Hand-Carving Geometric Art

[Scott Cramer] is a retired professional woodworker who specializes in geometric art made from beautifully joined wood. In this project he’s carving four interlocked cloverleaf rings from a block of basswood. First he made a series of cuts to turn the block into a cuboctahedron, a geometric solid comprising six squares and eight triangles. Then he drew on the basic lines of the rings on the wood and went to work with a chisel, smoothing and separating the rings and carving out the interior. You can see more shots of the project on his Facebook post, which is included after the break.

To see more of [Scott]’s projects you can follow his Twitter feed. Our favorites include this 70″ pentagonal icosatetrahedron built out of hemlock that [Scott] says is the “largest in Coös County, NH” — what, there are others? He also made a magogany representation of a Hamiltonian circuit of a dodecahedron’s vertices.

We love math art on Hackaday — see our interview with Francisco do Comité we ran earlier this year.

5 thoughts on “Hand-Carving Geometric Art

  1. All of it wonderful. I love mathematical art. I have Bathsheba Grossman’s 3d printed hyperdodecahedron on the ornaments-shelf beside me (fortunately it is too heavy for the cat to knock down), and these are just my sort of thing too, but I fear they would be out of my price range. Also I don’t have room for a six-foot pentagonal icositetrahedron, I’m afraid!

  2. For those wishing to learn more about geometric carvings and the technique to create them Google “Bjarne Jespersen”. He wrote a book on this subject titled “Woodcarving Magic” in 2012. I have a copy and highly recommend it!

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