Wireless Mouse Gets A Charging House

Mouse batteries always seem to die at the worst possible moment, like when you’re in the middle of pwning noobs or giving a presentation at work. [AyhamAS] was tired of having to look around for a replacement battery and decided to build a nice little charging dock for their mouse.

At the heart of this build is a TC4056A charging board inside the dock. Since this board is designed to charge 3.7 V batteries, [AyhamAS] removed the charge current-limiting resistor and replaced it with a pair of through-hole resistors. A switch on the back of the dock lets [AyhamAS] choose between the two values for fast or slow charging.

On the mouse side, [AyhamAS] cleverly used the receiver storage cubbyhole to house the contacts. Magnets in in the mouse and the dock and spring-loaded contacts add even more tactile feedback to the whole experience. The dock itself looks great, too — it’s made from acrylic that’s been sanded down to a matte finish. Check out the build video after the break.

If your mouse has a battery pack, you could always upgrade to a bigger one as long as there’s room.

10 thoughts on “Wireless Mouse Gets A Charging House

  1. I watched the video and looked at his Instructable, but he doesn’t say where those contacts came from that I could find. They look very nice… does anyone know where to get them?

  2. Woaaa…. probably not the best idea to use a Li charging circuit for NiMH battery. If he is using it just as a current limiting device, a single resistor would be enough.
    What could work here as an off the shelf solution would be one of those batteries that has a USB charger built in.

    but man, in general .. don’t i really hate devices that have a low battery alarm when the battery almost at the end of it’s life, not when it is like at 80% or 90% finished so you still get enough usage out of it before you are forced to swap/charge.

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