1. sonofthunderboanerges: Good call. Mesmerizing, Hypnosis, Psychogogic in whatever dimension of Plutchicks wheel of Emotions ( in a subliminal mind control way is what you are referring to more-so I think.

        There is also the literally mind control like this youtube video ( on remote controlling a human. Here is a great video: and here:

        Therefore, there is another branch of mind control less known and I assume Top Secret/Cypher/SCI or higher clearance in regards to the frequencies and calibration correction factors without electrodes being able to be performed wireless like the Van Eck Phreaker and Hacker can. is also a great site from a Company with an awesome excellent vision that is more like the Vanderbilt research using NIR helmets with equivalent to MRI results and at worse if not equivalent to, suitable as an alternate method to the MRI. Holographic methods are being used by OpenWater versus tomopgraphic methods to obtain better detail.

        I think this link needs more references in this video though is interestingly created with the old stock footage you don’t find now days and interesting clips with emotional effects:

        Even GBPPR has some links to mind control: and

        In regards to Van Eck Phreaking, I like this video the best:

        So, to summarize… there are two forms of Mind Control:
        1. EMS/EMF, ultrasonic, pulse with power lines with transceivers, wireless transceivers (towers, ground, air and space), implants coupled with SODAR/RADAR/??DAR tracking and control.
        2. Brain Washing, Cult Programming, NLP, A/V or in person techniques including tDCS or electroconvulsive therapy and other drug, food and survival requirements alteration for behavior modification.

        Both 1 and 2 can be used for public health, safety and general welfare.

        Both 1 and 2 can be used for Manchurian candidate indoctrination to Religious Terrorist Ritualistic Criminal Cults or to mass murder as a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). The later being the most disturbing to me where I find the English language even twisted to for some reason act like the categories of WMD’s include radiation and radiological like nuclear with not regard to electric and magnetic fields and charges.

        There is even a CRC Press book that needs to be updated on the topic:

        1. My contention is the word “CONTROL” in Mind Control is an unfortunate conspiracy theorist’s misnomer. And psychologist (or your personal psychiatrist or therapist), will tell you there is no such thing as “remote control” of the human mind. It’s at best “behavioral modification” not control. And even then only for passive-aggressive types and people exhibiting sociopathic previous behavior (there’s a new NETFLIX movie coming 13-October 2017 about this subject matter).

          The late Dr. DelGado’s “stemciever” may have worked on bulls in Madrid Spain but at Yale University he was expelled and he subsequently tried his tacit foolishness on state mental patient’s in Rhode Island and Connecticut. Spain also expelled him for his misanthropic beliefs and unprofessional behavior. He and his unprofessional misanthropic buddies like Donald Ewen Cameron, BF Skinner, and Sydney Gottlieb (pseudonym) falsely believe humans have no free will. I truly hate calling them DOCTORS. They are all just like that military scientists in X-Men named Stryker:

          1. Well from what I’ve read it’s more like “free won’t” than free will, in that you get urge and choose whether to act on it, this filter being somewhat absent or damped in sociopaths etc.

          2. RW – What I meant was this dictionary definition not idle speculation:

            free will
            frē ˈwil/

            the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.
            synonyms: self-determination, freedom of choice, autonomy, liberty, independence

            Some call this free will being a “free moral agent”. So if you have a strong background in moralistic nurturing (mainly through family’s religion) and functional versus a dysfunctional family environmental, one is less likely to be a victim of nefarious (and ostensible federally funded) NLP experiments still extant at UCLA and other universities in USA and Canada.

            But you still can’t REMOTE CONTROL a person like a bull in Spain. Albeit, there are some poor fellows that have dysfunctional moralistic constraints and can be “convinced” to do very bad things due to very extreme NLP techniques like the brilliant movie director Tony Scott was somehow convinced that he had brain cancer by some faceless unknown somebody. He took the wrong way out because he falsely thought he had no choice or free will. Turns out he never had any type of cancer. I really miss he great movies. Maybe his brother Ridley will pick up where he left off – or not…

          3. Check out this site for some insight with a great graphic representation also:

            I noted this on my site and may have a better comprehension now… still that is a blog to think about:
            “”Impedence” of the tissues is another value to search for that is interesting once you comprehend… “how would you tune into the body organs like an antenna.” I am working on charge (DC) research a little also as I think there is something else going on like with plasma or something. May just be the eV of the AC EMF in some form of DC conversion in a pulse somehow subtracting the negative for a positive charge or the positive if a negative charge directed. I visualize something like AC to DC power supply conversion signals.”

            This is a link to corroborate with the above link regarding other human body sensors that are non contact or contact titled “Non-acoustic sensors detect speech without sound”:

            RF Tube used to Heat People (want to note Dr. Carlsons Lab is an awesome resource for electronics and the device is interesting noting the RF Heating effect with a device example besides diathermy or ablation):

            I found this on from a poster named Science if I recall correct. What are your thoughts?
            “You can record the voices by recording the cochlear microphonic potential using a non contact capacative sensor and amplifying with an instrumentation amplifier with high input impedence, low noise, large CMMR rejection (Burr Brown INA116 available from Texas Instruments). The voices will appear in the recorded signal. The cochlear microphonic potential contains everything that you hear that originates from an external stimulus. Electromagnetic waves do not penetrate the skull since the skull is a conductor it shields the brain. Unfortunately the akull is a transducer and converts the electromagnetic energy into sound/vibrations which the cochlea picks up and the outer hair cells convert to an electrical signal called the cochlear microphonic potential.”

            Also, for the record some other links that are interesting:

            The first credible looking DEW detection Youtube video I’ve observed:

            Here are some reference works on Human Body radiation emissions:

            Openwater (

            Bioelectromagnetism (

            Human electromagnetic emission in the ELF band ( )

            Imaging of Ultraweak Spontaneous Photon Emission from Human Body Displaying Diurnal Rhythm (

            Radiometric system for determination of biologically active modulation frequencies of mm-range radiation ( ) Note that I have not read nor have access to this publication as of yet.

   Where Figure 20-2 shows the power spectrum of human emission (Bembenek, 1998). …… Bembenek P: Akupunktur und bio-resonanz (in German), CO’MED Nr. 6:50. I need to find this article referenced still.

            This (all the human body resonant frequencies down to cells) is what I wonder is in the Top Secret/Cypher/SCI range of classification as the wireless remote control details shouldn’t be converged clearly for non-official review. Even the algorithm to determine the training of the system for calibration I’d think better be classified.

          4. sonofthunderboanerges: I see. Sure, memories and association programming will determine the free will as long as there are no amnesics or empathetic poisons or conditioning (entrainment) and the person is in a well (emotionally and logically wise) mental health state from nurturing/conditioning. I do wonder though like you note and I guess some are more maybe carriers of pan troglodyte genetic markers or traits that do not comprehend logic as well and maybe even are desperate to mislead others to play along with some delusional grandiose vision that is not considerate of others very well. Like say inbred mammals have issues more-so mentally comprehending associations that are more advanced complex and domesticated. The inbred may be more primate predatory and perform acts intentionally or unintentionally (really more dangerous) that are not required for survival of themselves or their group.

            I think like RW and you, there is a gap in association skills for the mentally ill and I’ve read the same. For the memory associations of the ill that are in fact and not jammed by static, noise or interference of their mind and body functions… some do not understand the logical associations that say are the higher IQ act will comprehend. Their free will is dangerous like a criminal collective group. They can not afford “freedom” nor can those that are by the book “free” because they will cause casualties of the by the book “free.” Maybe something to connect with Darwin and observations of evolution and creation being that the predators do seem to go extinct.

            Still though… like a computer can be hacked and remote controlled through back doors and other methods… so can living things. They should not be, though can be. How would a computer be? How would the brain and nervous system be? Keep in mind like another post… there are many types of nervous systems neurons and glias also. I think humans should not be remote controlled. Though like dog training… there are classified methods like you note and I am confident more than just hacking out the neighbors TV’s or internet… in hardwired and wireless ways and means. I feel this can be advocated so the public can defend against if a malicious operator attempts say to perform a remote AED or Electrical Cardioversion or Ablation even. I guess that would make the remote control of EMG signals look not so bad.

          5. James Analytic – I am a proponent of the FACT that there is a HUGE gap between animals and humans. I draw no comparison to so-called primates as they are NOT really our primary mates – where there word “primates” originates. The false story that we share 95-98% DNA with apes is just wrong – was invented by two now deceased ornithologists I think. It was even debunked by Evolutionary Biologists. We share a lot of DNA with animals but no mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) which is a definite sign of physical relationship via our mothers.

            Any reference to Pavlovian conditioning of humans is just bunk. Animals operate on just instinct, thus easily manipulated. Maybe Dolphins and Cats are operating on a higher level animal brains, however, apes are not. However, Cats and Dolphins are still not that primitive. Our brains operate with some sort of symbiotic relationship to an unknown invisible force I think may be metaphysical in nature. The ancient Hebrews called it NEPHESH (or breath of life). Others today call it a SOUL. That environmentally conditioned soul (i.e. early inculcation by good parents or good LEGAL guardians) prevents good people from doing bad things. However, men of bad-will vs good-will MAY voluntarily do bad things for reasons only their not so ethical physical or metaphysical handlers know why (or at least guesses at it – whatever fits the hidden agenda of the day).

            Anyway, the Cubans have no vested interest in doing ANY of this. BUT the nefarious social behavioral modification techniques mentioned so far were invented in North Korea in the 1940’s-1950’s. Maybe Kim Jong Un found some old NK archives from his grandfather and is thinking of using them. But not in Cuba. That is clearly ANOTHER dictator’s unilateral wet-dream:

          6. sonofthunderboanerges: Great. Let’s not get emotionally magnified/amplified and stay wise and logical so we’re more logical and not empirical with FACTS. We’ll say for sake of definitions of terms that our minds have an EMOTIONAL aspect (Plutchicks wheel of emotion and you can add a biochemical aspect if you want also with hormones and neurotransmitters or selective stimulation or delusion or depression via EMS like the Lövheim cube of emotion), a WISE aspect (application of more knowledge) and a LOGICAL aspect (highly detailed application of more knowledge reasonably). This comes from cognitive behavior therapy that you can read about.

            I associate these three forms of the mind with what I learned in the FDA regulated industry of UPS/NF method development and validation requirements using validated hardware and software (with CFR guidance and cGMP’s) for spectrometers to develop alternate methods and even wet test methods use the same validation requirements for either IDENTIFICATION, QUALITATIVE or QUANTITATIVE test methods.

            So emotion can be identified, being wiser you can qualify emotional qualities with more properties, parameters and attributes and logically you can add the quantitative dimension to those emotions identified with qualities.

            A thought creates a mood or you can say emotion. Then emotion creates a behavior. A behavior creates an act and more complex events where what I just mentioned can use plural terms versus the singular up to where I described events.

            What distinguishes us from primates (or let’s say wild life) versus domesticated life is the ability to perform more complex advanced acts and events. These acts and events are associated with memories and association of more memories to form more complex logical operations (or you can say acts and events). Emotions are also formed from memories and associations though there is a biochemical (soul or I like to use the term spirit like cheer team for athletics that illicits thoughts and moods, etc.) aspect also as is observed with hormones and neurotransmitter and drugs either as medicines or poisons.

            Some of the wildlife acts are in FACT the same as domesticated acts.

            In FACT hunting or foraging for eating, group activity, nurturing, sex, aiding others in distress, learning new things for survival and other acts are more domesticated, though in more limiting observations in wildlife as I you go down the list. Bonobo Chimps may be the exception for sex to deal with social tension.

            In FACT acts like raiding others to steal or destroy for no reason other than social activity, murdering elders, murdering juveniles, murdering babies is wild. chimpanzees are known like a wolf is known to do this. This is like wild sub human behavior of gangs, mafias and criminals. You can search online or youtube for videos as I don’t want to since they’re more morbid. I even have some links on my dewdetectionprojects blogsite of humans murdered for cult reasons that is wild and humans killed for security and defense reasons that is domesticated (strangely albeit when legal and naturally agreed to).

          7. sonofthunderboanerges: My apologies for the long reply. I want to make sure I am documenting FACTS as I am in a left brain mode though trying to be more laymen.

            So, how would memories and associations compared to Pavlovian conditioning (think without food, drugs or a bell for humans) be bunk if our “free will” is determined by our memories and associations through nurturing via training, coaching, teaching, rebuking and correcting to prevent wrong thoughts, moods, emotions, behaviors, acts and events?

            Not all animals operated on instinct. They have memories and association skills also. Granted not as good as the most advanced complex logical thinking domesticated humans. Fear is a critical determining factor also. Wildlife is more fear full and domesticated animal and humans are not. Domesticated can be trained not to be, wildlife can not.

            Most all animals are wild with only a few being domesticated, by domesticated humans in FACT. Read up on the National Geographic article on Animal Domestication March 2011.

            Amazingly, a good read is on “The Intelligence of Dogs” wikipedia site. This notes that one of mans best friends can be trained to have a lot of memories potentially in a few breeds (granted not wrong breed or to much inbred), make correct associations of those memories and most likely know what they and we are doing. Granted not Pavlovian with food, bells and whistles either all the time. They have instinct or I like to call natural traits and nurtured traits too. Granted even the most domesticated animals are very very simple compared to the most advanced domesticated complex humans. They may be more like the association of Chimpanzees and Humans before a certain age like 1 or 2… don’t quote me. I don’t have available the October 2016 Scientific American Special Edition The Story of Us at the moment. The research is done by an evolutionary biologist comparing children with chimpanzee where the divergence of learning ability changes. It is young, I forget what age exactly their study and others studies demonstrated.

            Why would researchers including the USAF use Chimpanzees for even space programs? Why would US Navy researchers use Dolphins for underwater weapons and weapon targeting programs? If I understand correct, the later wasn’t so publicly successful and Patrick Flanagan notes he can’t even disclose his research findings when he worked with them. I’m guessing using the neurophone with classical conditioning they won’t act so wild. I can’t find info at the moment, though I was under the impression from an old TV show that there are classified dog training methods also. Not only sonic methods. However, we can Google CIA and USAF Dog Training Tips, go figure, they’re maintaining clearance.

            Yes, I agree with soul or I use the term spirit. Mind, body and spirit. Spirit is like I mentioned before to me; thoughts, emotions, behaviors, acts and really causation for those and other events. I have a Christian John 14:6 pro life and pro truth spirit. I also have a scientific spirit. I have a lazy spirit too, though that is due to remote handlers and other issues I have had with interstate domestic violence gang stalking and other illegal issues including in official roles stealthy drugging, pinning, framing and mugging as a scapegoat to compound and conceal their racket. Or they thought that until they were caught and man… are there more to be caught. Like you noted, the spirit is brought about by the environment.

            Say malicious attorney handlers that only know linguistics and NLP bad and want to induce conversation with everything to see what they can placate on to rob or worse. Some days I think they have what Tourette observed with the Jumping Frenchman from Maine in regards to mocking more-so.

            I’m thinking the Cuban thing is tied to a few higher level thin out the wildlife sub humans in leadership agenda with awareness to alternate technologies that can be used forensically clean if not detected like WMD’s… though the term WMD hasn’t been brought up and we’re in a transition of assault with intent to maim. Maybe murder if there is a connection with North Korea and the release of Otto Warmbier and other communist issues like waterboarding, torture, and secret stuff the public should be aware of that is not required for interviews, interrogations, ethical treatment and even lethal force procedures where deadly force or the death sentence is applicable.

          8. James Analytic – I stand by my assertion that HUMANS are light years apart from animals including apes. When I say they depend on instinct I meant that’s how the operate within their constraints INCLUDING incidental memory. They can not make high order decisions and contemplation like we do. For instance they can not contemplate the infinite like we do. They have no appreciation for abstract things like astronomy or astrophysics like us. They have no use for it.

            Humans can not really be “remote controlled” in the fashion you are thinking. Yes you can torture a human and force them to comply. However, you’d have to deal with the free-will (probably an unknown metaphysical artifact of life) you did not count on like stealth and guile. A normal human would CONSTANTLY contemplate your weaknesses and try to exploit them during captivity to afford his escape. Look at contemporary American convicts and POW’s for proof. An animal will be content with captivity as long as you reward it with food and comfort. You can almost train an animal to do anything within reason. A human is much more difficult and problematic to remote control as you’re thinking. Anything else is just stuff of science fiction.


          9. sonofthunderboanerges: I don’t disagree with you… I was just clarifying the metaphysical to be more physical science spirit and advocate the share to the best of my knowledge and stay on topic. That is why I noted, “even the most domesticated animals are very very simple compared to the most advanced domesticated complex humans.” Even the closest isn’t really to me the “apes”, even in the taxonomic family (which I think there can be more work done to organize taxonomy in general to be more accurate) Homindiae the closest to the genus “Homo” is “Pan.”

            With Pan, we are only similar like before the age of 1, 2 or maybe up to 3 I was reading “The Mind of an Ape” and to think we genetically split 14 million years ago way before creation even occurred can be shown in some archaeological data of our acts pre 4 to 10 thousand years ago still being primitive though not so much as the apes. I thought there used to be another species of homo called pygmy. I see that for the Pan as the bonobos.

            I don’t see the class on the books anymore, though I had a “History if Intellectual Thinking” during my first bachelors of science course work and that really opened my eyes up to how unique and really advanced complex domesticated only in the last few 100 to 1000 years us humans have become. I want to say bartering/trading versus fighting made a huge change in advancement. That is why I believe in creation also because the creation of speaking, writing and reading skills helped us input more memories to process and output in a standard way. Those systems also helped us have higher power unknown visions with goals and missions to solve more advanced problems especially significantly in the last few 100 years with math and quantitative sciences and engineering maybe earlier on though destroyed when the great ancient libraries were destroyed, e.g. The Library of Alexandria and the Imperial Library of Constantinople.

            Scary is looks like the inbred Europeans and Spain are protecting the Apes like humans. Wow, that is not good. Apes can be really dangerous. I suppose the interest and concern is to be more humane though to animals so to treat humans better. Seems to me society needs to target the worst violent victimizing criminal cutest sweetest innocent acting predators first and foremost.

            Oh, yes I still think humans can be remote controlled. Not with torture as well I’m thinking… I’m betting there are smoother ways with drug poisons that remove our advanced portion of the brain and memories and associations very selectively to make amnesic and empathetic so conditioning is easier… especially if groomed from birth. That is what pedophiles do from what I read also, though more for cult programming and brain washing. The remote control stuff is then more like Van Eck hacking the nervous system to take over the process logic controller by jamming it to do a more “T.E.N.S” EMG control or directly hacking and controlling the EEG signals. I think the worst case if the Open Water Company ( is successfully with the holographic processing down to a single neuron publicly then if there was an analogous transmitter hack then that would accomplish the goal. I bet someone knew about the hologram math in the 50’s and 60’s and to this day has kept that low profile. Personally, I think that could be dangerous since the People do not know what to look for that could be targeting them, i.e. the most dangerous mathematician physicists that know light, optics and electromagnetism critically thinking poaching for recreation or a job.

          10. I forgot to edit before I posted the comment in moderation that might not be approved yet. “History of Intellectual Thinking” can be noted in the third paragraph and I can add Religion also helped group people together with a common standard to seek further understanding and education of the known and unknown that was recorded for the time in documents and hear say, i.e. explicit and implied information with consent.

  21. One cool idea is pulsing sound frequencies in microwave frequency light- perhaps sound could be sent directly to the ear (or perhaps even our “thought-audio”) without having to make any sound out loud.

    In terms of what happened in Cuba, I agree with others that it seems likely a false flag- I would say probably by people we fund in the CIA- to nip in the bud the recent warming of relations between the reps of the US and Cubes.

    1. I read on tutorial 3 about circular polarization being used for attacks. Interestingly prior to reading on that site due to the amateur radio training and my previous physics course work I was wondering about polarization that isn’t discussed in communications since in physics you can find elliptical polarization and I’ve read where there is square polarization. I’m not sure square is even real, though that was from a Secret CB magazine article I think regarding X band transceivers made from common COTS devices.

      Elliptical polarization though is on where you can find references ( ) and I just happened to search and found a dedicated site for: .

      When you say microwave frequency light… do you mean phosphenes ( or something not in the Visible range of light? Audio Waves versus RF Waves and something I am missing in my comprehension skill regarding the Aether?

      Like to pulse modulate a frequency you have to use a higher frequency than your pulse frequency I think though may be wrong, so maybe you mean pulse light in the microwave or sound range? Yes, theoretically this is what the microwave hearing effect is doing if I understand correctly. Kind of like a bone conducting headphones ( and (, though instead of translating the energy to mechanical… microwave hearing is translating into heat and using the heating effect from microwaves to cause the expansion and contraction or you can say oscillations in the audible sound region (

      I do believe there is something able to be performed with light also in visible or polarized ways to transfer information or worse cause static, noise, interference and jamming of the mind and brain processes. Light dazzlers are obvious as well as blinding light. Same goes for something going on with epileptics and light effecting their EEG signals to cause seizures

      However, like you note pulse modulation and maybe some sort of specific modulation and/or multiplexing code most likely can have some strange effects that once taken out of the realm of chaos and theory most likely has some interesting super hero application maybe even known since the time a Alexander Graham Bell and his favorite invention that really didn’t take on until fiber optics… the photophone:

      Strange how cartoons sometime can shed light on classified stuff. Sometime I can’t even find the cartoons that I’ve watched more than once that show technology light American Dad where he is wearing some animatronics like suite in a IR dome remote controlling some blonde to date his son.

      I’m not sure if false flag. I am leaning more towards a lot of people are complaining and doing more than tin-foil hat operations to expose something going seriously wrong with the latest generations taking on or having former official roles that are malice in intent. The U.S. people/citizens need to utilize their (our) constitutional republic representative government as they are our servants and in fact claiming to be “civil or military servants”… whether intel or foreign service also… I guess there is technically executive servants also as I was once told I should look into by a recruiter. If we do not lead our servants than who knows what illegal immigrants or countries will.

      1. I am just saying, since audio frequencies are far lower than microwave, a microwave frequency emission could be pulsed at various audio frequencies like 400hz, etc. even music, etc. could be played pulsing at 200-1000 hz in the audio range. So it is pulsing low frequency with a high frequency pulsed signal.

        Thanks for telling me about the American Dad! cartoon and remote control scene. Many cartoons might reveal secret technology- like the thought bubble- do you know how old the thought bubble is? it goes back to at least 1927 in an AT&T cartoon (“That Little Big Fellow”) – in a scene with “The Thinker” thinking about the thinker. But remote control cartoons go back farther like the 1911 Modern Electrics cartoon “What the frog would do that has not forgotten Galvani’s experiment”: Check it out- it’s pretty wild man! That was way back before all of us were even born.

        1. Awesome, I didn’t know about the older cartoons as I was thinking the 50’s to 60’s or later range. Yeah… wow… something else with Galvani and his son as I assume you know. I am reading “The Brain An Illustrated History of Neuroscience” by Tom Jackson which is a really easy insightful read. Especially on this topic of Galvani or “Animal Electricity.” I’ll post some references also if you didn’t know or others may read for insight.

 (Interesting as adds insight into contact methods to illicit the taste sensors, so may be able to be performed in non-contact ways now days? I don’t have the spectral libraries. )
–circa-1781/ (Adds more reference to the above.)
 (really provide connections to other researchers in the field)
 (More in depth details and reference.)

          There are others who also performed similar experiments like Galvani’s nephew Giovanni Aldini and Andrew Ure:

          Imagine all this stuff hard wired performed in the 1700’s and early 1800’s. Once wireless communications started in the middle 1800’s you can use your imagination as to what can be done now in the 1900’s and the 21st Century.

          History of Wireless Communications:

          1. Thanks for all the great links James- it takes me a while to get around to absorbing everything. One comment that enters into my neurons is that many people are not aware that Luigi Galvani actually did the first publicly known “remote” neuron writing- it was remote because he activated the muscle with a remote distant spark. Light particles from the spark collided with the scalpel touching the frog leg nerve thus causing the connected muscle to temporarily contract. I think many people are bored by talk about neurons- something in our mind makes us think it is boring- and lots of it is abstract and obtuse, unfortunately- but getting a muscle remotely contracted can wake a person up to it :L)


          2. Ted Huntington – Cool story about Galvani.

            Please ALSO lookup the technological history of POTUS Thomas Jefferson’s POLYGRAPH (actually a pantograph machine not a lie detector – actually invented by Englishman named John Isaac Hawkin). And those amazing Scotsmen circa 1843 CE when Alexander Bain figured out how to send images over a wire inventing the “fax” machine. The AUTOPEN fascinates me too. It was called the ROBOT PEN in 1930 and is used today by POTUS (well at least POTUS-44).

            If somehow we can meld the AUTOPEN technology with 3D PRINTING we might be able to do something revolutionary. Exactly what is for HaD speculation as I am not sure just what yet. Any suggestions?

          3. Ted Huntington: Your very welcome. Yes, for sure. Not only in a shocking way! :-|) I was always known as at least smart and a geek or eccentric. My community wasn’t the geekiest in some skills, so there are smarter and I learned to adapt though that isn’t the majority of the population. Amazing how the distance of the wireless transmission has increased and how short was going way back into the 1700’s and 1800’s. That is amazing including the coding, multiplexing and modulation methods say for telegraph. Yes, faxing in the 1840’s.

            Amazing the tDCS or transcurrent direct stimulation methods that are well known and publicized. A few issues back in Nuts and Volts magazine there is an article on how to make a tDCS for brain hacking:

            There are other methods also:

            Including the old hardwired methods:

            Yes, amazing the technology for reproducing things. Thanks for sharing the info too sonofthunderboanerges. I read some other hackaday pages also you mentioned. A lot of information that is very informative. I think there is a tragedy in 3D printing not being used more combined with cellular biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. I think there is an allograft or syngraft future potential there waiting to be exploited with cultured cells for reproducing tissues and organs. Kind of tangent to this page topic. Still… there is potential in maybe using the 3D printing mechanism for tracking and radar/sodar/?adar to detect sources of sound and RF static, noise, interference and jamming the mind and body functions.

            I am not sure what you mean: “Exactly what is for HaD speculation as I am not sure just what yet. Any suggestions?”

            Good call on the false flag post. Makes more sense the way you define as a document. Yes, the three letter agencies have horrific methods of funding I am aware of. The black diamond I like to call them… i.e. malicious attorneys or leaders on the top with malicious law enforcement and healthcare on each side and malicious retail operation at the bottom. Could be guns, narcotics, dangerous drugs, hookers, stolen items, counterfeit items, tax dollars, etc. black market operations. Could be malicious pandering and trafficking of victims to create now contract and not government run operations that profit off of babies born into criminal or victimizing schemes where their whole life cycle is used for perverted malicious say prison or healthcare industries. Some even work other jobs that are legitimate with misfeasance insider operations and the technologies we’ve noted in this page to gain unfair advantages and cause competition that isn’t necessarily hostile looking though is intentionally. Challenging countering conflict of interest and non-compete issues, though that is a good one for the ambulance chasers to focus on and internal affairs, OPR and/or OIG.

            I’ll have to watch Tom Cruise’s new movie. Haven’t seen yet.

          4. Found the math work wiki on the Crow’s Nest Antennas (See the, see also section):

            Also, a link to Rasmussens work on Human Body Vibrational Frequencies (see table 1):

            sonofthunderboanerges: I read into the new Tom Cruise movie and looks like a Clinton’s brother, Gary Webb, Hector Berrellez, Cellerino Castillo, The CIA and Crack Cocaine, Jewish/Italian Drug Dealer Mafia, Cocaine Cowboys and other et. al. DEA whistle blower type documentary like movie. Yeah… probably not PTSD though thinking anxiety… though waiting to see. Has all the liberal cocaine cartel latin mafia wonder what one of the root causes of the degeneration of society in the U.S. is answers. Insane going so deep at such a young age for my lifetime and finding the society around me that was sworn to defend me decided to give up on enforcement and just act like they work with the mafias, RICO’s, war criminals and terrorist continuing criminal enterprises except when there is “selective enforcement” during certain political administrations. I’m having a “I feel like a Chinese person being experimented on by Japanese during WWII” moments.

            Interesting is in Tuscon, AZ there was a public TV station show that rebroadcast some strange beatnik black and white college shows from a NYU from back in the 70’s. One time I was watching and since they were broadcasting via satellite… a caller called in noting he was at a CIA Station in some Caribbean Island (I forget which station) watching live. There used to be NSA and CIA stations more publicly mapped. Post 911 they disappeared from their websites.

          1. I forgot you can use syntax for other languages on this blog or wordpress site I think is more accurate. CTRL + F is what I meant in the above comment. I used the greater than and less than signs around CTRL without the percentage sign syntax I’m guessing and CTRL disappeared. :-|) woops.

        2. Found the American Dad episode “Virtual In-Sanity” Season 7 Episode 5:

          Check out 5 minutes in. I’m going to download and edit out that section then reference the $1.99 full episode so I don’t look bad.

          Now imagine with SODAR/RADAR/?ADAR interferometry and tomography using either or both synthetic aperture or phased array systems that are already in the mainstream and proprietary market (household, power lines, pipes, towers, stations at home, mobile, sea, land, air and space) like using the Kinect ( and above envisioned remote control like systems in the Virtual In-Sanity episode.

          Now with holographic tech that isn’t main stream so much and I need to read more to comprehend. I assume there might be something with crows nest type antenna algorithms down to a pencil size beam ( and and is about all I can find for now for a random stationary antenna system combined.

          1. Strange, I’m having another issue with a comment posting. Basically, I’ll take the patent links out, magazine article links and see if it’s a syntax issue.

            The math for holography is from the 30’s and 40’s: (see history or more) and the math I can’t find for the crows nest antenna though found a patent from the late 80’s (US5038149) and another (WO2000052787A1) with references to the 60’s.

            Basically, I wanted to note phased arrays because they are stationary antennas typically though not always as they can be coupled to move like synthetic aperture to increase resolving ability then interpolated or using electromagnetic controls (magnetic bearings even) to create a more accurate interferometry holography system without lenses. Way more than the EEG systems (National Geographic March 2005 and National Geographic February 2014), Vanderbuilt and other NIR systems (Origins of Spatial Working Memory Deficits in Schizophrenia: An Event-Related fMRI and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study and and the Openwater Company Technology page.

            With mm accuracy from air and/or space with some systems (wiki Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) and sub-mm accuracy of NIR systems compared to MRI’s in clinical settings. I can only imagine what is already on the proprietary market and will be on the future mainstream market.

          2. James Analytic – Only post one URL link per posting or you get moderated. You can disable hyperlinking by substituting period delimiter with (dot). We here at HaD are savvy enuf’ to figure it out… I’m afraid you will have to parse down your postings here a bit at HaD or you will get a lot of TL;DR effect (and it just clutters the screen with off topic words most will not read anyway). Just find yourself a good online NotePad website to post your long essays. That way HaD’ers can decide if they want to read it or not. Invariably it is NOT, especially if it is not a hack or at least on topic.

            POTUS Reagan said it well about TRUST “Trust but verify”. He was referring to the foreigners who visit Cuba to plant portable sound cannon devices behind hotel walls. You know “veedio’ games tovarish”. :-)

          3. Thanks for the words of encouragement and insight. I did just start two blogger sites a few weeks back and a few days back a WordPress site. TL;DR. :-|) Yes, musings is what my 22Y Dad says. I am long winded also and can get into scope creep at times, though do try to come back around as typically is somehow related to the conclusion. The reminder of researcher versus leadership presentation. Thanks again!

            Wasn’t POTUS Reagan shot after a AFL-CIO meeting? Was there an agenda Reagan was targeting like in Cuba that hostile took over the founders or something with their long known mafia stake outs across the street or on the corner?

          4. Key is the first minute of the video, may be more later that cues insight.

            I’m guessing there is a lot going on with social group agendas… coming from California and Hollywood like Nixon… my thought is mafia groups of foreigners (Polish mafia?) that copied Italian and Jewish mafia pirates like not only in Hollywood… the now known as rust belt and “whatever they can get into.”

    2. Correction - FALSE FLAG OPERATION. A "false flag" is a counterfeit identity document created by a "cobbler" a science & technology technical overt employee or a "geek" as I like to say (a term of endearment not an pejorative insult!). And those US federal people you speak of have their OWN creative funding. Just watch Tom Cruise's new movie for a clue. They don't need US for funding. That's what US Congress has been trying to say for decades (albeit unsuccessfully).

  22. James Analytic – You may not like Tom Cruises’ new movie. It may bring on latent PTSD/PTSS. It’s based on a true story and does not end well for the protagonist. It also shows you can’t trust certain people to always have your back. It’s not like the Robert Redford movie SPY GAME (2001) in where Redford goes back for Brad Pitt into PRC to rescue him from Suzhou PLA PRISON COMPOUND with Operation Dinner Out – in full view of the ever cautious 7th floor. This new movie is much more revealing as to who was in charge of the community in February 1986.It’s much like 3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR (!975) in where you never know who your friends are, and who are not. Remember Max von Sydow’s (Joubert) ominous predictive words to Robert Redford (Turner or Condor)?

    1. sonofthunderboanerges: I’ll have to watch still. I randomly watch movies as I used to have a not do non-fiction rule with books and somewhat movies that during my first B.S. I kind of went on a tangent regarding. Thanks for the heads up. I’m finding out like what you noted and my Dad used to tell me (though he had USAF, USAF Reserves Sgt., Constable, Union Steward, Foreman, Chief attitude, “there are no such things as friends. Just friendly or not. You can’t trust anyone and sometimes you’ll have to do things for yourself by yourself even with family. I’m not like them… still. Don’t forget.” I had to retrain that attitude later in life to trust people to work under or with me in Quality and R&D. With a director who taught me that I have to trust people and let people fail. Back fired though eventually and he was there when I was told I was “terminated” based on “could be perceived as” pretenses. I’m still working on the file regarding that. Perrigo meth pedo ring polysubstance abuse ill famed retaliation issues. Unfortunately the Mexican cartels have more than Mexicans working for them. I’ll check out the video and try to watch the movie. Thanks again for the heads up.

  23. Looks like some recordings have been released:

    Also, reminds me of another movie not noted on here, “They Live” based on a story by “Ray” “Faraday” Nelson:

    Interesting how a British newspaper that used to be “non-conformists” uses an “international” “Top neurologist” to attempt to discredit claims in Cuba. How is the “notion of some sonic beam is relatively nonsensical” valid? Sounds like invalids to me.

    Maybe that is why the APA have been proven invalid by some organizations. I’m guessing British Aristocracy with it’s Ecclesiastical Provinces as usual. Hence, only on Canadian complaint as a guilt trip lead. Talk about the source of “fake news.” Ever watch CNN at night? Britain has a history of lies and deceit and destroying evidence of their criminal acts and intent even going back before the U.S. Civil War obviously:

    1. MCMO looks like the way to go for sub Hertz that is small compared to a Hydrogen, Cesium or even Rubidium oscillator that is highly accurate and would make a bandwidth averaged into noise or hardly noticeable at high frequency for most.

      Not quite nano hertz (1×10^-9) though is about 10 to 100 nano hertz. Not that bad. TXCO is micro hertz (1×10^-6).

      So, a laser in the nanometer range can get down to the Hertz in accuracy easily.

      Wow, sub Hz resolution scanning spectroscopy in IR-Vis-UV and other ranges that may not be for spectroscopy and can be dangerous the size of a hair or smaller with nano or even micro-columator.

      Imagine what the world doesn’t see in regards to absorption and transmission. Plus, can be heterodyne, pulse and even more advanced mind control effects to influence down to single cells theoretically. With such narrow bandwidth ability, public data doesn’t show environmental absorption and transmission data well or wait… at all

  24. Amazing is I am almost thinking this may be British more now with Russia as a scapegoat issue and concern. Basically, the British/Roman ownership and entitlement goes back to indentured servitude, slavery and property ownership back to the founding of the U.S. with sugar, slaves, tea, rum, opium, morphine, cocaine and other market sales ownership issues with the later “Big Bang” of London banking taking over as they are a Title of Nobility club/order of the Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical Province cartels and hence Vatican Bank concerns . There is a book on Samuel Morse I read and can’t find at the moment. However, an 1862 expose by Samuel Morse on “The Present Attempt to Dissolve the Union, A British Aristocratic Plot” identified Shaftesbury as the organizer and funder, Of which traces to London. Even Samuel Morse the inventor of the telegraph and I’ve read one of the U.S. greatest counterintelligence secret agents. (note the other code competitors were born in the Holy Roman Empire)

    In more recent times check out this page and do a Control F search with “Allegan”:

    1. I have to read more regarding spin-1 bosons and a U-1 gauge (guage?) field. I do not know my elementary particles very well as well as what is beyond cosmic radiation. I did want to note my theories on radiocontrasting agents since you are on the topic somewhat and I have theories on terminal and non-terminal agents/entities that can be used.

      I also should go into the medicine a little more also as this is something where there can be more public review of the tracking satellites and other stations that can be used to monitor (of which is required for general health, safety and welfare and being):

      Somewhere there is data compiled I’ve read online before regarding organ specific migration of the specific elements isotopes and minerals even for use when tracing metabolism and biochemical pathways.

      1. Per my understanding, the theory is included in quantum field theory where U1 is a energy field with a mass and it can be measured by a not variant (invariant) multiplier (Lagrangian) to determine a minimum or/and maximum of of a particle associated to an field or other particles by multiplying (by Lagrangian) partial derivatives in respect to the particle determined values (size, mass) bu using vectors to determine an particle association to an field. In practice the the observed measures of a interaction with other particles should be enough to determine the existence of an particle associated to an field, as it shows as variation, meaning a result can be obtained without using a multiplier.

        Guage field spin-1 bosons are force carrier particles, e.g. a photon is a spin-1 boson of the electromagnetic field.

        In short there is observed evidence that there is an energy field with mass that can be applied to transfer information but only the particles carrying the energy has been detected. The particles can carry information, carrier particles, for an field. It means that information could be sent by an force carrier particle to an undetected field and received in another point in the field, a particle could be used to transfer information with the use of an field.

        There is evidence and observations has made of an new gauge field force carrier particle by which a new force field can be determined:

        A force carrier particle can be used to transfer information to another part of the field and if only the force carrier particle is used and the energy field it uses is undetected the transfer of the information can not be detected, it seem’s to be spin-1 bosons applied with an U-1 gauge field to target harassment.

        I wrote “an filed”, “an particle”, as they are in a certain space and there, thus a volume is within a space.

        I do sometimes miss the words or spell wrong, me being dyslectic, bu certain observations done by health professionals in my younger age.

        I keep and own the right to spell wrong.

        1. Wow, thanks for sharing Quasi Pseudo Random. I’m still behind in reading and really math in visualizing in my mind without a computer of calculator… really I need to learn again and in more detail from diff eq on and maybe even earlier from Algebra just to be safe so I don’t have gaps that I do not see now as well as ones I can observe.

          Recently, I had an issue with Valley Fever and have cleared up the skin condition symptoms almost. Probably going to have to fast out in a controlled fashion and run some cleanup protocols to get rid of the internal bio-burden. Back on track to what you were noting so not off tangent as I can go on tangents easy as I like to clarify to much information.

          In regards to elementary particles, I was reading last regarding the neutrinos as I suspected that technology as causation. In reading what you noted, I am wondering now if there are circular or other polarization that are not detected also though there is an effect in the field which can effect the targets charges and oscillations based on what you are noting as “circle groups” or “Lie Groups” effects. Thanks again for explaining and for motivating me to read into more. I’ve always felt the physicists periodic tables ( were the transition point for my background to go deeper into the elementary particle tables so to better understand the practical applications of the masses and energy:

          What can we use that is off the shelf to detect these spin-1 Bosons in the U(1) guage field?

          Who would have the systems to emit, modulate and multiplex the spin-1 Bosons in the U(1) gauge filed, i.e. the Dark Photons… National Labs, Universities, defense contractors, classified research centers?

          I envision something more Feynman Diagram going in with circular or elliptical polarization that isn’t as well detected throughout the range of EMF/EMS since only certain ranges are more typically detected and transmitted. For example the ULF, ELF, Microwave range over 100Ghz to Terahertz, X-Ray, Gamma Ray and higher frequencies are not transmitted or detected as frequently. Most observers are used to infrasonic, sonic or ultrasonic as well as VLF, LF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, IR, Vis and UV in the typical vertical and horizontal polarization with some satellite workers with left or right hand circular polarization comprehension skills and really not much in the general consumer civilian range in regards to elliptical polarization.

          I will read more. How do we detect with consumer off the shelf (COTS) systems even if modified or hacked?

        2. Wow, thanks for sharing Quasi Pseudo Random. I’m still behind in reading and really math in visualizing in my mind without a computer or calculator… really I need to learn math again in more detail from diff eq on and maybe even earlier from Algebra just to be safe from a visual comprehension and computation in my mind so I don’t have gaps that I do not see now as well as ones I can observe.

          Recently, I had an issue with Valley Fever and have cleared up the skin condition symptoms almost. Probably going to have to fast out in a controlled fashion and run some cleanup protocols to get rid of the internal bio-burden. Back on track to what you were noting so not off tangent as I can go on tangents easy as I like to clarify to much information.

          In regards to elementary particles, I was reading last regarding the neutrinos as for proprietary communications as I suspected that technology as causation since I know there were online public topics of conversation regarding communications with say for instance between Wall Street and London though the transfer rates were really low and the detectors and I assume the emitters were really large size.

          In reading what you noted, I am wondering now if there are circular or other polarizations that are not detected also though there is an effect on the field which can effect the targets charges and oscillations based on what you are noting as “circle groups” or “Lie Groups” effects. Thanks again for explaining and for motivating me to read into more. I’ve always felt the physicists periodic tables ( were the transition point for my background to go deeper into the elementary particle tables so to better understand the practical applications of the masses and energy:

          Hydrogen isn’t the smallest mass element and even isotopes can be represented in a tabular way somehow with visual graphical representation of the quantitative data.

          What can we use that is off the shelf to detect these spin-1 Bosons in the U(1) gauge field?

          Are there layman term(s) for these spin-1 Bosons in the U(1) guage or sources of how they’re made?

          Who would have the systems to emit, modulate and multiplex the spin-1 Bosons in the U(1) gauge filed, i.e. the Dark Photons… National Labs, Universities, defense contractors, classified research centers?

          I envision something more Feynman Diagram going in to the elementary particles with circular or elliptical polarization that isn’t as well detected throughout the range of EMF/EMS since only certain ranges are more typically detected and transmitted. Since you can hide a lot in the environmental conditions, why not with sunlight even or cosmic radiation. For example the ULF, ELF, Microwave range over 100Ghz to Terahertz, X-Ray, Gamma Ray and higher frequencies are not transmitted or detected as frequently by amateurs or conventional systems.

          Most observers are used to infrasonic, sonic or ultrasonic as well as VLF, LF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, IR, Vis and UV in the typical vertical and horizontal polarization with some satellite workers with left or right hand circular polarization comprehension skills and really not much in the general consumer civilian range in regards to elliptical polarization. I may be off on a tangent with my theories that are not really hypothesis tested yet.

          I will read more to try to get the elementary particle physics in my mind for long term memory with crystal clear association skill and correlated with consumer technology applications use and off public purview use. How do we detect with consumer off the shelf (COTS) systems even if modified or hacked the spin-1 Boson in the U(1) gauge field?

    1. Weapons of Mass Destruction is also an issue. 18 USC 2331, 18 USC 2332a by 21 USC 848 using MCL 750.200h&i, MCL 750.224a and MCL 750.543p devices to do more tha MCL 750.377a. Electric and Magnetic Fields are “Radiation” and “Radio-logical” events. Especially, when the concept of intent is applied.

      Do a Google Search of “stasi east germany secret police radiation tracking”

      The Stazi even collected “scent” evidence of their targets. Now days in the U.S. this is done with hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopic microscopy, Z-nose SAW GC ( type systems and other I guess not disclosed to the public Earth Field RF/Microwave or throughout the range of EMF Spectroscopy.

    1. I also wonder if there is a bigger process analytical controls, process logic controls, human body sympathetic resonance frequencies, all living sympathetic resonance frequencies, all matter and even weather modification using EMF/EMS (RINT, compounding and concealing gross frauds and cheats terrorist war criminal RICO continuing criminal enterprise that perform megalomania insurance fraud and debt forgiveness in certain parts and jurisdictions of the U.S. and maybe World like going back to whatever War compelling acts to get the “buy in” of the sides to ultimately be divided and destroyed with a few left becoming extremely wealthy and increasing the income gap. Basically, the plantations of the South and West leaching the rest of the country with the exception of New York and the East Coast to a certain extent with not only domestics, internationals also as I noticed in marketing back in the early 2000’s the shift in buying out of U.S. companies by international companies where that was in fact illegal prior to the 1980’s.

      Back in 2013 more than 25% of Broadcast Companies amount of ownership was able to be owned by Foreign interests. What is the percentage of foreign ownership now compared to U.S. ownership?

      Check out the last section of this article from 2007:

      Where are all the foreign versus U.S. metrics? Why are those metrics not available? I can find online CFR metrics noting the change in foreign in U.S. and U.S. in foregin increased dramatically after President Reagan was shot. Since the World is full of blatant pedo narco junkie murderer liars, how can we trust them running operations in the U.S.? Especially, operating our U.S. Government ODNI and other “sonic weapons” and “deadly force” operations… and even investigations? Maybe a root cause of fraud. Global cartels influence.

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