Fun-Size Tesla Might Be The World’s Smallest

We get all kinds of tips about “the world’s something-est” widget, which normally end up attracting the debunkers in droves. So normally, we shy away from making superlative claims about a project, no matter how they bill themselves. But we’re comfortable that this is the world’s smallest Tesla, at least if we have to stretch the definition of Tesla a bit.

This clown-car version of the Tesla Model S that [Austin] built is based around a Radio Flyer replica of the electric sedan. The $600 battery-powered original doesn’t deliver exactly the same neck-snapping acceleration of its full-size cousin, so he stripped off the nicely detailed plastic body and put that onto a heavily modified go-cart chassis. The tiny wheelbase left little in the way of legroom, but with the seat mounted far enough back into the wheelie-inducing zone, it was possible for [Austin] to squeeze in. He chose to pay homage to Tesla’s battery pack design and built 16 modules with fourteen 18650 cells in each, a still-substantial battery for such a small vehicle. Hydraulic brakes were also added, a wise decision since the 4800 Watt BLDC is a little snappier than the stock motor, to say the least. The video below shows the build, as well as a dangerous test ride where the speed read 72 at one point; we’re not sure if that’s MPH or km/h, but either way, it’s terrifying. The drifts were pretty sick too.

It seems [Austin] has the need for speed, and for drifting.  We’ve seen his water-cooled electric drift trike before, as well as his ridiculously overpowered crazy cart.

13 thoughts on “Fun-Size Tesla Might Be The World’s Smallest

    1. Might as well get a maserati motor or something for the full size one

      He is headed for a 72v system :eek:. I just put a Lifep04 ’80v’ pack in a GEM car (nominal, it was actually 86v fresh off the charger, I had to run the heater for 5 minutes til the overvoltage cutout and buzzer quit)
      Lets just say he already has enough power, bit he is looking for max v

      I wish he could find a 2 seater replica to use so he could get the weight balance and proportions he needs.

      Good job on moving the motor and controller to the very front for weight distribution. Shame that vid didn’t cover more of the engineering.

  1. I would like to volunteer my 74nova to be the first old school American muscle car to be fitted with a Tesla motor would be a great way to make a impression on the hot rod and muscle car world im in

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