Hackaday Podcast 144: Jigs Jigs Jigs, Fabergé Mic, Paranomal Electronics, And A 60-Tube Nixie Clock

Hackaday editors Elliot Williams and Mike Szczys get caught up on the week that was. Two builds are turning some heads this week; one uses 60 Nixie tube bar graphs to make a clock that looks like the sun’s rays, the other is a 4096 RGB LED Cube (that’s 12,288 total diodes for those counting at home) that leverages a ton of engineering to achieve perfection. Speaking of perfection, there’s a high-end microphone built on a budget but you’d never know from the look and the performance — no wonder the world is now sold out of the microphone elements used in the design. After perusing a CNC build, printer filament dryer, and cardboard pulp molds, we wrap the episode talking about electronic miniaturization, radionic analyzers, and Weird Al’s computer.

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Episode 144 Show Notes:

What’s that Sound?

  • That sound was Teenage Mutant Ninja Nurtles: Turltes in Time, Sewer Surfin’ theme song
  • [OliveGarden] was randomly drawn from 10 correct responses and wins the shirt!

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2 thoughts on “Hackaday Podcast 144: Jigs Jigs Jigs, Fabergé Mic, Paranomal Electronics, And A 60-Tube Nixie Clock

  1. Loved the story on the Weird Al video. Somehow, that specific song and video had escaped my radar screen … thx for highlighting it!

    I still remember being in high school long ago and a kid coming to class with a cassette tape filled with songs from “The Dr. Demento” show, featuring an amateur that called himself “Weird Al” who sent his songs into the radio program to try to get noticed! :-)

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