Art Project Analyzes Every Public Recording Of Facebook’s CEO Since 2004

[Benjamin Grosser] had a simple question: “What does Mark Zuckerberg think about?” The resulting art project is named ORDER OF MAGNITUDE and to create it he researched archives of every public utterance the founder and CEO of the world’s largest social media network has made, going as far back as 2004.

The end product is a nearly fifty-minute film consisting entirely of cuts centered around what [Benjamin] says are three of the Facebook CEO’s most favored and often-used terms:

  • The word “more”
  • The word “grow”
  • Metrics such as “ninety-nine percent”, “two million”, and terms of that nature.

The idea is that the resulting video provides insight into what Mark Zuckerberg thinks about, has focused on, and how that has (or has not) changed between 2004 and now.  How well does ORDER OF MAGNITUDE do that? Watch the video below, and judge for yourself.

“More” does seem to sum it up. More users, more data, and more of your personal info whether Facebook discloses it or not.

15 thoughts on “Art Project Analyzes Every Public Recording Of Facebook’s CEO Since 2004

      1. Nonsense. This “art” is clearly making a value judgement. Ineptly, because all they show is that he says a lot of numbers. ANYBODY in business, talking about business, talks about numbers, and growth, and comparative numbers. For crying out loud, some of the clips have numbers as low as 200. It takes some kind of megalomaniac to use numbers THAT big.

        1. Yes, this art is making a value judgement. That’s because it’s conceptual art (aka art), rather than just pretty pictures.
          You are free to agree or disagree with it.
          Cf. Every major art movement.

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