DualShock Flight Simulator Yoke

Aircraft control interfaces can be divided into stick or yoke, with the stick being more popular for flight simulators. [Akaki Kuumeri] has been designing some ingenious 3D printed adaptors for game console controllers, and his latest build is a yoke adaptor for the PlayStation DualShock Controller.

Like his previous joystick/throttle combination, this yoke makes use of a series of ball and socket links to convert the yoke’s push/pull and rotation motion into the appropriate inputs on the controller’s thumbs sticks. All the components are 3D printed except for rubber bands to provide spring tension. On the sliding contact surfaces between the different components, [Akaki] specifically designed the parts to slide along the grain (layer lines) to allow for smooth motion without resorting to bearings.

If you want an absolute minimalist yoke, tape some potentiometers to a desk drawer. Or you can go to the other end of the scale and build a complete cockpit. With the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, we’ll be seeing a lot of controller builds.

6 thoughts on “DualShock Flight Simulator Yoke

  1. But, but

    3 axis accelerometer? I guess I get the need for in and out. This is a great idea for a racing wheel because I just turned down that F1 “air wheel” thing at goodwill for $18.50. i dont need the plunging axis.

    Why not use the other stick for throttle?

    1. Did you watch the video? He has linkages to connect the turn into stick movements. There are pros and cons to linkages vs accelerometer/gyro.

      How would you propose getting the throttle linkage to the other stick? Doesn’t seem possible…

  2. The problem for me a former Flightgear sim user to keep in practice instrument navigating is that Sony split the Linux driver to meet the linux spec vs having over 15 buttons and then also maybe 25 analog axises including button pressure, triggers, sticks, 3x accelerometer, and 3x gyro in one joy device.
    Now there is a simpler analog sticks, analog triggers, and (non analog)buttons device which in Ubuntu works great, but the sixaxis device is cut loose registers but except for about a month after the splitand doesn’t come up as a joy device anymore in Ubuntu.
    There is a workaround given to me when I filed the Ubuntu bug which didn’t work for me but in the old driver days I really liked being able to ‘fly’ and do an approach for practice from anywhere I had my dualshock and a laptop even if I was out of plane/fuel $$.
    The dualshock was reminiscent of a yoke and to me good enough even without rudders.
    I filed a bug and even had some emails with the person who rewrote the Linux driver at Sony, but never got a working resolution where I could use Flightgear and my dualshock3.
    The hardware is flexible beyond our dreams and the PS4 controler with a touchpad is even better but the current linux driver takes away much of the extra very hackable function.

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