An Arduino And An Enigma All Rolled Into One

This hacker has been wanting to design an Enigma machine simulator for a while, but didn’t take the leap until they realized there was a compact Arduino with a surplus of I/O.

The logs go through all sort of variations on the machine. Everything from a plug board variation similar to the original to a 16 segment LED tester are covered. In one of the posts you can even see it decode a real U-Boat message. 

The earlier revisions are housed in very attractive laser cut cases but the latest designs employ an even more elegant casing solution. The simulator uses 16 segment displays and momentary push buttons for the keys. At its core is a 2560 Pro mini. The write-up contains a lot of detail about the code behind the Enigma and is interesting to read.  Interestingly, the PCB was designed in Fritzing, the EDA software many love to hate.

We love the craftsmanship and attention going into this project and can see it turning into a very appealing kit as it goes through its design cycles.

7 thoughts on “An Arduino And An Enigma All Rolled Into One

    1. I really really dislike that attitude of people like you.

      He’s done a great job, using software he knows how to handle to get the job done.
      You don’t like that software? BETTER TELL EVERYONE… Ugh!

      1. Honestly this is why so many people done put out their work. People constantly criticize instead of praise. There are ways to criticize but constructively. Many do reconstructive criticism that make people not want to try or even publish their work. It’s getting old with keyboard warriors and trolls

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