Forget Smart Watch; Build A Smart Hat

Smart watches are pretty common today, but how many people do you know with a smart hat? [Oliver] built Wilson which he bills as “the IoT hat.” We wonder if the name was inspired by the Home Improvement character of the same name who only appeared as a hat above the fence line. You can see a video of the project, below.

The project is pretty straightforward for hardware. An LED strip, an Arduino, and a Bluetooth module. Oh. And a hat. The software, as you might expect, is a bit more complex. It allows you to display SMS messages to your hat.

As wearables go, your happiness with this project will depend on what’s important to you. If you want to read your text messages, you might like to stick with a watch since it is hard to see a hat while it is on your head. But if you want to show the world what’s on your mind — and your phone — this might be just the ticket.

Regardless of practicality, we thought it was a fun project and now that in person meetups are coming back, a great thing to wear at the next Supercon. It sure looks nicer than the heads up baseball cap, although you can read that one yourself. Oddly enough, most of the hat hacks we see involve baseball caps.

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