The Fart Box, A Synthesizer Not Quite Like Others

[lookmumnocomputer] enjoys creating synthesizers, and early last year he created one called The Fart Box. It is an entirely analog synthesizer with which, according to its creator, it is difficult to make anything that doesn’t sound gassy. It’s not quite like any other synthesizer, and while it is capable of acting like a regular analog synth it is never very far from cranking out farty sounds.

One may think this is just a gimmick, but it can actually be quite musical. There’s a good demonstration at the 7:09 mark in the video of what it can do. Entirely hand-made, it’s definitely a labor of love. There’s a bill of materials and a wiring diagram (of a sort) for anyone who is interested in such details, but it looks like it was a limited run only. [lookmumnocomputer]’s whole video is embedded below, and he demonstrates its ability to act more like a “normal” synthesizer around 8:30.

Synthesizer projects show enormous diversity. This one showcases the complex hand-made side of things, but we have also seen a MIDI synthesizer crammed entirely inside a DIN connector. How’s that for the opposite end of the spectrum?

20 thoughts on “The Fart Box, A Synthesizer Not Quite Like Others

      1. Nah, seriously. I am now considering replacing all the tapes in a Mellotron with fart noises. And I can hardly believe that this has never been done. Surely, some keyboardist somewhere has to have been pranked in this way.

  1. The number of projects he has under his belt is quite impressive. Not only that, but while I can barely muster the energy to watch videos, there’s people like him making tons of them.

  2. This guy is deranged ! We need more like him.

    I want to see the LPO do Beethoven’s 5’th Symphony using his machine.

    Also I can help but wonder what the “tonalities” in Forbidden Planet would have been like if Bebe and Louis Barron had this machine back then ???

  3. Yea but can he play dueling banjos with his machine? A theremin style of control would make it mor far out.. With kid gets grey hair will he perfect the flux capacitor, and time travel? Perhaps withmoe caffiene, he will pill that of much sooner. Farts are comical, until an oder/odour is added. Look for the rcording of a farting contest. Warning it takes a long time to get to the punch line.

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