The Tiniest RetroPie

The RetroPie project is a software suite for the Raspberry Pi that allows the user to easily play classic video games through emulators. It’s been around for a while now, so it’s relatively trivial to get this set up with a basic controller and video output. That means that the race is on for novel ways of implementing a RetroPie, which [Christian] has taken as a sort of challenge, building the tiniest RetroPie he possibly could.

The constraints he set for himself were to get the project in at under 100 mm. For that he used a Pi Zero loaded with the RetroPie software and paired it with a 1.44″ screen. There’s a tiny LiPo battery hidden in there, as well as a small audio amplifier. Almost everything else is 3D printed including the case, the D-pad, and the buttons. The entire build is available on Thingiverse as well if you’d like to roll out your own.

While this might be the smallest RetroPie we’ve seen, there are still some honorable mentions. There’s one other handheld we’ve seen with more modest dimensions, and another one was crammed into an Altoids tin with a clamshell screen. It’s an exciting time to be alive!

15 thoughts on “The Tiniest RetroPie

  1. Nicely done.
    It’s bound to suck through… the issue will be the screen…
    I built myself a PiBoy-Zero (the green and yellow)

    The thing is great and works great (beside the sound which is full of digital noise…) but the screen is just bad.. low resolution resulting in a somewhat blurry setting… also it’s a “portrait” screen like most of these size do, meaning there some viewing angle issue between the two eyes…

    I just can’t imagine how bad this screen will look like at 1.44″

      1. Looks nice even if tiny, I can’t find information on viewing angles through… plenty of information on the driver chip, none on the panel… the major grip on the TM022HDH26 was not the resolution, it’s the vertical viewing angle (since it’s mounted sideways and since it’s vertical view angle are bad it means that one eye gets a lighter image and the second a darker image which is not comfortable in the least.

    1. It does have HDMI out.However, I’ve played hours and hours on the Tiny Pi Pro. Retro games like sonic the hedgehog, micromachines, basically any old school Gameboy game, plays perfectly clear. Text is crisp. It’s 100% playable. Besides that it comes as a kit. It can be built in 10 minutes. Requires no soldering. And would be perfect for STEM learning and maker clubs etc. Check out @pi0cket on Instagram or Twitter and you can see for yourself.

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