Cuban Embassy Attacks And The Microwave Auditory Effect

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have seen a series of articles coming out about US staffers in Cuba. It seems that 21 staffers have suffered a bizarre array of injuries ranging from hearing loss to dizziness to concussion-like traumatic brain injuries. Some staffers have reported hearing incapacitating sounds in the embassy and in their hotel rooms. The reports range from clicking to grinding, humming, or even blaring sounds. One staffer described being awoken to a horrifically loud sound, only to have it disappear as soon as he moved away from his bed. When he got back into bed, the mysterious sound came back.

Cuba has denied any wrongdoing. However, the US has already started to take action – expelling two Cuban diplomats from the US in May. The question though is what exactly could have caused these injuries. The press has gone wild with theories of sonic weaponry, hidden bugs, and electronic devices, poisons, you name it. Even Julian Assange has weighed in, stating “The diversity of symptoms suggests that this is a pathogen combined with paranoia in an isolated diplomatic corps.”

So what’s going on? Bizarre accidents? Cloak and dagger gone awry? Mass hysteria among the US state department, or something else entirely?

The most common theory passed around is some sort of auditory or sonic weapon. Acoustic (ultrasonic) non-lethal weapons like the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) are well known due to their use by law enforcement to disperse protests, or on oceangoing ships to deter pirates and environmentalists. LRAD devices emit an extremely loud focused beam of sound. Usually, the sound is a siren, though the system can be used as a giant megaphone as well. Anyone in the beam is motivated to get out of it.

The thing about LRAD devices is they are not small or light. Even with ultrasonics, you can’t beat physics. Making a lot of noise means vibrating a lot of air. That takes a relatively big loudspeaker. The smallest portable device is roughly fifteen pounds. Since LRAD is still vibrating the air, it wouldn’t work very well through walls. LRAD style devices are also not very clandestine. They emit a beam 30 to 60 degrees wide, so definitely not a sound laser. They also have plenty of spill — operators standing behind the device always need to wear hearing protection.

Unwrap Your Tinfoil Hat

One theory I haven’t seen passed around much is the microwave auditory effect. This is a phenomenon where RF energy directed at a human head is converted to sound perceivable by the target. The first paper published about the effect was by Allan H. Frey in 1961. Frey worked at the General Electric advanced electronics center at Cornell University in NY.

I should note that microwave here refers to the wavelength of the RF signal being transmitted. Microwaves include any signal from 1-meter wavelength (300 MHz) to 3mm wavelength (100 GHz)

Images from Frey’s paper

Frey’s article describes how test subjects were able to hear buzzing, clicking, hisses and even knocking when transmitters were pointed at their skulls. Strangely, some of the test subjects were partially deaf, and still were able to hear the microwave sounds. What’s more, subjects could feel the effects from the microwave beam. Depending on the transmitter settings, subjects felt “severe buffeting of the head”. Further transmitter changes resulted in subjects reporting “pins and needles” sensations.

The purpose of the paper was to call attention to the phenomenon. Frey didn’t have the resources to completely explore the microwave auditory effect, so he wanted others to start working on it. It’s the scientific equivalent of saying “Hey, this is neat, you should check it out!”

If you haven’t guessed yet, the power levels required to hear microwave sounds were rather high. Frey used several transmitters at different power levels. The transmitters were pulsed, like magnetrons, so while average power was low, peak power was high.

As an example – the weakest transmitter Frey used was able to output a power density of 4 w/m² at 1310 Mhz. The peak power was 2670 w/m². The US guideline for human exposure at that frequency is 6.55 w/m². A different transmitter Frey used measured 71 w/m² at 425 MHz, with peaks at 2540 w/m². Compare this to the FCC guideline of 2 w/m² at that frequency.

What exactly causes the RF energy to be converted to sound? The mechanism behind the microwave auditory effect has not been scientifically proven. The leading theory is pulsed RF energy heats the tissues of the inner ear, causing them to expand quickly. These expansions cause tiny shockwaves which are then interpreted as sounds by the brain.

Frey noted that “one can shield, with 2-inch square piece of fly screen, a portion of the [temple] and completely cut off the RF sound.” Fly screen would be the fine metal grid used in screen doors. Frey may not have known it, but he was providing all the proof the tin-foil hat crowd needed.

Of course, a technology like this can’t exist without someone trying to build a weapon out of it. In the early 2000’s, the US Navy funded research on Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio (MEDUSA). This was a “less lethal weapon” which would use the microwave auditory effect for crowd control. It utilized an electronically steered antenna which allowed it to transmit a wide or narrow RF beam. MEDUSA could even “spotlight” multiple targets simultaneously.

MEDUSA never became a fieldable weapon. The initial results of the project were promising, but there were questions about its safety. At the high power levels used, could the micro shockwaves actually damage sensitive brain tissue? What about the RF exposure to sensitive neurons? The project was eventually canceled.

Coming back to the present day, could the microwave auditory effect be at play in Cuba? It’s quite possible. The technology is definitely there – the effect has been demonstrated with 1960’s era transmitters. With sufficient power and a narrow beam antenna, the attackers wouldn’t even need to be in the same room or building as their targets. Power levels high enough to be audible or even cause pain might also cause dizziness, nausea, and even traumatic brain injury. All we can do is wait for the results of the current investigations, and keep a tin foil hat handy.

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  1. Come on guys! Let’s just relax, take deep breaths, take our SSRI’s, and remember to please curb your metaphoric off-topic references and clinical graphorrhea. Let’s try and stay on topic. This is not aimed at anyone in particular here so please don’t be offended by this posting ( I mean well). Not even the apparent D.I.D. victims here.

    I know I may have exacerbated this situation with my usual HaD cyber-loquacity and I apologize for loosing the HaD old-timers in our apparent TL;DR purple-haze. I know you are lurking out there and probably having a good laugh – saying “…tin foil hat crowd?”. However, your opinion here is desired. Would really like to hear from the USUAL HaD SUSPECTS. Don’t worry you’re already on their list anyway (so to speak) so what harm can you do by speaking out on this particular subject matter. I mean “Cuban Embassy Attacks and The Microwave Auditory Effect” – not the other off-topic stuff… ;-D

    HaD’s raison d’être?

  2. I also wonder if there is a bigger process analytical controls, process logic controls, human body sympathetic resonance frequencies, all living sympathetic resonance frequencies, all matter and even weather modification using EMF/EMS (RINT, compounding and concealing gross frauds and cheats terrorist war criminal RICO continuing criminal enterprise that perform megalomania insurance fraud and debt forgiveness in certain parts and jurisdictions of the U.S. and maybe World like going back to whatever War compelling acts to get the “buy in” of the sides to ultimately be divided and destroyed with a few left becoming extremely wealthy and increasing the income gap. Basically, the plantations of the South and West leaching the rest of the country with the exception of New York and the East Coast to a certain extent with not only domestics, internationals also as I noticed in marketing back in the early 2000’s the shift in buying out of U.S. companies by international companies where that was in fact illegal prior to the 1980’s.

    Back in 2013 more than 25% of Broadcast Companies amount of ownership was able to be owned by Foreign interests. What is the percentage of foreign ownership now compared to U.S. ownership?

  3. Check out the last section of this article from 2007:

    Where are all the foreign versus U.S. metrics? Why are those metrics not available? I can find online CFR metrics noting the change in foreign in U.S. and U.S. in foregin increased dramatically after President Reagan was shot. Since the World is full of blatant pedo narco junkie murderer liars, how can we trust them running operations in the U.S.? Especially, operating our U.S. Government ODNI and other “sonic weapons” and “deadly force” operations… and even investigations? Maybe a root cause of fraud. Global cartels influence.

      1. One of my C.I.S. B.S. courses required the reading of “A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology” in which we read that the NSA just does that. They even use satellites for shoreline building code violations. Somewhere prior, most likely while working on my Chemistry B.S. or my Dad or other Govt. employees mentioning in the mid 90’s… “they” can get into anything. They being the NRO client or ODNI agencies, of which the CIA and NSA is. This is all public for non-official use information too.

        The Wiki Leaks are really not much new to me other than the specific details with the specific agencies involved. IMHO, they are public servants and need to tighten up on border patrol and defense critically thinking so we can review our public executive, military and civil servants. That is why they are there.

        I think the CIA has been gradually becoming more like JSOC’s since post 911 and maybe even prior with their operations around the time of JFK or maybe even earlier in regards to operative work around the America’s. The SAD and SOG teams are public examples where you can find not wiki leaks, Wikipedia articles that provide a general overview.

        I’ll read up more on the details I need to study more. Thanks for the links I am getting behind in some projects, one being my student courses in electronics, electromagnetism and quantum physics.

  4. This is an interesting video worth watching that goes into a range of uses of plasma and how plasma can be transferred wireless with a monopole antenna and a ground plane with a 20kHz carrier frequency. Best to watch the whole video and see the range of uses of plasma. 7:28 in is the radio I am referring to.

    Here is a great video on lasers to transmit wireless:

    Read up on diathermy and laser ablation to see even other more intense threatening uses wireless and remotely with an imagination that the act performed is camouflaged like artwork as a medical condition.

    1. Now consider impedance matching with anything (human body specific tissues, chair, house wall, fans, bed springs, pipes, fridge, etc.) that has a vibrational and rotational frequency as well as other electronic and magnetic resonance frequencies to get the plasma to be able to wireless receive a transmitted energy where current would cause the coronal discharge and diathermy, ablation or body sculpting effects and maybe even high voltage with lower current for more sympathetic resonance frequency controls operations. Maybe there are other quantum resonance frequencies, fields and particles charges I am not aware of also that are not disclosed as well as other as Quasi Pseudo Random noted.

      1. I can add also to be more confusing… depending if you’re working the electric or magnetic fields. Of which is confusing to me since the I/Q of a signal needs to be more clarified in my mind. I almost want to act like the Q component is the magnetic field. Though that is the cosine component of the “I” which is the real “In-Phase” component of a signal and the “Q” is the “Quadrature” which is the “I” component phase shifted 90 degrees. So the magnetic field component of a signal has the same I/Q components I am guessing though at a 90 degrees difference in polarity, i.e. perpendicular if looking directly from behind or in front of the source like you are in a orthogonal position. Where, orthogonal to the electric and magnetic fields… a pressure force can be created also.

  5. Quasi Pseudo Random: Our thoughts look like they’re were deleted. I do have in my email you reference to the University work. I may have gotten too specific regarding healthcare and law enforcement entities. I just installed the Clipboard History application since I forgot this system doesn’t have on so I do not have that for my record since is part of my books I am writing. Can you email me or copy and paste the post so I can have in my email what I wrote at least. Man, that was really crystal clear too and a hack also. I think I remember for the most part, though I usually don’t write so concise.

  6. How many of those who have’t been in a power positions, have been declared insane? In this case there are others than government officials that say they have been targets of harassment, as Cuban officials do not admit or decline to answer about the issue.

  7. Here is some RINT or RADINT ideas to get some idea of other systems potential, i.e. plasma antennas: (inspire RINT thoughts) (inspire RADINT thoughts)

    I thought this sort of applies to RINT, though is more humorous and kind of different… though use your imagination in regards to plasma and power lines communications potentially as shown literally and potentially (pun intended): (this isn’t staged and looks real as can be done)… though be careful if you try to use more than this little amount as may not be considered losses.

  8. Looks like more assaults are occurring in China and not just Uzbekistan too. Makes the targeted individual (TI) fiasco of seriously mentally ill not seem so naturally mentally ill anymore??? I think this is connected with Alzheimers and other neurological conditions occurring at alarming rates that can be signalling a more than health care crisis.

    Like why isn’t FBI Cyber Crimes, Joint Information Operations Warfare Center (JIOWC) and Joint Electronic Warfare Center (JEWC) involved? The NSA Public Affairs office specifically told me to complain to the FBI Cyber Crimes Division.

    After studying radio more and reading a radio operators field manual, the manual specifically notes to complain to JEWC or now days I’m guessing JIOWC when there is static, noise, interference caused by jamming if I recall correctly:

    Interesting a referenced article regarding microwaves in China used isn’t loading for me:

    This article does point to microwaves:

    Looks like the Israeli’s are up to something with sonic weapons also not just using sonic booms from aircraft going back to 2005:

    A former marine mentioned to me his theory that the Israeli’s are using directed energy weapons like LRAD’s or Microwaves since penetrate more effectively coupled (daisy chained) together to make people puke and have other health ill related effects.

    So, human sized extermination or detterant devices like these exist in fact now:

    Keep in mind even JAMA acknowledges that ultrasound highly focused can cause coagulation which can cause ischemia by the way of which can cause more than neurological damage… similar to microwaves in regards to heating also:

    Interesting is, looks like the sonic weapons that are actually ultrasonic beams that produced sonic and other effects even push back reporters from reporting on public and general public Rights violations by elected and appointed officials that must be office neglect of duties compounding and concealing their continuing criminal enterprise guilty of treason and causing other imminent threats.

  9. Figured I’d add these interesting historical news references “Change Behavior by Radio Frequency (RF Mind Control)”:

    Interesting the lack of details of Delgado’s wireless work as noted above. though the backwards use later noted… again… not using implants causing more sexual deviations and riots as well as crime for agendas to justify not required systems that are in violations of Rights of Man, et. al.:

    Example even noted by CNN:
    Another example noted by CNN, though more clear by ABC:

    Original Broadcast “CNN Special Report 1985 Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons”:

    Then this interesting one from the late 70’s “Mission Mind Control 1979”:

    Then a nice media wrapper to see why such lies and deceit now days… who father is interestingly who I sometimes feel is a Soviet disinformation agent to cause more war profiteering and terrorist operations industry, Zbigniew Brzezinski:–JI2M6Xu4w

  10. Sonic and Ultrasonic weapons article:

    Directed Energy Weapons:

    Article with a range of references noted elsewhere in other Thought posts:

    General Mind Control Related relating to as “Zbigniew Brzezinski” and others have noted to an extent:

  11. I wonder if with psychoacuastics there is something with hypersonic hearing where there is a subconscious preference to what I’ve read called V2K or ultrasonic acoustic hailing technologies if observed as non threatening at first.

    This may further be a way to criminally coerce, seduce, manipulate then later intimidate, blackmail and exhort by brain washing, cult programming whatever type of deviant they are in a commission of a crime mind controllers.

  12. i think there was simpler answer
    temperature in cuba requiring all the time airconditioning

    large fanblades and louvers can causing a very low frequency sound..
    a roof airconditioner can have oversized fanblades that sufficient to moving enogh air and creating a humming noise, you can hear trough on building..
    that can cause headache

    the tropical clima present in cuba also can be source of many ilness, like flu … which might have no effect on locals but causing ilness to people coming from new york city apartmants..

  13. There is a great reference written by Dr. Patrick Flanagan and I am not finding that reference online at the time being. I did save somewhere however and hopefully not in the stolen mobile office rig.

    I suspect a wireless method of his range of “Neurophone” device exists and might even be able to be performed in both a pulse train and heterodyne way.

    Here is a good reference from HaD even:

    1. I had a redundant link in this thought post… that I just noticed was already linked below regarding jeremy hong weaponizing the radio spectrum… it is a great article to reference in regards to the comments also still. I Reported also which I am not sure I need to do. You don’t need to post this thought. Thanks!

    1. Can be LRAD and other Acoustic Hailing devices using a heterodyne or pulse train effect. Even more complex mind control methods can be used.

      Here is a demonstration:

      Here is a demonstration of different frequencies having a different function however noting the wireless transmission of energy only modulated and/or multiplexed in a different way for a different effect/purpose:

      My thought and observation is that the different FCC, and maybe even other countries, 5G approved and even other frequencies when phase synchronized and combined then amplified from multiple sources beam steering and at the convergence point… addition frequency adds up to the 95GHz Active Denial system that is known to even cause permanent damage if not attenuated on the target under the lethal/maiming threshold that of course is denied and not disclosed. That 95GHz is a frequency not well disclosed regarding humans emissions from what I’ve tried to research. Like detailed EMS DC to Cosmic full range EMF data on the human body… there isn’t any resource I’ve found other than this:

      From this article with a reference paper I still haven’t been able to obtain:

  14. I am an Indian and I hate to break it to the naysayers that its not just embassy staffers who are targeted. Ordinary citizens who are too weak to survive, poor and lack political connections are the ones who are also targeted. The icing on the cake is my lack of scientific or CS knowledge. Come visit Indian state of Bihar, have some fun.

  15. The weapons that were used in the Cuba and Chinese Embassy attacks are, I believe being used in Northern California, but someone or group of someones has set up them attached to chatbots that talk 24/7 with each other and they broadcast this out in the upper mm bands around 100 Ghz, (1/2 of the harmonizing voices) 150 Ghz, (1/2 of the harmonizing voices) and 300 Ghz ( Brain data, think of a digital broadcast mode like a psk31 or something like that but EEG data) right around conveniently enough 1, 2, and 3 mm wavelengths. These harmonize while penetrating brain tissue, stimulating nervous systems since there are micron gaps every mm or so in the myelin sheath along the axons in mammalian brains. It also has a Doppler Radar effect since it is a field that is created essentially that human brains interact with. There is also a systematic Infrasound and periodic Ultrasound broadcast that has been detected. I am unsure if they are related. If you built that sorta system with powerful machine learning devices and with A.I. software that filters the signal from the noise and Voilà you have… you figure it out. You can call it whatever you want, but it’s criminal. Who set up this sorta system? I don’t know and for why I can’t say, cause it makes no sense unless you want to spy on and harass people’s brains. Which makes me think it is actually a group of ether spies or some sorta gangstalking website EEG Cloner thing. Who knows. I don’t think it is the government doing it. Luckily soon; however, a certain company’s promised new portable ( and hopefully somewhat affordable) 300 GHz receiver is coming out. (Google it) This coupled with Deep Learning A.I. RF signal analysis on and an SDR platform will help mitigate this from happening forever. I.E. these signals will be able to be easily or more easily detected. BCI brain data captured by more and more individuals as BCI becomes more and more popular can be categorized to show extra-physiological EEG artifact data both random noise from the environment and that which is in “sync” with that RF data. This will be the smoking gun that eliminates these V2K harassors. Especially if that data was pooled together by groups of people and had GPS location and accurate timestamps there would be no way the FBI or FCC could ignore it. They would have to seek out these sources. Which if all this data was accurate with timestamps and GPS marks it could be combined and a TDOA algorithm could determine its source location or locations. Even if only BCI data was captured by by different people at different locations at the same time. That will have to have happen eventually to prove that these signals effect our brains anyway. There is software for that, MNE-Python already filters out Extra-Physiological Artifacts and can be used to capture it and categorize it.This normally comes from the environment from power lines or cell phones or radio or whatever but is is just random noise. Building data sets that are in sync with the RF data captured will help identify non-random Extra-physiological artifact data.This will help fight back against the unlawful use of “weaponized mm wave Microwave tech”. Like everything 5g is a thing, 5g doesn’t hurt people, people hurt people with things. So focus on those people. Remember BCI data hats and RF data are better than tinfoil hats in this fight. These idiots are literally recording their own crimes and broadcasting them out for us to capture.

    1. I’ve suggested a SatNOGS like system for detecting, tracking and documenting the remote neural monitoring, active denial, sonic and other sound, mind and body assault and control weapons…, if not working with the SatNOGS group directly maybe as a different project since is open source.

    2. Does read like the bridging of solid state tech from the microwave range is moving more into the disciplines that use the waveguide and optical methods where I assume there is, or was a gap in smaller scale cost effective parts like phototransistors, photodiodes, photoresistors and photovoltaics, until into the IR and higher range. Man, makes me want to use the thermal detectors and study those with the Wavetek, PMI and other systems more since those spec out over 100GHz with the right detector (which is waveguide if vintage). Guessing the thermal imaging, 5G, invasive crime manufacturing rings desperate to look official while smuggling with their THz systems and maybe other backhaul systems updates or something is driving the market to be cost effective driving more higher volume sales?

      Makes me wonder where I recently invested in some HW-MS03, HB100 and CDM324 modules to work with and study… if dividing as well as mixing difference signals using the higher optical end is more cost effective and easier to do? Thinking I need to think about what’s on the market easy to work with resourcefully beyond radar detectors also. Man, I’m so not there yet.

  16. If you encounter anyone, regardless of their profession/education/background, operating or manufacturing what one would consider to be a “V2K” device, a “subliminal messaging machine”, “microwave weapon”, or other similar…please report it immediately to a law enforcement agency.

  17. Latest I watched regarding, was from new regarding CIA reports in Australia and noting Russian connections in the vicinity.

    The latest I read regarding are these articles:

    Will be nice to have the systems better identified at least with some substantive data so can be placed in a book like Janes… well since is intelligence regarding a weapons or weaponizable system. Even if an improvised weapon, then can be detailed in an improvised weapons manual that is public. Amazing to think we can be sniped by weapons systems, some want to act don’t even exist. That’s not good at all.

    Not saying the systems used in the assaults are mind control…, though like other forms of mind control that is more well known and amazingly consented to by the masses say by certain industries and like some social media… the type that isn’t well disclosed and known has an interesting history that leaves me amazed the controversy regarding and lack of demand to know the truth from just Dr. Jose Delgado’s work:





    If you watch the documentary “The Minds of Men” and a more recent Delgado video I found ( ) … you’ll clearly see examples of the remote control that can not be countered at least in the short term subconsciously. Though I do wonder about conscious adapting and effectiveness long term without some sort of more complex method compared to what has been demonstrated.

  18. Report by Today regarding what’s now being reported in more locations:

    Also, some food for thought regarding satellite based microwave technologies around the marine radar range that is active (GHz) Remote Sensing tech that I didn’t realize was detailed so well that can see through buildings and isn’t IR or Terahertz on satellites either:

    Soon, satellites will be able to watch you everywhere all the time
    Can privacy survive?


    A New Satellite Can Peer Inside Buildings, Day or Night
    The resolution is so crisp that you can see inside individual rooms.

    Why not determine logically that the sensing and transmission systems can also sense other properties like sound, ECG’s and other human radiological emissions? We know other active and passive radars can that are used for weather in the similar frequency range and detect down to insect radar cross sections and have been for decades. Add the decades ago wireless mind control disclosure along with sound and body control from wherever source seems more feasible if designed to do so on victims.

    RADAR Cross Section Image

    Super-Sensitive Radar Can Track & Identify Mosquitoes a Mile Away

  19. Good overview of three methods for acoustic hailing using photonic beam formed source methods (RF/light beam forming) that can cause serious mental facilities and other bodily harm. (Pulsed Microwave Energy Transduction of Acoustic Phonon Related Brain Injury)

    However, I’m guessing like cavitation can do the same at low energy ultrasonic thresholds in regards to damaging cells and killing function like say in ponds to kill bugs or other life forms eggs… the same can be performed with photonic methods (RF/light).

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