Homemade Scrapyard Security Mech Gives Uncle Super Powers

Metal mechanoid security patrol ride-on made from scrap

[Handy Geng] is back again with another bonkers build, that we just can’t not cover. His Uncle came to visit the workshop one day and said he’d love to go there every day, and could even watch over it when [Handy Geng] was away. But being an older chap and needing a stick to get around, he would not be much use if ‘bad guys’ decided to pay a visit. The obvious solution was to build a ride-on security mech which Uncle could ride on, (video, embedded below) and use to defend the shop from bandits.

The build starts with him unloading a large pair of tracked wheel units from his truck, which caused a chuckle around these parts when we tried to imagine the scrap yard he’d just visited! The build video is more of a spot-weld-come-assembly log, with the less interesting sub assembly construction omitted. If he’d included all the details, this video would have been hours long. Though, we’d probably watch that anyway.

Features of the final construction include, but not limited to, dual motors for on-the-spot turns, night-time patrol lights, dual pneumatic fists for attack mode, dual water cannons for a more gentle approach and rear facing speakers blasting out Chinese opera for the ultimate deterrent. Practical touches include an integrated glasses case for the ready-readers, and a walking cane holder, so the mech was Uncle-ready. He seemed impressed from the grin on his face!

Thanks [Fosselius] for the tip!

26 thoughts on “Homemade Scrapyard Security Mech Gives Uncle Super Powers

  1. Thinking to myself, didn’t they throw down a challenge to the US to build fighting mechs? Whatever happened to that in the end?
    I can just imagine some sort of strange Japanese cross between robot wars and scrapheap challenge. [ battle bots and junkyard wars for the Americans ] I for one would probably watch that.
    This thing seems a little too unstable for a proper fight, although it’s a little faster than I initially thought it would be.

      1. I don’t see the use of sunglasses for soldering, except if it is very bright. I am short sighted, so I like bright light and normally remove my optical glasses altogether when soldering, so i can see the small SMD parts better.
        Or do you mean WELDING? For that I use a proper auto-darkening welding helmet.

    1. “Perhaps lower and more tank-like?”

      Yep. As cool as Big Stompy Robots are, if you want an *effective* combat vehicle in reality, you want . . . a tank, or tank-adjacent type of vehicle. Something like a tankette or the very early tanks like the Renault FT or the American M1917. With modern technology, you could make something substantially smaller and lighter and still immune to small arms fire.

      At that point, I’d ditch the fists entirely and just make the thing fast enough to make ramming attacks.

      Of course, all that assumes that your goal is an effective anti-bandit fighting vehicle, rather than internet view bait.

      1. Polish TKS tankettes armed with 20mm NKM machine gun (pretty much an autocannon) were bane of invading German army in 1939. Enough firepower to penetrate armor of Panzer I, Panzer II and Panzer 38(t). Small enough to escape into woods where regular tank get stuck. Pretty fuel efficient for an IFV and easy to repair in the field. Sadly there weren’t enough of them to make a difference against vastly superior numbers of Germans… and Soviet invasion on 17th Sep. 1939.

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