We Would Not Want To Be Stormtroopers Right Now

Humanity is another step closer to a fantasy-accurate lightsaber thanks to Hackaday alumnus [James Hobson] at Hacksmith. Their proto-saber cuts through (cosplay) stormtrooper armor, (foam) walls, and a (legit!) 1/4″ (6.35mm) steel plate. For so many reasons, we want to focus on the blade and handle. (Video, embedded below.)

The blade is a plasma stream designed for glassworking and burns a propane/oxygen mix with almost no residue, but the “blade” stays in a tight cylinder shape. With a custom PCB hosting a mixing controller, the blade extends and retracts like in the movies. The handle is not a technical marvel; it is an artistic wonder and if you want to see some machining eye-candy, check out the first video after the break. The second video demonstrates just how much damage you can do with a 4000° Fahrenheit tube of portable plasma.

You won’t be dueling anyone just yet, since there is no magnetic field shaping the blade like the ones [Lucas] envisioned. Unfortunately, you can’t block anything more substantial than a balloon sword since solid material will pass right through it, but it will suffer a mighty burn in the process. Lightsabers are a fantasy weapon, but the collective passion of nerds have made it as real as ever, and the Guinness folks give credibility to this build.

Thank you for the tip, [cyberlass].

20 thoughts on “We Would Not Want To Be Stormtroopers Right Now

    1. It’s not even any special kind of fuel. Propane and oxygen? What is this, amateur hour at the torch club? Call me when you’re burning something exciting like carbon subnitride in ozone.

  1. I saw this ages ago, I love what it is but told youtube to not show anymore of their vids. These vids were really cringy to watch. I hate the term cringy but in this case they really are. It felt like an under budgeted paid for tv special made by the worst kind of star wars fans.

  2. For a community of likeminded people do we really all have to be so negative? I’ve been here long enough to remember when we all got the talking to, probably 10 years ago, about our bad attitudes in the comment section. How some of the most respected creators in our community were ashamed of us and dreaded being featured on this website. I think we are well overdue for another conversation about that.

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