Tim’s Draw Bot Gets Around With A Pen

If you grew up playing with LOGO on an old 8-bit computer, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a drawbot. It’s a simple robot that drags a pen around to draw on paper. [Tim] decided to build one that uses a simple skid-steer design to get around the page. 

An Arduino Nano is the brains of the operation, paired with a CNC Shield that allows it to drive a pair of stepper motors. The stepper motors drive the wheels via cogged belts, with the 3D-printed rims fitted with square rubber drive belts used as tires for additional grip. A third jockey wheel is used for balance, in addition to the two main driven wheels. A servo is used to raise and lower the pen as needed. All the hardware is mounted on to a simple tray chassis, which was 3D printed along with most of the other basic componentry.

The robot does a good job of plotting out a drawing on a small scale, with [Tim] using it to outline his name on paper. We’ve featured some other great drawbots before, too, including this nifty spray-can version. Video after the break.

5 thoughts on “Tim’s Draw Bot Gets Around With A Pen

  1. Odd. I do recall using LOGO, on an Apple 2+ and then on an Apple 2E. I did look into buying a turtle-bot to keep either of them company, but then I realized it would be easier to build one. Next I moved to programming in X86 assembler and even Pascal on that format. Now? How about teaching a S/370 system to do the waltz?

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