AI Midjourney Imagines “Stairway To Heaven”

This modern era of GPU-accelerated AI applications have their benefits. Pulling useful information out of mountains of raw data, alerting users to driving hazards, or just keeping an eye on bee populations are all helpful. Lately there has been a rise in attempts at producing (or should that be curating?) works of art out of carefully sculpted inputs.

One such AI art project is midjourney, which can be played with via a Discord integration bot. That bot takes some textual input, then “dreams” with it, producing sometime uncanny, often downright disturbing images.

You can have a tinker with it for free, for a short while, but there is monthly cost if you want to use it ‘for real’ whatever that means. YouTuber [Daara] has been feeding the lyrics from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” into it, producing a video tour of the resulting outputs for your perusal. Continue reading “AI Midjourney Imagines “Stairway To Heaven””