Cheap FPV Goggles Turned Pocket Sized Display

Thanks to the exploding popularity of First Person View (FPV) RC flying over the last couple of years, the cost of the associated hardware has dropped rapidly. Today you can get entry-level FPV goggles for under $40 USD on various import sites. For the money you’re getting a 5.8 GHz receiver, battery, and an LCD display; even if the components themselves aren’t exactly high end, at that price it’s essentially an impulse buy.

[nomand] didn’t necessarily have a use for a cheap FPV headset, but he did like the idea of having a pocket sized display that he could pass off to others so they could see what he’s seeing during flights. So he harvested the principle components from a Eachine VR006 headset and designed a new 3D printed enclosure for them. The final result looks fantastic, and is much cheaper than commercial alternatives on the market.

He’s created an exceptionally detailed step-by-step guide on how you can perform the conversion yourself in the project’s GitHub repository, and has also put together a video where he goes over the modification and discusses the end result. [nomand] clearly intends for this to be a project for others to duplicate instead of a one-off build, and given the price and final results, we wouldn’t be surprised if this conversion becomes popular in FPV circles.

Perhaps the best part of this project is that it requires almost no modification of the original hardware; just soldering two wires because the original connector is too large. Otherwise just need to take the headset apart carefully, and transplant the components into the 3D-printed case [nomand] has meticulously designed. The case is so well designed it doesn’t even need any fasteners, it slides together and everything is held in with some strategically placed pieces of foam.

Between this modification and the custom built spectator display we covered recently, it looks like there’s a clear demand for sub-$50 portable FPV monitors. Seems odd that no manufacture is trying to fill this niche so far.

10 thoughts on “Cheap FPV Goggles Turned Pocket Sized Display

  1. I got a $20ish USB receiver that plugs into an android phone or tablet to view wireless cameras. Also plugs into a laptop with a normal USB cable and works in the window built in camera app to show and record the video.

    1. I use my OTG receiver on my Raspberry Pi laptop/ FPV ground station to record flights onto pi with Luvc. Works good and can tweak pids on pi. I got a 10 inch monitor and 2 2700 mah lipos and 5 volt stin power bank for Pi. All of it is in a 4 pistol gun case. Also got a regular FPV rcvr to fly with the ground station when I don’t want to use goggles, that OTG rcvrs has too much latency to fly for me!

      1. Yeah I can see that their claims of sticking them on a phone in a VR case are somewhat optimistic for anything but photography drone use, but fantastic for others to view on, and I got a second one that has 2 antennas and claims diversity and it is fantastic for keeping a picture compared to anything else.

        Now if only I could do anything with a quad but crash it ;)

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