This Mask Will Make You A Psycho

Videos games are a cornucopia of project ideas well-suited to the talents of makers and hackers, and Halloween is as good a time as any to show them off! Reddit user [Tavarin], a huge fan of the Boderlands video games, whipped up a plaster mask — replete with glowing eyes — of one of the game’s signature enemies: the Psycho.

[Tavarin]’s secret to forming comfortable plaster masks is to open his jaw while the wrap is setting  — that way he’ll be able to talk without breaking the mask off his face. Hot gluing in and modifying a 60mm PC fan and a pair of lenses meant that the only thing standing between him and a lot of sanding to shape the mask’s details was a few layers of thick plaster mix.

Two blue LEDs connected to a simple switch and battery pack also required the use of hot glue to mount. As for those lights literally glaring in his eyes, [Tavarin] admits he can’t see that well with the mask on but sanding down the LEDs helps to soften the light and create a more authentic prop to boot. A few leather straps for detail and keeping it on his head, and he’s ready to ride the shiniest meat bicycle!

We love featuring the Halloween projects of our readers from years past, so check out our archives for more ghostly ideas.

[Via /r/DIY]

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