Live Streams And Hack Chat From The Hackaday Superconference

Want to experience the Hackaday Superconference from the comfort of your own workshop? Just follow us on YouTube or on Facebook as two days of live streaming talks begin this Saturday morning.

This weekend is the Hackaday Superconference, the greatest hardware conference on Earth. While the Superconference is the most amazing gatherings of engineers and engineering enthusiasts, we realize that not everyone can make it out to our ultimate hardware conference. This year, we’re doing something special for everyone who can’t make it out — we’re opening up live streams and live chat to those who can’t attend. This is your chance to take part in the Superconference, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

You are invited to the chat room for the event. Join the Superconference chat right now and be part of the culture of the Hacker Village that springs to life during Supercon.

3 thoughts on “Live Streams And Hack Chat From The Hackaday Superconference

  1. Thus far, watching the pre-recorded video of the conference, I’m a bit disappointed.

    All the stuff I’ve seen so far, is regurgitated talks, that I’ve already seen in the past, and non of the newer original material seems to have been recorded, or made available yet.

    Guys, you’re talking about the community being allowed to express them selves. Well, here I am, pay attention. We, or at minimum I do not mind seeing talks about the same stuff over, and over again. Hell, I love to watch Sammy Kamkar’s video’s over, and over again on youtube. It’s great stuff. But it’s not something I expect to see at an event such as this. If the material was original, sure. But it was not.

    I would have preferred seeing the talk by Robert Nelson for instance.

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