This Ugly Christmas Sweater Can Set You On Fire

While Christmas may have just passed, there’s just enough time left in winter to justify wearing your ugly Christmas sweaters for a few more days. If you’re not one of the lucky ones with an old sweater from Grandma, you can still turn your least favorite sweater into the most epic flame-throwing Christmas sweater there ever was.

[JAIRUS OF ALL], maker of explosive and other dangerous ideas, came up with a DIY ugly Christmas sweater that shoots flames on command. In order to produce the flame-throwing effect, he uses piping from a fish tank airline hose with a T connector attached to one end and epoxied to the middle of the sweater. The piping runs down the sweater to a can of butane fuel that he can control from the nozzle. Once the fuel is being released, he uses a lighter to initiate the flames from the sweater.

The flames are quite impressive, so definitely use caution if you intend to replicate this build in any way. It would be helpful to have a friend with a CO2 fire extinguisher nearby as well.

For a less life-threatening build, fellow builder [Price] created a Christmas tree-themed sweater lined with LEDs and USB-powered figurines, connected to a power supply in his pocket.

9 thoughts on “This Ugly Christmas Sweater Can Set You On Fire

    1. CO2 is just fine to put out a fire on a burning person. Yes it is cold, but it won’t freeze anything with proper use. Since we assume an open environment, they won’t asphyxiate either. You are likely to run out of CO2 in a handheld unit than cause any “freezing” or fill a room enough to cause oxygen deprivation. Its the extinguisher of choice for stunts. Doesn’t make a mess either. The fire is the biggest and immediate threat that causes burns every second its active. Most synthetic clothes melt and turn into a goo that also burn severely… and sticks to skin, so the cool CO2 can help there. CO2 is rated class BC, so it may be weak to put out a class A fire. If a person is on fire, use whatever is available, including other clothes to smother the flames.

      Of course, a stunt that results in setting yourself on fire unintentionally would put it into the YouTube fail hit parade.

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