TOBOT Is Your Tic Tac Toe Opponent With A Bad Attitude

[3dprintedlife] is apparently a little bored. Instead of whiling away the time playing tic tac toe, he built an impressive tic tac toe robot named TOBOT. The robot uses a Rasberry Pi Zero and a Feather to control a two-axis robot arm that can draw the board and make moves using a pen. It also uses a simple computer vision system to look at the board to understand your move, and it has a voice too.

The other thing TOBOT has is a bad attitude. The robot wants to win. Badly. Check out the video below and you’ll see what we mean.

The code is on GitHub. We were impressed with the simple algorithm TOBOT uses to watch your move. The 3D printed robot arm looks and works great, too. The initial PC board didn’t work out very well, but the replacement did a great job.

We love projects that combine mechanics, electronics, and software. Bonus points for the element of whimsy, too. We wonder if TOBOT will learn to play some other games like dots.

You don’t actually need a computer to play tic tac toe, even though it helps. We’ve seen the software part reduced down to one ridiculous call to printf.

4 thoughts on “TOBOT Is Your Tic Tac Toe Opponent With A Bad Attitude

  1. The Talkie-Toaster of the Tic-Tac-Toe world.
    I wonder if he’ll add aa, number of players zero mode, if it’s left idle for too long. Then it comes to the conclusion, the winning move is not to play and shuts down. :D
    Pretty awesome little creation. Definitely amusing.

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