Hands-Free Oreo Dispenser, Now With Milk

A while back, [Emiel] aka [The Practical Engineer] created a hands-free Oreo dispenser for his shop. This was a necessary addition to his fleet of handy tools, and allowed him to multitask much more effectively by using a sander, for example, at the same time that he needed to eat a cookie. Of course, this time-saving device was missing one crucial element: milk. [Emiel] is back in this video to show off his milk-dispensing upgrade to his original Oreo dispenser.

A few ideas were considered before [Emiel] decided to build a separate unit for the milk dispenser, so as not to create a gigantic mess any time an Oreo was delivered, and also to maintain some decorum in the shop. He rebuilt the Oreo dispenser with a 3D printer and then also 3D printed the milk dispenser. The chin-activated switch inside the device turns on a small pump which squirts milk into the user’s mouth, presumably after an Oreo has been delivered.

There are a few problems with the build, but most are easily solved by replacing non-food-grade parts with plastic that is more safe for being around consumables. The only other thing we can see here is that it might be a little hard to keep things clean, both inside and out, but most Oreo-related builds like this one have at least some problem with cleanliness that isn’t impossible to keep up with.

15 thoughts on “Hands-Free Oreo Dispenser, Now With Milk

    1. Well, the milk dispenser and the cookie dispenser might work after adding a spring to the top to keep the cookies and milk at the bottom (milk needs to be in a bag inside a tube). Milk has a pump, so it’ll work after that. The lever will make the cookie move, so it might move enough to come out of the dispenser. If not then some sort of pusher needs to be added to make it through the whole route.

      Don’t have an answer to the molecule replicator though.

      When is this planned mars trip of yours? I’d like to know more. ;)

      1. It’s fairly straightforward, you outfit a sealand container with life support, and mail it to your aunt, with insufficient postage, she of course refuses to pay, and here’s the clever bit, you put a fake return address on of Olympus Mons, Mars, 1A1 A1A and they have to take it back there.

  1. This needs more over engineering!

    Something like:
    Webcam with OpenCV and facial recognition, together with a turrent and something like a “clay pidgeon launcher” like mechanism.

    Goal is to shoot an oreo in your mouth whenever you open it so you do not have to walk to the thing to get your shot.

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