Grappling Hook Robot Swings Like Spiderman

We’ll admit it is a bit of a gimmick, but [Adam Beedle’s] Spider-Bot did make us smile. The little robot can launch a “web” and use it to swing. It is hard to picture, but the video below will make it all clear. It can also use the cable to climb a wall, sort of.

The bot’s ability to fling a 3D printed hook on a tether is remarkable. Details are scarce, but it looks like the mechanism is spring-loaded with a servo motor to release it. Even trailing a bit of string behind it, the range of the hook is impressive and can support the weight of the robot when it winches itself up. There’s even a release mechanism that reminds us more of Batman than Spiderman.

If we were going full autonomous, we’d consider a vision system. On the other hand, you could probably tell a lot by the tension on the cable and some way to measure the angle of it coming out of the robot. If you come up with a practical use for any of this, we’d love to see it.

We’ve seen robots that fly, jump, and can climb walls before. We don’t remember one that swings like Tarzan.

3 thoughts on “Grappling Hook Robot Swings Like Spiderman

  1. Its so much fun to see these somewhat primitive machines take shape, and the maker hopefully continue to grow.

    I think that thing needs a pair of winches per hook – so you can release tension on the hook opening mechanism and drop selectively, and then be able to winch the whole thing in for a reload, and add second hook, maybe a gyro or two so it can actually really achieve some rotational control and perhaps even chain swings in the air.

    Great bit of fun, its so nice to see an idea like this getting worked on just because they want to, really makes me smile at its antics, and maybe in a few years he will be rival to James Bruton, who started similarly small and now builds some of the most impressive things with his printer farm…

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