Ultra-Mobile Little Robot Will Climb The Walls

Can it crawl? Can it climb? Can it roll? Can it skate? Can it draw? Naminukas by [Mykolas Juraitis] can do all of those things, and it is the size of a winter boot. Roving robots generally fall into one locomotion category, and the fanciest are amphibious. We categorize this one as transforming between three modes.

The first mode is like an inch-worm and a robot arm. Using a vacuum cup at the hub of each wheel, it sticks one end to the ground then heaves itself in the direction it wants to go and repeats. Its second form is a two-wheel balancing robot, which is the fastest configuration, and it can even carry things on its suckers. For the finale, it can hybridize all the tricks and use a camera dolly like a skateboard. One end sticks to the dolly, and the other is a propulsion wheel.

Naminukas is not just about scooting around the floor, because it can use tools with enough dexterity to write legibly on a whiteboard, climb walls, and even move around the ceiling. If these become sentient, there will be no place to hide, except a room with shag carpet, and is that any way to live?

We enjoy multi-terrain vehicles from soaring seaplanes to tidal tanks.

6 thoughts on “Ultra-Mobile Little Robot Will Climb The Walls

    1. agreed, very ‘simple’ and elegant – I’d do things a little differently of course, but that transform/walk/drive/draw facility is really cool. And using servo’s (even rather pricey beefy ones keeps the rest of the electronics simple and approachable)

      I’d probably end up making a variation that is too heavy to safely be allowed on the ceilings and walls If I built something like this. Tougher and faster I expect – and probably with an extra axis or two in the ‘body’ so the arm mode is more versatile..

      If that is the pump I think it is its not what I’d call loud. But it sounds horrible, making it feel noisier. Could be wrong though, seen a few variations of those small style pumps and I’d not call any of them LOUD, but equally they are not quiet either… You can talk over them without really shouting sort of level.

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