Doomba: Purifying Your Floors With Fire

A circular wheeled robot sits on a white background. There is a green tank of butane/propane in the center surrounded by wires and electronics.

If you’ve ever thought that your floor cleaning robot eating the fringe on your rug wasn’t destructive enough, [Kyle Brinkerhoff] is working on a solution — Doomba.

This blazingly fast RC vehicle has a tank of butane/propane gas nestled snugly amid its electronics and drive system to fuel a (not yet implemented) flamethrower. Watching how quickly this little bot can move in the video below certainly made our hearts race with anticipation for the inevitable fireworks glory of completed build. Dual motors and a tank-style drive ensure that this firebug will be able to maneuver around any obstacle.

As of writing, the flamethrower and an updated carriage for the drivetrain are underway. Apparently, spinning very quickly in circles can be just as disorienting for robots as it is for us biological beings. During the test shown below, the robot kicked out one of its drive motors. [Kyle] says the final touch will be putting the whole assembly inside an actual Roomba shell for that authentic look.

With spooky season upon us, it’s always good to have the cleansing power of fire at hand in case you find more than you bargained for with your Ghost-Hunting PKE Meter. While there’s no indication whether Doomba can actually run DOOM, you might be interested in this other Doomba Project that uses Roomba’s maps of your house to generate levels for the iconic shooter.

8 thoughts on “Doomba: Purifying Your Floors With Fire

  1. From the video, that sound of squealing and obvious slippage might not be a good thing. Perhaps the use of an interstitial control to reduce wear and tear on the device as well as get the same fast accelerated movement? An IMS unit combined with a micro-controller has a good chance of keeping the thing moving much longer without burning the wheels off. Full torque at zero speed use to be quite the problem with early EVs I’ve heard, lots of very expensive tires issue.

    1. Years ago I read a DAPRA paper that discussed the idea of a minefield that was considered via a wireless mesh network, where upon detention of a single mine, others would attempt to “jump” from their location into the gap to maintain coverage. Very clever, but a shame that so much human invention has to be dedicated to killing each other.

    2. Its quite dated now (1990) but Armor at Fulda Gap by John L. Cook, talks about mobile smart mines as well as other future war technology for the eastern European front. If it was speculation back then, its likely someone has a working prototype or demonstrator.

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