Adding Voluminous Joy To A DIY Turbojet With A DIY Afterburner

You don’t happen to own and operate your own turbojet engine, do you? If you do, have you ever had the urge to “kick the tires and light the fires”? Kicking tires simply requires adding tires to your engine cart, but what about lighting the fires? In the video below the break, [Tech Ingredients] explains that we will require some specialized hardware called a re-heater — also known as an afterburner.

[Tech Ingredients] does a deep dive into the engineering behind turbojets, and explains how the very thing that keeps the turbines from melting also allows an afterburner to work. Also explained is why it can also be called a re-heater, and why there are limitations on the efficiency.

Moving on to the demonstration, two different homebrewed afterburners are put to use. The second iteration does exactly what you’d think it should do, and is a mighty impressive sight. We can only imagine what his neighbors think of all the noise! The first iteration was less successful, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful, and we’ll let you view the video below to see what else an afterburner can do. We’ll give you a hint: Worlds Biggest Fog Machine.

Does the thought of thrust turn your turbines? You might enjoy this motor-jet contraption that looks almost as fun as the real thing, but 3D printable!

10 thoughts on “Adding Voluminous Joy To A DIY Turbojet With A DIY Afterburner

  1. All that and it still didn’t move his barn, he’s just gonna have to get a couple of hundred Amish guys over for that and try the jet on something smaller like a go-kart.

  2. “say you don’t want to do a high schools performance.. but say you want to cover the intersection of a road, or a small town” Anyone else get weird vibes at the statement at the end or is it just me? He makes great videos though.

    1. Back in the ’80s I worked at Curtis Dyna Products. We sold many foggers, both to generate smoke clouds and to spray pesticides. Sometimes both at once. One day when I was testing a modified “Silver Cloud” model, a state trooper showed up and said that I was shutting down SR31 on the other side of our lot. He wasn’t happy.

  3. This is nowhere near a turbojet. This is an extremely overcomplicated ramjet. Using a car turbo doesn’t make it a turbojet. Turbojets use intake and exhaust compressor blades. This thing will not operate unless the electric Nan is turning. What the turbo is supposed to do is unknown. It would only be useful if it was connected to a second compressor on the output that the exhaust would turn. That would then turn the input turbo and be a rudimentary turbojet.

    This thing is basically an overdesigned hotdogs cooker.

    1. On the contrary, this is exactly what a turbojet is. A compressor, turned by a turbine, with a combustor between them. On the other hand a ramjet is something quite different. The electric fan is only used to start this engine, and compressed air from various sources has been used to start jet engines for a very long time.

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