Spring Clamp Is Completely 3D Printed

Dual-filament printers may seem like a gimmick to the uninitiated, but they open up some powerful options for advanced designs. [Darren Tarbard] shows this off with a nifty spring clamp that is 3D printed in a single operation.

The clamp is similar to one you’d find at any hardware store. Standard PLA or ABS filaments can be used for the main body of the clamp, which has an integrated hinge. However, instead of having a typical metal spring, the element is instead 3D printed. The spring is created out of TPU filament, and printed in place. Different in-fill percentages on the spring component can vary the characteristics of the spring, making for a softer or firmer grip.

It’s a tidy example of the applications of dual-filament printing – and far more useful than using it to print bi-color Pikachus. 3D printers have much to offer in the world of tooling; they can even turn a bench vice into an effective press brake. Video after the break.

7 thoughts on “Spring Clamp Is Completely 3D Printed

  1. Our dollar stores (Dollarama) just got in these heavy duty clothes pegs $2 for 12 that are practically spring clamps. Open to about 2″ 50mm, but would probably be best at about an inch and a half or 38mm ish and down. Will take elastics around them if you need a very strong grip.

    1. Think bigger. With this technique, you can design and print custom and/or integral spring-loaded clamps or mechanisms that you can’t buy. That’s the take-away from this project, not that you can merely replicate existing mass-produced low-cost products.

  2. To me the advantage of multiple filament printers is still seen in supports that can be dissolved away, instead of needing to pick them away with tweezers and side cutters, but it is neat to see a final product with multiple materials. Sure, this print is kinda pointless…but the concept could be put to good use.

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