Upgrade Your Shades To Find Lost Items

Ever wish you could augment your sense of sight?

[Nick Bild]’s latest hack helps you find objects (or people) by locating their position and tracking them with a laser. The device, dubbed Artemis, latches onto your eyeglasses and can be configured to locate a specific object.

Images collected from the device are streamed to an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier board, which uses a SSD300 (Single Shot MultiBox Detection) model to locate objects. The model was pre-trained with the COCO dataset to recognize and localize 80 different object types given input from images thresholded in OpenCV. Once the desired object is identified and located, a laser diode activates.

Probably due to the current thresholds, the demo runs mostly work on objects placed further apart against a neutral background. It’s an interesting look at applications combining computer vision with physical devices to augment experiences, rather than simply processing and analyzing data.

The device uses two servos for controlling the laser: one for X-axis control and the other for Y-axis control. The controls are executed from an Adafruit Itsy Bitsy M4 Express microcontroller.

Perhaps with a bit more training, we might not have so much trouble with “Where’s Waldo” puzzles anymore.

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8 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Shades To Find Lost Items

  1. That’s really cool. Maybe some time in the future this will be running on glasses and able to tell you where you last had that torque wrench or sensor you were looking for. That would be a really neat application of AR.

  2. Every time I have to go pick up the dog poop from the yard, I dream of a computer vision system running on cameras pointed at my yard that detect when my dogs are in a pooping stance. Then it estimates their position, and keeps track of the poop on a map that feeds into laser pointer glasses just like this so I can instantly track where the next pile of poop is.

    1. Forget the laser pointer… go with a high power laser and just vaporize the poop so you don’t have to mess with it. Please do make sure your dogs are at a safe distance before activating the laser. I wonder, do they make laser eye protection to fit dogs?

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