The Cucumber House That LEGO Built

How far are you prepared to go to build a novelty seasonal ornament? Maybe a gingerbread house, or perhaps a bit of 3D printed glitter to hang on your Christmas tree. For [The Brick Wall], none of this was enough. Instead what was needed was a complete LEGO automated factory that builds a log cabin, from the unlikely raw material of cucumbers.

What has been created is the LEGO equivalent of a timber mill, with the various machines served by an overhead gantry crane. The cucumbers are trimmed to square, before being transferred to a saw which cuts out the notches for the interlocking corners. Another saw line chops the sections around door and windows to length, and finally the roof planks are cut in a vertical saw. The video below is reported as taking 83 days to complete from planning to filming, and 18 cucumbers to build the house. We’re not sure the cucumber will become a regular building material, but we salute the effort involved here.

Though this may be one of the biggest we’ve seen, we’ve featured many LEGO machines making things before.

19 thoughts on “The Cucumber House That LEGO Built

  1. I don’t know whether to be fascinated by the machinery, disgusted by the choice of “building material,” or aggravated by the use of something generally regarded as food as the building material.

  2. It’s probaby not widely known in the west but common knowledge in countries that were formerly parts of USSR like Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine or Czechoslovakia: juice from fermented cucumbers is the perfect cure for hangover while fermented cucumbers themselves are great for consumption when you drink again.

      1. At least in Poland we differ pickles (with added vinegar) from souring (with added salt that promotes development of Lactobacillus).

        nsrogag was referring to the latter, as drinking vinegar water does not do so much in contrast to sourin water full of good bacteria and microelemnts. However exact relief mechanism is not known to me

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