Oh, The Places You’ll Go With Stop Motion Animation

Robots made of broken toy parts, stop-motion animation, and a great song to tie it all together were not on our bingo card for 2023, but the results are perfect. [Mootroidxproductions] recently released the official music video for I Fight Dragons 2019 song “Oh the Places You’ll Go”.

The song was written by lead vocalist [Brian Mazzaferri] with inspiration from the classic Dr. Seuss book. [Brian] wrote it for his newborn daughter, and we’re pretty sure it will hit any parent right in the feels.

[Mootroidxproductions] isn’t a parent themselves, but they expanded on the theme to create a video about sacrificing oneself to save a loved one. With a self deprecating wit, they take us through the process of turning broken Bionicle parts, bits of Gundam, Lego, and, armature wire to make the two robots in the film. He also explains how he converted garbage into sets, greebles, and lighting effects.

The robots had to be designed so that they could fulfill their roles in the film. From the size of their hands down to their individual walking gaits, he thought of everything. His encyclopedic knowledge of Bionicle parts is also on full display as he explains the origin of the major parts used to build “Little Blue” and “Sherman”

Click through the break for both the main video and the behind-the-scenes production.

I Fight Dragons themselves have a strong chiptune influence. Many of their songs make use of the NES, SNES, and GameBoy sound engines.  They even used retro controllers, a power glove, and a power pad in some of their earlier works. We’re saddened to hear the band has gone on an indefinite hiatus. We just hope they’ll be back someday to make more great music — hopefully with [Mootroidxproductions] animating the videos.


5 thoughts on “Oh, The Places You’ll Go With Stop Motion Animation

  1. This animation of Lego Bionicle parts is a popular thing. For example see 810NICLE Day.[1] For example, at [2] is the YouTube video for 810NICLE Day 2023 – Day 1. However, I don’t think the 810NICLE Day videos are made by traditional stop-animation using physical parts and pieces, to me it looks like maybe the parts are digital renditions – maybe? Given the historical on and off again availability of physical Bionicle products from Lego [3], perhaps moving to all-digital rendering of Bionicle-like parts is a good thing (the key thing is “Bionicle-like” parts).

    1. 810NICLE Day – Homepage


    2. 810NICLE Day 2023 – Day 1 – Video


    3. Bionicle


  2. Reminder to watch the film Mad God which recently came out. Okay, it was a couple years ago, but that’s nothing compared to the more than thirty years the guy spent doing stop-motion animation

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