Yet Another DIY Handheld Pi Gaming Console

The Raspberry Pi is a great platform for running retro video games, and with the addition of some buttons, a TFT screen and some speakers it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to get a working console up and running. If you have access to even a cheap 3D printer, a good-looking DIY console is well within reach for not a lot of money. YouTube user [DIY Engineering] has a bunch of consumer-grade fabrication tools and has designed and built a high-end but still DIY RetroPi gaming console, the RKDR II.

Among the tools that [DIY Engineering] has are both a FDM and DLP 3D printer, a reflow oven, a couple of different CNC machines and a laser cutter. They are all consumer grade, but not necessarily cheap – especially combined! [DIY Engineering] uses Fusion3D to model the case, bezel and circuit board, the latter of which is a 4 layer board designed in Eagle and sent off to be fabbed. The buttons, D-pad, screen and battery are bought off the shelf, but everything else is DIY. Check out the video for the details – the tools used, and the design files, are linked in the information section under the video on YouTube.

Sure, the cost of the tools is out of reach for most people, but it is affordable when compared to the professional gear. It just goes to show that it’s the design that matters, not necessarily the tools – although, having the tools certainly does help. There have been a few DIY consoles we’ve featured over the years, like the NinTIMdo and we’ve also seen DIY emulators like the Pintendo.


2 thoughts on “Yet Another DIY Handheld Pi Gaming Console

  1. I can imagine the guy from [DIY Engineering] having some beers with his friends, and one of them saying: “I bet you can’t make a simple project using all the gizmos yo have in your workshop” and the answer “I can, I’ll do It and I’ll upload a video to youtube”. XD

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