Recycled Parts Round Out Soap Shaped Electric Car

Hong Kong Hacker Builds Electric Vehicle From Waste

[Handy Geng] has a knack for fitting his creations with a large percentage of recycled material. And as is exemplified by the video below the break, he also loves to mix the practical with the whimsical.

Using parts salvaged from motor scooters, trash heaps, and likely many other sources, [Handy] has put together a small vehicle that he himself describes as looking like a bar of soap as it slips across the floor. You’ll agree when you see the independent front and rear steering at work, allowing the car’s front and rear to be driven and steered on their own. Crabbing sideways, driving diagonally, and we’re guessing spinning in place are possible.

What’s also clear in the video below is that [Handy] is a talented fabricator. While not taking himself too seriously (keep an eye out for the 360° selfie cam!) he clearly takes pride in the work. [Handy]’s workshop and skill set show that at the core, he’s quite serious about his craft. We appreciate the creative use of scrap materials used in such an inspiring build. The turn signals and “communicator” hand is absolutely marvelous.

If building with recycled materials is your thing, then you’ll love the Trash Printer, too. Thanks to [Fosselius] for the tip!

13 thoughts on “Recycled Parts Round Out Soap Shaped Electric Car

    1. Based on how he welded one bar perpendicular to the steering area and it wasn’t centered very well, I’m guessing he has a little napkin or notebook with some sketches, and the rest is in his head. Then again, maybe I’m just projecting my own tendencies. :D

      1. I also think that the maker focuses on the image in his head and does without mockups or drawings. I also do this sometimes when I build a model for which I already have everything in my head. But that only works if you can assess yourself and your skills well.

    2. I would say there is a whole team hiding in the background. Project like this takes a lot of planning. Impossible to pull off by 1 individual. He also have a driving piano kabob machine that was very impressive. But since he isn’t giving credit to others, I am beginning to think these video is like one of the those “primitive build” video that 2 natives managed to dig a house with underground swimming pool crap.

          1. Yeah this is literally one single guy who’s just randomly kinda a wizard.

            I don’t know what it is about China but dudes like this just seem to spontaneously appear there out of nowhere and nothing. I know that sounds kind of prejudiced but if you look at the news stories that come out of there… I mean you can just about get high without taking anything lol. Those folks are NUTS.

            Someone built some kind of anime type giant robot statue in their backyard, full size, out of scrap metal. It’s a sculpture, IIRC, doesn’t move, but they did it literally because they could and because they wanted to.

            Someone else basically built a Rolls Royce out of wood. No I’m not kidding.

            Another guy needed kidney dialysis. I think the article said that the nearest hospital to him was effectively far away enough that it’d be a day trip for him — mind you, the public transit systems in Asia and Europe make the stuff here in the USA look, quite deservedly, like we’re still at the level of horses and stage-coaches. But the dude discovered he could get the filters most common dialysis machines there use for pretty cheap, and since he was kind of handy he just built the rest of the machine himself. I don’t know how that makes me feel about their medical coverage, but I suppose I have enough to worry about on my own, considering what I said earlier about the country I live in.

            Then there’s the high school students, group of four friends I think, who built a replica of China’s first space station basically in their high school gym out of the sort of stuff you and I buy from… probably their classmates, the ones who slept through everything (there will always be those) on eBay. If you buy on eBay you know what I mean. I can see both sides of it, TBH, but that’s beside the point.

            Oh… and the dude who got arrested for flying an unlicensed aircraft. I mean… technically, yes, but the guy literally built a helicopter out of basically everything but goat poo in his backyard — how do you license *that*, lol? It was only a test flight, too… for freak’s sakes, get the guy a gov-sponsored job in some military engineering company, making him bust rocks for life is just dumb.

            …BTW, because I know it will come up, sadly: if you’re offended by my sense of humor… go watch George Carlin. I’m sorry but ya’ll people need George.

  1. Wearing sunglasses and flicking your hand in front of the arc, really?
    It’s a shame we get to see such a lack of welding safety demonstrated. He has a welding helmet as we see, but for some reason chooses not to wear it at all times when welding.

  2. Man I seen that dude on the news the other day. They’re saying some suspect with the initials UAP has been screwing with navy pilots during drills. He better be careful and lay low for awhile cuz the feds is looking for him (as well as half a million people on YouTube for some reason)

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