Hackaday Podcast 196: Flexing Hard PCBs, Dangers Of White Filament, And The Jetsons’ Kitchen Computer

This week, Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Managing Editor Tom Nardi start the Hackaday Podcast by talking about another podcast that’s talking about…Hackaday. Or more accurately, the recent Hackaday Supercon. After confirming the public’s adoration, conversation moves on to designing flexible PCBs with code, adding a rotary dial to your mechanical keyboard, and a simulator that lets you visualize an extinction-level event. We’ll wrap things up by playing the world’s smallest violin for mildly inconvenienced closed source software developers, and wonder how the world might have been different if the lady of the house had learned to read binary back in 1969.

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One thought on “Hackaday Podcast 196: Flexing Hard PCBs, Dangers Of White Filament, And The Jetsons’ Kitchen Computer

  1. You couldn’t hear me talking back to my earbud: Neiman Marcus was and is (perhaps unexpectedly) still a high end department store, which still publishes the Christmas Book catalog like the one featuring the Honeywell. The more prosaic gift my mom ordered from the 1977 catalog was a TI-57, likely giving me a major fraction of the available program memory available at my international school in Iran. Too bad constant memory wouldn’t be available for another couple of years.

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