Open Source Key Programmer For HiTag2 Keys

Hitag transponders have been used in a wide variety of car keys as a protective measure against hot-wiring and theft. They’re also a reason why it’s a lot more expensive to get car keys duplicated these days for many models that use this technology. However, there is now an open source programmer that works with these transponder keys, thanks to [Janne Kivijakola].

The hack uses an old reader device salvaged from a Renault in a scrapyard, hooked up to an Arduino Mega 2560 or Arduino Nano. With this setup, key transponders can be programmed via a tool called AESHitager, which runs on Windows. It’s compatible with a variety of Hitag transponders, including Hitag2, Hitag3, and Hitag AES, along with the VVDI Super Chip and certain types of BMW keys.

If you’ve been having issues with coded keys, this project might just be what you need to sort your car out. Everything you need is available on GitHub for those wishing to try this at home. We’ve seen some interesting hacks in this space before, too. Video after the break.

9 thoughts on “Open Source Key Programmer For HiTag2 Keys

  1. Just which cars use what key system for this chip in fob,? My 2005 grand caravan has an imobilizer that reads a key chip and it has to match what is stored in the cars computer in order for the car to run. I just went through a lost key event the problem isnt just getting a key with the chip you have to have the car at the lock shop as well, the key cost 80 bucks but the van cost 190 for the towing!! I would love a reasonable way around this system (like a key chip glued to the inside of my steering column with a fake code or copy of my working information so the key without the chip would work (they only cost a few dollars and can be duplicated ) the chipless key only opens the doors, and starts the engine for about 5 seconds!

    1. Some cars will let you program a new key to the car without the dealership’s help. You’ll still, unfortunately, spend a couple hundred bucks or whatever on the new key and having it cut, but you can link the new one to the car as long as you have one (or sometimes two) of the original ones.)

    2. You can clone any key chip, without touching the car computer, if you have one working key. I did that with my Hyundai i40 2017. And yes, you can glue a cloned chip to your steering column. Depending on chip, it cost around 2-3$

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