Putting The Pi In Piano

Working on a PhD in composition, [Stephen Coyle] spends a fair bit of time at his electric keyboard. Setting himself up to work can be a bit of a task, so he felt he could improve the process and make it easy as Pi.

Finding it an odious task indeed to use notation software, connecting his laptop to his keyboard is a must — avoiding a warren of wires in the move is a similar priority. And, what if he could take advantage of the iPad’s unique offerings too? Well, a Raspberry Pi Zero W running Ravelox — an RTP MIDI protocol — makes  his music available on his network to record on whichever device he pleases.

He also took the time to upgrade his keyboard’s archaic PSU to a more powerful option, also allowing him to siphon off some juice to the Pi with a voltage regulator — booting it whenever he turns on his keyboard. A channel hidden underneath his keyboard made the perfect cache for the Pi, voltage regulator and cables, with help from a little hot glue. All that’s left now, is to play on!

When [Coyle] isn’t at his keyboard, he’s at his other keyboard making an absolutely essential smart button.

[Thanks for the tip, Dave!]

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  1. OK, reading the LINKED (original) article it makes more sense. Now I wonder why the article on this website here makes me read the original article to understand what the article here is about. This feels … like a strange way of journalism.

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