Commodore 64 Web Server Brings 8-Bit Into The Future

These days, most webservers are big hefty rackmount rigs with roaring fans in giant datacenters. [naDDan]’s webserver is altogether more humble, as it runs on a single Commodore 64. 

The C64 is running Contiki OS, an operating system for 6502-based computers. It’s built with an eye to networking, requiring ethernet hardware for full functionality. In [naDDan]’s case, he’s outfitted his C64 with an ETFE network adapter in the cartridge port to get it online. It serves up the HTML file off a 1541C floppy drive, with the drive buzzing away every time someone loads up the page.

The page itself is simple, showing some basic information on a simple blue background. There is some scrolling text though, as is befitting the 8-bit era. It’s also available in four languages.

[naDDan’s] server can be found here, according to his video, but at the time of writing, it was down for the count. Whether that’s due to a dynamic DNS issue or the simple fact that an 8-bit 6502 isn’t up to heavy traffic is up for debate. Regardless, try for yourself and see how you go. Video after the break.

28 thoughts on “Commodore 64 Web Server Brings 8-Bit Into The Future

    1. It doesn’t cache it seems, read from disk (floppy!!;), which is … Awfully slow, and disks are prone to break, I don’t think have any other use than academic, or internally in your home for something that you know that slow is not a problem, like storing configuration to read from other system ?

  1. What a awesome pc, I spent a lot of time up late with mine when I was a kid? It can already do the calculations for a fleet of ships going to the lunar surface at Crater Lake and back and now, almost a web server.

  2. It’s really easy to set this up with Contiki and a 64NIC from Jim Brain’s shop. I’ve got a Commodore 64 set up as a web server too, but I don’t keep it online all the time. While it works, it’s of course very slow and doesn’t work well if more than one visitor at a time is using it. It’s a fun thing to get working if you’re a nostalgic tech geek like me, but it’s not really practical for anything. :)

  3. Its very amazing to realise that you can still run things on just 64K of RAM on an 8-bit CPU. Awesome work man and thanks to the community of @Hackday Editors to bring this to my mailbox. :) (:

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