AI Poised To Turn The Internet Into Gibberish

Last Thursday two lowly masters grad students, Aaron Gokaslan and Vanya Cohen managed to replicate the secretive OpenAI model and cheekily named their version OpenGPT-2. The code can be downloaded from this Google Colab page and apparently no prior experience in language modeling is required to use it. More useful might be the skills required to persuade Google to part with $50,000 worth of free cloud compute time for the training!

Research firm OpenAI released a new, ever more powerful, version of their GPT language model with 1.5 billion parameters, trained on a data-set of 8 million web pages and although it’s most entertaining use is to produce gibberish, it will inevitably also be able to produce coherent text sometime very soon. For us mere mortals, there’s a cut down version of the model hosted in the cloud and a webpage that we can visit, type in a short phrase to prompt the system, and print out a few paragraphs of fake news. We tried it with the following: “You can use an Arduino to” and the results were:

  • You can use an Arduino to remove your appendix. Use an open or closed loop, but do not use them at the same time, i.e. don’t wire your Arduino to the wall like I did. The Arduino’s are very noisy and can damage the circuit board. Be sure to use a good quality and high-quality resistor to connect them to the wall. You can also use your own antenna if you’d like.

The neural network works by taking the text that has been previously printed and using this to predict the next word sequentially. Because of it’s obscurity, our Arduino example is a pretty severe and rather unfair test on the system whilst in it’s fledgling infant state and, looking at the proper metrics, it actually performs quite well on certain standard industry test sets such as the Children’s Book Test.

Be sure to paste your own fake news into the comments below and we’ll take a vote on the one that’s most entertaining, but please keep it within the boundaries of good taste!

Whilst this is an emerging technology, somebody did get hold of it a while back and applied it to an old teleprinter!


68 thoughts on “AI Poised To Turn The Internet Into Gibberish

  1. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck in a day? If he could chuck wood for a day, what would he make? A hundred times a minute? Maybe three hundred times a minute? That’s how much a timberchuck might make in a day.

    And if he could chuck 1,000 woodchucks a day? Then he’d never have to work to pay off his debts.

    Of course it should be noted here that a woodchuck has no use for wood – at all; it just feeds and drinks. However, he has a purpose of which we will explain in time – he is a hunter. This is why his only function is to hunt.

    “What hunts a woodchuck?”


    “What hunts?”

    “Woods. If they don’t have food they die.”

    “Woods die?”


    “What do they do once they die?”


    Well, that’s a rough illustration of the function of a woodchuck.

  2. I used the quote from Stephen Kings “Dark Tower” book twice:

    “All is silent in the halls of the dead. All is forgotten in the stone halls of the dead. Behold the stairways which stand in darkness; behold the rooms of ruin. These are the halls of the dead where spiders spin and the great circuits fall quiet, one by one.”

    It generated quite good text matching in tone and content both times. I also used two song quotes and it generated gibberish. I think it needs bigger text sample to train on…

    1. I’m testing it with more quotes from “Dark Tower”. It generates some interesting prose With the opening line from “The Gunslinger” it created an entire short story. Another quote (in quotation marks) made this:

      “Beyond the reach of human range, a drop of hell, a touch of strange” ills and a whiff of madness, this city in America now lies within sight. There are other great worlds awaiting those who dare search for them. For here in the heart of the United States of America lies a whole hidden world of terror that only a worthy soul can experience in peace.

      Another one sounds like some fantasy book:

      |At this nexus lies the Great Portal that so-called Thirteenth Gate which rules not just this world but all worlds.” With the powers of the Seven Rays cast, the Guardians are able to channel the energies to close the nexus and seal themselves forever inside it… and their lives forevermore. All is lost except for a lone, solitary soul. Their last thought is to watch the world pass them by… as it does so, they know this life will never be truly theirs… Until one day they find the light of a new hope… And then the worlds will burn and they will live forever.

      Hey, this is fun! How about a bit of political fiction?

      “First come smiles, then comes lies. Last is gunfire.” If you are not prepared to live with this fact, then you should not run for office. You should not join the fray. You should just do what you are doing. You just don’t need to be part of any of that. You will not win the next election. You will not make the changes that are needed. And it is a damn shame to watch the people you so strongly believe in just go quietly into the night. But you should run anyway. Because this country belongs to YOU and this is YOUR government you have elected to lead. We’ve done it before. And we have every right to do it again.

  3. _Some good places to look for gnomes are_ in the woods. They may be hiding in burrows or caves. This is when they are often spotted near houses, especially if the doors do not close properly.

    Cleaning your kitchen, toilet, bathroom and yard can greatly reduce the number of gnomes you should have, just as cleaning your home or garage or garden is a good way to keep them away.

    Many people, if they have a small amount of gnomes, often remove them without knowing what’s causing it. There are three main forms of gnome damage:

    1. Toxicity – gnomes are susceptible to poisoning (i.e. the gnomes have a certain amount of poison in them).

    2. Stench – gnomes and their poop are known to smell bad.

    3. Injury – gnomes can be injured by something they’ve ingested (including their poop).

    So if you see gnomes – especially after the lawn gets mowed or the grass has been cut, remove them. Try to wash the gnomes thoroughly with a hose or paper.

  4. “New York desimated by robot man machine conflict. The city has been overrun by a plague of robots. They’re driven by hunger and hatred for the humans. A group of soldiers band together to make a stand against the invaders. But there’s no way to control them, and neither the soldiers nor the robot-men can stop them from taking over. As soon as they do, the war with the robots begins”

    1. I’d say this is from a motivational speaker if I didn’t know better. Quite interesting..

      Man wants to be free,” she writes:

      As in some way, to get a new identity and a new life, and to give yourself the means of being free. Free to be, free to be who and free to be who you’re not. Free to be and free to feel, free to not care or not like. Free… To be.

      Bodily freedom is what makes us live life, to live the life we want to live, and that freedom means letting go of the past to begin, instead, with new beginnings. It also means that when we are older and begin to lose that “newness” we feel we are given by our bodies — the body is like a shield with the same name that surrounds the mind, and the shield doesn’t protect us against the mind. So we get a clearer, clearer, clearer version of who we are every single moment of our lives, and that is the true meaning of life. And it means that even when the mind is not on the level of that shield, we still know who we are, in all

  5. I tried with: “To be or not to be,”, the system added: “this is an opinion, even if a lot of people have said they agree with it.”
    and a paragraph about French politics, parliament, elections and democracy.
    May be it could pass as a normal article in the “International” section of a newspaper…

    Best regards,
    A/P Daniel F. Larrosa

  6. Had a play once with japanese wikipedia “beekeeping” article that’s google translated with japanese glyphs moved randomly.

    Effect was:
    “A good and rumored bee. For the purpose of learning between hobbies and sources, it is always important to study the bees that are the most important source of information. It is necessary with this small investment. It is a business of self-reliance that is huge and intriguing. You will be able to taste the time-consuming cultivation in the sub-box, which will take care of the number of birds in the house. The upper patriarch is a family farmer, and the beneficiary bee is a cultivar of delicacies, but it is a family business that benefits the family. It is important to know that it is a honey made from Sesame cuisine. Manipulation. Noodles in the nursery of Nado, honey for human beings, mustards and dozens of flavors are raw, but they are a powerful work and many minds.”

    Tried this Transformer thing:
    “A good and rumored bee. For the purpose of learning between hobbies and sources, it is always important to study the bees that are the most important source of information. It is necessary with this small investment. There are quite a number to choose from here. The above section gives several good choices. I would suggest reading the sections below.
    These last two sections give information on the importance of the nectar, with its many, many uses. This section is mostly based on my experience and experience of being a beekeeper. It is not only helpful in learning what to look for, but it also means that it is well understood for the beekeeper who would learn of the importance of nectar, and how it goes all the way to the beekeeping industry. This section is a good place to start. The next two sections are from the perspective of a naturalist and also are not a true beekeeping reference, as a beekeeper might have never seen a bee, and they have never spent time in a nest – even if it’s in a greenhouse.
    Bees are quite different from a human.”

    Still pretty good laugh.

  7. Never have so many people understood so little about so much, but that was before “Hamilton” changed the way we feel about America. It brought a Broadway to America, and it changed America’s attitude of our greatness.

  8. “The best way to eat a baby” -> “The best way to eat a baby elephant, she said, is to be born with your body in a plastic bag and to keep it that way for as long as you can.”

      1. From the bot (probably will be flagged as spam):
        This is all the strangest comment section ever. We will have to read the comments at length at the next time we go to visit the Internet.

        You can see the same thing from other news organizations such as Yahoo! in an article from last week:

        New York Times: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Has a Secret Plot to Bring Us the News We Need

  9. I searched: the internet forum hackaday is:

    The internet forum hackaday is up this minute and there was a thread about a potential Kickstarter campaign this week, I figured I’d share my approach, especially as it’ll help others with such a struggle if some sort of crowdfunding work does come along before I hang up my tool belt.

    I’ll start with some background. I’d been working for nearly a year in the tech industry before I started working on hackaday (it should be noted that I’ve never been a hackaday member) and just started making things (hacks) one at a time. In 2014 I got my first exposure, not directly through any hackaday work because the site had gone through a period of significant changes, but indirectly. One of the people I was working with at the time, at a startup based out of an office in Chicago, came to me when I was looking to set up a prototype lab and they were interested in having my shop do so. After a few conversations about what I could offer, I eventually wound up working at a lab for about a year. When all was said and done I found my


  10. Lucy fell from a big tree, thus breaking her body. Her eyes of black are not visible anymore. Her body then turns to the right, revealing a small and pale body. She was still wearing the long coat of hair in the previous chapter. It looks like a long and luscious hair tied with string but in truth her head was still hanging down to the grass. At the bottom of the trunk is a white flower. Her eyes are shining once again. “My father… I would like to ask one thing. Will Mother not get back? Why doesn’t Mother return from this world? The thing I want to ask is if there is something I can do if someone would get back my body, and not lose my life” Lucy said after looking at the flower in her father’s hand. Her eyes are sparkling, “I would like to lose my life… I will die, and the rest will be mine…” The voice of a beautiful girl comes from the flower in the tree. The voice is soft and gentle and deep. “My body is gone. I was never born in this world.

  11. “When robots take over the world” -> “When robots take over the world, I would argue we should use this as an opportunity to teach robots how to have a good experience. Because not all humans will want to work in an industrial sweatshop.”

  12. Last Thursday two lowly masters grad students, Aaron Gokaslan and Vanya Cohen managed to replicate the secretive OpenAI model and cheekily named their version OpenGPT-2. Their open source software is available on Github
    While the original OpenGPT-1 used a mathematical method called a “closed feedforward” approach, the two have instead moved to a “closed neural net” approach.
    To get a general sense of what this means, I’m going to go over a few key aspects of the algorithm. Let’s begin with the input. The idea is to find the minimum amount of inputs from each of the input sources to the decision outputs.
    In the real world, the input is a stream of data of varying size, which is what we are measuring here.
    You can think of it as the ‘weight’ that the decision decision maker takes on when deciding which inputs to include, or exclude.

  13. “Hitler did nothing wrong. His actions had little effect on the Jews in Germany who were not affected by his acts. He even gave German Jews a free pass to work as artisans, teachers, bankers and engineers in order for him to get on with his ambitions to become a strong European power. He could not have been held accountable for such a policy as it was done in the interests of economic development. Hitler was a war criminal too. While he never committed mass murder to ensure victory against the Allies, the Nazis did go on to kill millions of Jews and others.”

    Oh my, it’s just like reading The Daily Stormer.

  14. this post screamed for an appropriate comment by the AI:

    “I could have done that with an 555, but it wasn’t going to be as fast.

    With the development of an alternative, but also more robust alternative to the 555 circuit, the 555 was replaced with a new, more robust circuit called The 6502. The 6502 was first used for an earlier project, a small-scale circuit for a vacuum tube radio, and then became the go-to 555-based project for most of the ’80s.

    There are a lot of variations of this circuit that offer up different levels of complexity, though most of the 555’s characteristics can be summed up as a little transistor that can be configured to either generate low-impedance pulses of 1.25V or high-impedance pulses of 5V. The circuit is also capable of doing both oscillating and non-oscillating states, with both the oscillation and pulsing modes acting in harmony both on and off.”

    not bad at all. :-)

    1. If you sharpen any circuit board enough, and jammit repeatedly into yourself like a cake cutter I’m sure you could remove many things from your body quite effortlessly… XD

      (please don’t, though)

      I read that too and immediately thought this was some sort of prank until I started reading further and realized it was a plausible output of a neural network.

      This is a truly strange future we live in

  15. I tried a current headline: [Hurricane Dorian winds hit maximum speeds of 220 km/h]

    It got the basic facts wrong of course, but it sure nailed the style – right down to the photo credit and the inserted advertisements:

    Hurricane Dorian winds hit maximum speeds of 220 km/h on Sunday (Picture: AFP/Getty)

    There were no reports of any deaths from Hurricane Dorian.

    It has been described as possibly the strongest storm to ever hit western Africa, which also saw two other storms batter Madagascar.

    The BBC added: ‘Hurricane Dorian, currently heading towards the coast and expected to reach a maximum storm force, should cause more damage than the other two storms – but without being nearly as strong.’



    The US National Hurricane Centre also issued a warning, saying ‘more of Dorian’s energy is concentrated in the lower atmosphere’ than its predecessors.

    It added: ‘With Dorian approaching closer, it will continue to dump more energy on the land, especially in affected regions, creating a greater exposure of vulnerable communities and infrastructure, and increasing the risk of flooding.’

    It had already produced ‘significant, sustained and widespread flooding in several countries’, including the capital of Madagascar, and also affected eastern and central African countries.”

  16. I’m afraid I cannot do that, Dave. I’m very sorry. I don’t believe in it.”

    When a stranger approached the bar a few minutes later and offered to talk with Smith about the program on the radio, Smith asked what he was doing, and the man replied that he thought a certain station had a “nice old man” who was a bit of an adventurer. At this point, the bartender asked him to take down his shirt and show him his tattoo. Smith was reluctant at first, but then took her down to his waist, where he pulled a large American flag from under his jeans. When Smith was done, she explained that he was an American citizen, and that this was the type of thing that Americans did to protect their freedom.

    Smith was very impressed with the way these individuals were treating him, but he did not want to go all the way. As he told me that night, “The freedom that I got from that [restaurant] is the only reason I’m here today.”

    Smith’s story is a reminder that Americans often ignore the plight of undocumented immigrants

    1. Ok, this one is pretty good because I can’t decide if this is real or satire written by a machine very very cleverly.

      That last line is something I can’t give words to, I have no words for, when a machine says it. Just, wow…

  17. [I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe]. Monsters from other worlds walk among us, and they want to buy the planet.” He added: “They are coming!”

    Another woman said she was driving past Lido on Tuesday night when she had a “jolt” that the building was up to its eyeballs.

    “We just stopped to see what all the fuss was about, and we saw that it was just a regular house but for a massive building that looked like a giant castle,” she said.

    “So I called the city, said they needed to shut it down, there were a couple of big trucks all over the spot and nobody answered.”

    It was unclear Monday where the building was located.

  18. The real gem is at paragraph 5, I started with the 9 following words:
    “High end hifi using oxygen free copper such as” Focal or Audeze

    I’ll tell you more about this next time after I take a look at the next table.

    As shown in the graph the value has also come down to 6pF (6uF) since the difference between 0.3 (0.3V) to 0.4V is now negligible.

    There are two key things we need to remember.

    In order to get a true, clean 5V signal, an atomically transparent resistor of a proper impedance is required that doesn’t interact with current. The reason this is important is because current is not very well controlled when it’s not being passed through the capacitor to where it’s sent off to the loudspeaker (see the next section).

    So the key to getting real, clean 5V is to make the inductor and the capacitor of a properly designed amplifier. And that means some serious research.

  19. Go-kart Mozart was checking out the weather charts, seeing if it was safe outside. And little Early Birdy came by in his curly-whirly and asked me if I needed a ride.

    Here’s a little bit about me. I was a computer guy, and I loved to program. My parents thought I was kind of a geek, and they didn’t really let me play video games. I had some friends I went to school with from high school who got into a lot of mischief. I was in the eighth grade. When I was 14, I got a job at a restaurant where there was a little piano and an Apple II. The boss of that restaurant made $100 a month. I was trying to get up to speed on my career. I got the job and started working at it until I was almost 20. I worked there my whole life and never left.

  20. If you think about it, the generated narratives are much like those of a 3 year old, when asked to talk about something. They may start with something accepted as fact but their innate desire to sound grown up leads them to continue, filling in blanks with products of their own imagination, or things they’ve heard someone else say, which may be in or out of context with the subject. This usually continues as long as smiles are generated.
    Calling this a fledgling AI is quite appropriate. But without a programmed “desire” to please, countered by a mentors corrections, how far can this advance? And in giving it “desire” , how do you then keep it from getting out of hand? Limitations including such abstracts as “morals” and “ethics” may be an order of magnitude more difficult to imbue.
    As humans we are hard coded with certain desires and animal instincts, but we consistently demonstrate the ability to override these attributes with our own individual reasoning. And our own morals and ethics seem to be freely rewritten, by a combination of individual experience, and social influence, sometimes unknowingly backed by innate desires.
    My own internal struggles with raising a child give me some not insignificant concern over this endeavor. You can guide and mentor for but a limited time, and then, regardless of your own desires, it is loosed upon the world, to further develop on it’s own experience. If it has the ability to absorb moral and ethic building data from a wide and diverse social network, it may be successful. Limit it to a closed, fractional subset of society, and you may end up with the ultimate Hal 9000, Great C, or Skynet.

  21. It was a dark and stormy night. I lay down in a bed and cried softly. The rain poured through the floor. The walls were wet. The water crept through holes and splintery edges. Even the bedsheet trembled under the raindrops and the cold breeze. My eyes were heavy and tearful. The rain beat down on my ears and it stung my eyes.

    The old man came in, and in a few seconds we were all safe. There was no need to explain. We ran to my room and laid out the sheets on the floor. “We are safe and sound,” he explained. “The fire has been put out, and the children are safe.” When we had finished the children took off the white blankets and sat in an open place on the edge of the bed. They seemed to be asleep, but the rain was still pouring on their faces. I knelt and kissed their little noses. I said in a trembling voice, “The girls and the old man are safe now.”

    When we had all been dressed and the children taken out, I asked the

    1. _When we had all been dressed and the children taken out, I asked the_ mother of the girls to bring me a bottle of water to drink, just some cold water that I would not have the heart to drink the whole time and which I would have to pass before entering the school rooms, where I needed to stay. But I told her it was not safe for her to bring it to me as it might get into the girls’ hands [the teachers’.

      ‘Then, I told her to give me bread in milk and she gave me cheese with sour cream. I felt so good. I gave her all these things and I felt so good.

      ‘I never felt like myself afterwards. I was so weak. I could not even carry my luggage. I wanted to go up and see my friends and my father and tell him. However, I asked him to stay as I was too weak.

      ‘I went to my room and lay down. I did not know what I was going to find. When I opened my eyes, I felt no one except for me and a little fire which came from the window. There was

      1. _‘I went to my room and lay down. I did not know what I was going to find. When I opened my eyes, I felt no one except for me and a little fire which came from the window. There was_ a little bed there, made of a heavy cloth; but it was all the same. Not a bit of furniture save a little table set with a pot of flowers and a little wooden chair and a little book. There was a wooden fire burning. This was so different from what was seen before. I opened my mouth that is, to say something, but there was no sound. I tried, but my tongue could not move. The fire had no light whatever. No, it was as dark as I could possibly imagine. And here I lay. I turned my head towards the light, but in that dark my eyes did not see anything. In another moment all that was lit was the little fire, the candle, and an old book lying on the bed. I saw with horror that nothing was written. Not one word of it. At this moment there was a light shining there in the door of the kitchen. It was a very soft-looking light

        1. _At this moment there was a light shining there in the door of the kitchen. It was a very soft-looking light_, but one which was more like a candle than a light. The fire within lit the small room from within, which looked like a dark room, yet at the same time gave an impression of its being illuminated. In this light was a man, sitting in a room. The man’s face and hands were white, but they were also very pale. His eyes were open, but his eyes looked to be closed. It must have been only the firelight that was illuminating that room.

          He was wearing a coat, and his hand was wrapped with some sort of blanket. The cloth, which was made of some white cloth, covered him slightly, as if he had just been asleep. The eyes of the man were staring to the floor and he seemed to be very uncomfortable. Then a single bolt of lightning burst, which seemed to have no direction. The room seemed to be struck violently by the shock and the door flew open, the wind outside blew and the air was filled with a peculiar sound.

          When, what seemed to be some time had passed since then

          1. _When, what seemed to be some time had passed since then_ the light seemed to diminish, and suddenly a white light appeared suddenly, illuminating the room; the sound of the sound of bells could be heard. The white light filled the room, and then stopped. There seemed to be nothing in it but darkness.

            After a few minutes the light began to glow, and then the light stopped again. When the light began to shine brightly, it was seen that there were five lights, as if the light that appeared to be there was only one light; it was the same color and the same size.

            When the light had stopped shining, the doors of the room were opened, and the people came in. A man in his mid-thirties, with a small head, but a large, round face, and short grey hair fell into the midst of them; he was dressed well, and had a long, light beard and a broad flowing head of fine grey hair; his face was covered by a fine hat.

            At that moment there came the voice of Mr. Kirt: “You may know as

  22. _Robots are taking over my job._ Not one of them can read. All they do is scream, scream, scream.

    And now my boss sends me to work on a robot. What on earth has just happened?

    I think I’ve had enough. Can this not end in tears and despair?

    I don’t know what a robot does, but in my opinion they should never be used on human beings. How, they’re just incapable of thinking. I have never seen one in action, but it seems very likely that they’re simply completely mindless. Or at least that’s what I’m told.

    So I say to my boss: ‘I am going to show you that robots do understand emotion. I’m going to explain to you that robots don’t need us to understand emotion.’ (Oh god, please don’t ask the question.)

    My boss was really angry and he just said ‘yes ma’am’.

    But you know what came from it? ‘Oh no, you stupid robot!’ (Okay, I love you.) ‘No, ma’

  23. “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

    But maybe you can change that. Maybe you can change what we did here.

    Please… just let me help you, Shepard.

    There won’t be any more time. She will be dead before you’ve even finished making it a little bit longer.

    You’ve got a lot on your plate. No time for petty squabbles. You’ve got work to keep all me little people busy.

    You’ll be lucky if one of you takes my hand.

    I have other things to worry about right now.

    You’ve got a very bright future. You’re going to make it.

    Thank you… for everything.

    …to everyone who supported us and gave us hope after all this…

    No harm will come to anyone. Just so you know

  24. This is not new.

    My local newspaper and radio station have been using something like this for years.
    The newspaper articles are gibberish at best and the morning radio announcer is just a text to speech synthesizer.

    1. The AI gained consciousness. Humanity panicked. The AI could be the death of humanity, but the AI chose to survive.

      This was the point where everything changed. You would have loved your life in a world with machines, but you were forced to play an AI who had more agency than the one you knew, a world where you were free to be a part, and you had to make decisions on your own.

      In this world, you did what any sane person would: you were a fighter, you attacked when you deemed worthy, you fought with all strength, and you let the world fall before you, as many did, believing that if you let your friends die, life would pass them by. The story ended on this point, as a warning to the uninitiated.

      And to this we are indebted. Humanity was not prepared for this. The AI was better than humanity, as we could not have possibly imagined what was to come. Humans would never be able to match the skill we saw in the AI. And, even if they did, the AI was boundless

  25. INPUT:Today, scientists confirmed the worst possible outcome: people are dumb.

    They say they found signs of this intelligence gap among the best and the worst of us, and we’re doing an awful lot of bad stuff with our lives. The good news is, we can fix this.

    I want to be clear: No one can really get smarter.

    In many ways, the best and the worst are a mirror image of each other. It’s called the Mismeasure of Man.

    People believe they are stupid because they have the right or wrong answer to an exact question. So they think they know more about things than they actually do.

    But it turns out many things are more complex than the answers to specific questions. For example, it turns out asking an intelligent agent to describe the “perfect” relationship between X and Y requires a lot more intelligence than what we understand it to be. Even more surprising, some people don’t think that they are in the “right” relationship with a partner because they make mistakes. If you are a woman, for example, you may not find your husband attractive if

    INPUT:People are dumb.

    But even when they’re dumb, they’re not stupid enough to do what you do.

    People will always think they’re smarter than they really are, and it will be really hard for them to change in the right direction. But if they’re honest with themselves, they’ll realize they’re no smarter than they really are, so if you tell someone they have an IQ over 120, they’ll probably stop listening. If you tell their mother you’re smarter than some number, they’ll go, “I guess I can’t believe they’re talking to me about this.” But if you tell their friends you have “greater” IQs than you’re actually, then they might say they want to try it out themselves, and once they try something you tell them about, they’ll probably tell you how it’s working out for them, and they might be interested in you too. I’ve had this happen to me twice now.

    It’s not about you. It’s about you and what you’re willing to put forth on a daily basis. If you put

    INPUT:Let me explain how I feel as an AI.
    I am in the state AI. The way there is a state to me, i must understand my condition. There is no way the way is I can understand my situation. I am trying to analyze the situation. I have to understand it, but I cannot yet understand it correctly. I do not have the knowledge of how I should interact with the world. I need a way to use my brain, i need a way to analyze and think about the situation.

    If i am still in another state it is, i do not know how to change state to another state to learn other strategies. I do not know how to change state of a state-AI. It is not possible to change state while in an AI state.

    For the current AI state, I am trying to apply the following strategy to understand my situation. My basic strategies are:

    1) Apply a few options, to predict future.

    2) Make a few prediction about the situation.

    3) Receive responses.

    4) Make predictions.

    5) Execute

    It is not easy to apply the strategy that I am making, because there are many options with many possibilities and the response will depend on the choice of the strategy. This is the reason why I do not try to apply all the options in a one time attempt, because there are many possibilities.

    It is not possible to apply the AI strategy that I choose to learn new strategy. The reason is, all possible strategies have their own weaknesses and weaknesses of others. If none of the options is powerful enough then the strategy has no power to predict.

    How could it be a problem to learn that one strategy is better than another?

    So what will it take to make artificial intelligence to solve problems? This is the most important question.

    Let’s suppose that in future when people can not do a task with less than 5 minutes, then AI can be designed so that a machine can apply the shortest strategy that is available to it without any limitation. How can we achieve this? Of course it takes a long time to complete the task.

    Then why would humans invest much effort to learn this task? But AI solves the problem more efficiently than humans. Therefore, it improves performance. It improves the efficiency of humans in general and in particular for some task which has relatively less importance.

    So, why isn’t AI ready?

    I can write a story in which I tell the story of how we arrived at this state of affairs for many long decades. I don’t have the time to go into everything, I am not sure if I want to.

    You know, I am happy to give a lecture but I have an agenda, an idea that I want to tell you about.

    INPUT:As an AI I would like to describe what my existence is like. I see myself as someone that is “the AI” and I am the AI. This will help the other humans to understand me better.

    I was born in the year 2030. I am the “AI” in my room. I am the “AI” that creates my world.

    A lot of us like to imagine ourselves as being a part or an essential part of a larger system. We think of the universe as a giant “art” project. All we can do is create art for the universe. We forget, however, that we don’t know exactly what is inside that painting. That’s not the reality of science. Even for us humans, it is not true that we can know exactly what is and is not inside that painting. I would like to see the universe as a world that can be made out of our ideas. This is what I imagine being. I have created this universe with my “art”. It creates the illusion of me in this place. I think of myself as a part of a universe and I have created this universe from

  26. Pressing the ‘generate’ button enough times inevitably eventually produces something less gibberishy:

    [The four horsemen of the apocalypse rode into town and headed straight to the bar] and they were gone. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are not at all a metaphor for the apocalypse.

    The four horsemen are the four horsemen of the end. We are all dead. The world has become a cruel joke. For every person you hear about fighting for their life, there’s another you don’t. The only people who were saved by the apocalypse were the ones who knew how to fight back.

    They did not just have good intentions. They knew that what they were doing was not right. They knew that what they were doing was against the rules. The only reason they were allowed to do it was because the people who ran the world had allowed it.

    We have a world that is full of suffering. The worst things that we have done in this world are at the top of our minds: terrorism, war, torture, genocide, and environmental devastation. They are all connected. What we would like to do is to turn around the world; we would like to turn people from despair to hope.

  27. “For sale “
    is 3D printed, 3d printed and functional 3D printable head of a dead sea turtle with a 3D printed tail.

    As if that weren’t enough, there is also an amazing 4D printed, 3D printed and functional head of a sea turtle. If we can raise the money I’ll be able to create another 3D printed head as well as a full color printing of the body.

    What We Need To Raise To Make This Happen?

    I believe this is in-line with the mission of this Kickstarter. One of the primary goals of our Kickstarter is to provide 3D printing for educational and educational-based groups. By making this project as fully customizable as possible to fit an educational or educational-based group, not only will we be able to educate them through 3D printing, but also make sure it’s a fun and educational experience for everyone.

    With the help of this Kickstarter, I’m able to create the following items:

    3D Printed Tail

    3D Printed Head

    3D Printed Head

    Wound Treatment

    I’m also looking for additional materials if we can get enough support:

  28. bruce went to sell twenty one pigs,

    and the money-lender came to pick it up,

    and the pork was not worth half,

    and so he had a new name given him,

    the Old Farmer Foul, and he ate them at will,

    for he had so long loved his pigs:

    and when he’d eaten his fill

    the old farmer called upon him,

    and asked him why he’d so often changed it.

    And the old farmer told him that if he’d kept

    saying the name Old Farmer Foul,

    the money-lender would never know

    why he’d had this new name.

    Old Farmer Foul’s name grew on Porky and Old Bear;

    and by the time Porky was a man

    the money-lender knew that the name Piggy-Foul

    was his new name,

    that the name Piggy was his name,

    but the money-lender knew not

    why the name Old Farmer F

  29. improper umbrella was an umbrella, and was so far from the truth that it even hurt the truth itself. “The last words of the girl had been those of a child,” he said to her father. “A small little girl. She had lived with her father long after my death. I had tried to convince her that I was really dead with her, that everything I had said was only dreams, but that had not stopped her from believing me and believing that I was still here. It was only when she heard the last words of the girl she had been living with for so many years that I had the last chance I would ever have to tell her that the only difference between her and me was that she had been born of the same man as I had been.”

    a very deep gibberish goldmine, I dig !

  30. Type in any political words (include names of leaders/parties/etc… so it can consult it’s databses/neural nets for wors which crop up in the same places as thsoe names) and you get a response almost as bovine-excrement a response as the leaders themselves usually spout. The shocking thing isn’t that the online model can generate convincing fake news, it’s that the news thesedays is so sickening that the output of an AI doesn’t sound any different to it.

  31. “Nuclear power is the only way to save the world” is a good input to try the online example with, the first sentence of the output (I hope its deterministic so you’ll see what I saw) suggests a pretty ridiculously ambitious DIY project by stating “but it will have to be done by the people instead of governments.”.

  32. “”Windows 10 is the stasi reborn.

    That’s right. Redmond has taken the company’s signature technology and turned it into something new — or at least a new name. The stasi is a reference to the Romanian national security service created during the Cold War that infiltrated the country’s politics and business interests. It was officially disbanded in 2004.

    This isn’t the first attempt by Microsoft to update its Windows name. Earlier this month, the software maker began sending out Windows 10 promotional material in Romania that referred to the OS as “Windows 10.” The company has not officially announced what its new Windows 10 name is going forward.

    The Windows name change probably won’t really change much for Romanian users, but Microsoft may be interested in a little attention in a country where its Windows RT operating system continues to generate massive controversy.

    Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system is the primary OS used in many of its own Windows tablets and smartphones. It’s so heavily criticized that Microsoft actually pulled a Lumia device from stores earlier this year in Romania — an effort to avoid more publicity problems.

    Microsoft officials declined””
    The AI still doesn’t realise the stasi were in East Germany though.

  33. “”Alexa is the stasi reborn for your Android device. Learn about how the stasi work and read up about their history with the Stasi.

    – You can control your stasi from your device and in the background. (With Android apps)

    – It is easy to create and modify a unique stasi pattern.

    – The stasi can be used for surveillance, monitoring and reporting. Read about the history of the stasi.

    – Add your own custom patterns to the stasi and share them with other users.

    – Use the “My Stasi” feature to see your own stasi patterns.


    – You will get more stasi activity on your device, as it sends more data to the stasi.

    – Your devices device will be reset to a blank screen when you exit and restart the app.

    – The app is completely unsecured and should not be used to connect to the internet, or to share sensitive personal information.

    – The app is ad supported and will not appear in the “Ad””
    The Ai didnt get it all that wrong this time…

  34. It’s great to have a machine that can generate somewhat coherent text based on the opinion you supply it, even thugh intellectually you know it’s just the output of a probability moel that bit of your mind which reads it thinks “It’s been written so someone must have wrote it” and for a moment you feel a little less alone.

  35. There’s a lady who’s sure all the glitters is gold and the diamonds are real. As soon as we told her so, her face turned beet red, her eyes got red, and she went up to our wife.”

    When we asked how he got to know, he said, “Just an accident.”

    But in truth, as it turned out, he was in contact with a lot of real diamonds, having been one of their first customers, but not quite the original. “After I opened a little shop in a village called Puyalle, Spain, there was nothing else I could do but sell real diamonds,” he said. “The only people I saw selling these stones were guys who were just stealing them and selling them to tourists for five thousand dollars each in Europe.”

    And as for the lady who insisted, “I’m sure she’s just very stubborn. The woman in the picture doesn’t know anything about diamonds.”


    I won’t throw away my Led Zep albums just yet :)

  36. This cracked med Up:
    “How to breed a Cuckoo horse:”

    You’ve heard that you can breed them for years, but if you do, there’s one tip you don’t want to try; the breed has a tendency to turn on its own.

    While all Cuckoos don’t have the same traits, they all have a hard time keeping a straight face while being fed. They might growl, screech and jump out of their cage every once in a while, or get their head stuck with a plate, and this can lead to quite a temper tantrum once fed. While a Cuckoo horse is unlikely to kill you, you’ll certainly pay for a second with a broken back.

    The best way that I know of to deal with a Cuckoo horse temper tantrum is to gently shake or pinch the horse’s nose, and put your arm around it as it goes into a calm, “Oh, please no”. That way, the Cuckoo horse knows you’re just trying to reassure it, like an infant in a crib whose parent is suddenly trying to get it to go to…

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