Comic Boxes Reflect Owner’s Skills

We are the culmination of our experiences. We build with the tools we’re familiar. We design with the decorations we like. Sometimes this thinking leads to a project that looks like a kindergartener who has dressed in a pink tutu and a camo shirt. Sometimes our experience leads us to make something functional and elegant. [jordanlund] combined his work experience in a library, 3D modeling skills, and love of comic books to turn a hodgepodge pile of scribbled-upon boxes into an orderly collection of comic books in boxes adorned with brass drawer pulls.

3D printing bridged the gap between the brass card catalog drawer pulls he knew well from the library and the crates of comics he kept at home. Custom brackets allowed the drawer pulls, which were meant to be screwed into wooden drawer faces, to work with cardboard boxes. The drawer pulls have a slot for labels so there will be no need to rip off sticky labels later or scrawl with a permanent marker. Perhaps [jordanlund] is merely a bibliophile with a 3D printer but if we didn’t know better, we might think those boxes were meant to have the drawer pulls installed.

Engage your own love of literature with this wordplay riddled appeal for libraries. or make your home library a little more fantasical with a secret door.

9 thoughts on “Comic Boxes Reflect Owner’s Skills

  1. This is what I use my 3D printer for. Fabricating one-off “things” for little projects. Whenever someone asks me what it’s good for, I usually don’t have a good answer for them. “Well, in case your rotating Christmas tree base doesn’t fit your tree just right, you can print a perfect bushing.” *Blank stare*

    1. The plastic plate is 2mm thick and the screwholes protrude 12mm through the paperbox, I think it’s ok. Sure one could have rounded the edges but higher chance of messing up the 3D print with that.

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