Meccano Piston Pump Made With A Syringe

[Mohamed Sami] built a syringe pump out of Meccano building set parts. It consists of a simple framework with a DC motor mounted on it that actuates the syringe when powered. A check valve harvested from an ordinary household spray bottle keeps the syringe from sucking back liquid that it has just pumped out, so it can keep pumping forever. A lead-acid battery powers the whole thing.

Syringe pumps are typically used to deliver precisely measured quantities of substances. Right now [Mohamed]’s rig is just an uncontrolled pump, but he hopes to get a better understanding of and control over how much liquid gets pumped. Adding an encoder to the DC motor would be a start, was his thought — or even better would be a stepper.

You’d be surprised how many syringe pump projects we publish. Not just another syringe pump, but simpleĀ hydraulic projects and even using the syringe barrel as a logic probe’s enclosure.

8 thoughts on “Meccano Piston Pump Made With A Syringe

    1. Yeah, there is a definite reason for syringes to be considered a “one time use” for so called isolated systems in the medical field.

      any combo of fluid, pressure, and friction is bound to fail sooner rather than later.

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