2022 Supercon: Schedule Released, And [Odd Jayy]

It’s finally time! We’ve put together the 2022 Supercon Schedule, and you can check out all the talks, workshops, and events in one place – right now.

Badge hacking heating up (photo by @hackerwarehouse)

It all starts off with breakfast on Friday morning to power you up for a full day of badge hacking, workshops, and general mixing and mingling before the Friday night party. Fridays are significantly less formal, but swing by Supplyframe HQ any time to get registered, get your badge, and get a mellow head start on Supercon.

Saturday morning, the talks begin! After a brief introduction and welcome, keynote speaker Joe Grand takes the stage to kick things off. And from then on, it’s two tracks of talks on two stages until your brain explodes. Or at least until the Hackaday Prize Awards ceremony at 7:00 PM, followed by the awards after-party.

Pull yourself out of bed Sunday morning for another full day of stellar talks. And squeeze in some more last minute badge-hacking time somehow, because we close up Sunday evening with the always entertaining badge hacking contest and awards.

Jorvon [Odd Jayy] Moss to Speak

Plus, we’ve got one last bit of great news: Jorvon [Odd Jayy] Moss is giving a talk on his adventures in making companion robots, and his latest forays into adding more intelligence into his animatronic and artistic creations.

So if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, do it. ‘Nuff said. See you at Supercon!

And if you’re not able to make it live, all of the talks on the LACM Stage will be streamed live on our YouTube channel, and you can join in the discussion over at the Hackaday Discord server or on Hackaday.io’s Supercon Chat channel. And all the talks that we can’t stream, we’re recording for later release, so you can always catch up later.

14 thoughts on “2022 Supercon: Schedule Released, And [Odd Jayy]

  1. Wow, I’m super disappointed that all of the workshops I wanted to attend were immediately sold out. These are the #1 reason I attend Supercon. I’m considering cancelling my tickets if I can get a refund for my airfare and hotel… If you guys can find a way to open these up to more people (like everyone who would want to attend), that would be awesome. Otherwise, there should be some way for people to sign up on a lottery basis so at least they might get some of the workshops they want.

    1. Thanks, I’ll probably wind up doing that, but I know how popular the workshops will be, so I’m not holding my breath. I’m a hobbyist, and this is the only ‘hands on’ learning opportunity I have for the year, and I was really looking forward to making this an annual trip again. It’s always interesting stuff that I wouldn’t have thought to look up on my own.

      Here’s a wild idea… open up the ticket sales completely. If every person at Supercon wants to attend the same workshop, there is space to make that happen, and the less populated talks scheduled for the same time can be moved to a smaller location. Probably not going to happen, but I thought I’d put that out there.

  2. If anyone wanted to come to the “Digikey/Together in Electric Dreams Workshop” and missed out, I’ll bring along some extra kits and bits for a small number of people to ambush me for some unofficial bar/hotel hacking.

    1. Paul, that particular workshop was at the top of my list, thanks :D

      Now I’m going to be a creep and try to find photos of you online so I can find you once I get there lol..

      Thanks :)

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