New Contest: Connected World

We’re on the lookout for the most interesting connected projects, things that communicate wirelessly to do something clever. Show us your creations and you can win the Connected World contest.

Chances are you’ve already been automating the world around you with wireless connections. This could be as simple as WiFi, or as convoluted as systems separated by miles yet connected via line-of-site laser communications. It could be 433 MHz wireless modules, or Bluetooth steering wheel control for your miniature robot. We’d really like to see a washing machine with a satellite uplink but we’d better be careful what we wish for.

We’ll pick the top 20 entries based on your creativity, execution, functionality, and how well you tell the backstory. Each will receive a free PCB coupon for up to $50 from OSH Park. Additionally, we’ll award the title of Best Project, Best Aesthetic, Best Documentation, and Best Media to four entries and give each a $100 Tindie gift card.

Don’t delay, put your project up on and use the dropdown box on the left sidebar to enter it in the Connected World contest.

6 thoughts on “New Contest: Connected World

  1. Teledildonics
    There definitely needs to be teledildonics.
    Hey, don’t block me, people who have to travel a lot miss their significant others and have feelings too!

  2. I really need to revive the “anything but ethernet” contest as an online thing. We did it in person at Notacon from 2005-06-07 and maybe more years but documentation is *really* spotty.

  3. I wish this had been posted/i had seen it earlier. I have parts for my project on the slowboat and only knowing about it 4 days before deadline it would be difficult to document a project I was not going to write up in that time let alone do that and spend time trying to rapidly acquire the parts Im waiting on. probably I will just post it later doh

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